First Monday of a New Year

I’m all confused. Yesterday was New Year’s Day. It was Sunday. Today is Monday. Many people are off work and all the college bowl games normally waged on New Year’s Day are being played today. I’m guessing the Rose Bowl Parade is also this morning–haven’t checked the TV guide. But today is January 2. See? Confusing. Anyway, 2022 is now in the rear view mirror and we’re facing 2023. Who knows what the year will bring? I don’t have a clue.

I decided to pretty much takc last week off. I did a little writing but the emphasis there is on little. That changes today. I’m either headed to Wallyworld for my weekly run–though I’ll probably put it off until tomorrow. If that’s what I decided after my first cup, then after my usual morning routine of coffee, emails, blogs, and then work. I’m still hoping to have CROSSFIRE ready for release by the end of the month. 🤞🏼

I don’t do New Year resolutions but I do try to start the year with an idea of what I’d like to accomplish. Last year was pretty much a bust so my goal this year is to do better. I’m going to get off my arse and get my office sorted, organized and rearranted. I’ve sorted out one big plastic bin unearthed in LG’s rearangement/clean-out of the garage (for the new doors–which are AWESOME!). It’s empty, but I have to make space for the small bit of stuff I kept. It’s a start. Also, new words. Lots and lots of new words.

We stayed in for New Year’s Eve, which is not unusual. We’re old and we don’t like peopling all that much. Also, I’m normally asleep even before the late news comes on. Saturday night, all the idiot neighbors were showing off their ability to be alpha hotels by seetting off fireworks starting at 9 p.m. and running until almost 4 a.m. At one point, LG headed out down the street to “have a conversation.” Turned out it was the dad not the kids. The dude’s a good guy normally but hadn’t considered the median age of the neighters (old people and families with little kids), that fireworks are illegal unless a licensed public display, and that we’ve worked a lot of house and grass fires started by fireworks. They ended up chatting and he invited us to go crappie fishing in his boat. Uhm…not my thing bu thanks. FYI, “crappy” is spelled with the A but the word is pronounced “croppie.” Don’t look at me. I have no clue.

I cooked yesterday. BBQ! brisket, homemade BBQ sauce, baked beans, deviled eggs, and hot rolls. That’s our normal New Year’s fare but it just felt…weird. Refer back to the first paragrah. Despite all the holiday eating, I’ve managed to start this year down 4 pounds from my usual weight, which is too heavy but whatever.

I’m in the middle of my Kate Daniels series relisten. When I came to the end of the year, there just wasn’t a new book that caught my attention so I went with the tried and true. It’s long enough to carry me into the new year. I ended up the year with 161 books read/listened to. My goal for this year is 150 again, subject to change.

In other household news, my new kitchen knives are sharp. Very VERY sharp.  *holds up hand with Bandaids* Also, I’m totally in love with my new kitchen trashcan. Santa was very good to me this year. And yes, it is the little things (expcept both those things were pricey! Jiminy!)

There’s not much else going on in my world. How’re things in your neck of the words? Good New Year so far? Did you celebrate? What’cha reading? Any resolutions? Goals? Plans? Yes, I’m nosy.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to First Monday of a New Year

  1. bookwyrm217 says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that was looking for the parade yesterday. No idea why they changed it.
    I bought a meat glove years ago because I was always cutting myself with my knives. It’s on my left hand while I wield with the right. On the right hand when I play with the mandolin. Which is far more dangerous to my hands.
    My motto this year is Forward. I am finally in a better place from the last 3 years. I’ve filed a DBA to take over the books for a friend’s therapy business. I suckvat retirement. I’m making sure my inbox is cleaned out daily. I’m also working in cleaning out my office. I need to now since I actually have to use it.
    Forward. Because there’s nothing to be found by going back or standing still.

    • Silver James says:

      Good for you, m’friend! The last several years have been a blue funk so I totally get you. Forward is an awesome motto! One of my favorite professors in college had a plaque on his office door that said, “Upward and Onward.” Same vein and when I get down, I try to rally to that cry. All the best to your new endeavors this year.! 🥰

  2. Kimber says:

    I’m turned around on days being on vacay for a week and 1/2.🙄 We are still closed today due to the holiday being on a sunday, so the office was closed 23, 26, 30 and 2. Less days for them to screw up my customers and stuff😳. Thou gotta print all my work emails and OH bills later, so I can get a leg up.
    With this being my first NYE in the Nest, wasn’t sure what fireworks I might hear, well there were ALLLLOOOTTT! Across the street is several neighborhoods, its a still rural in places they raise apahas, got a few donkeys, etc.. on the land behind my building. So it probably added to the sound,
    With the way 2022 was at times and it was in the 70’s peeps took to firing more off. I generally in bed by 9 any later then I feel off sync the next day. So when I heard a roar of popping I knew it was midnight.
    I got treated to lunch on the Riverwalk last Tuesday, it was packed due to the nice weather and the Bowl Game being played here. My other la famila( Israel and I have worked together for 32yrs and his wife I call Momma Doris) my mom adored him and they are who will take care of me when I cant. So as we walked around Israel spoke to 2 very big young men, they were 2 players from Washington playing in the bowl, he took and we got there numbers. They saw one of the kids playing in the game.
    Kudos if you braved Walmart, with so much closed yesterday the stores are probably busy.
    I finished Toni Anderson Cold Justice and Negotiators series like all 15 books while on vacay, being sick and frigid temps made curling up on the sectional the best place.
    Im in between books coming out by authors, so went off my dark mafia, mc romance I usually read.
    My writing has been none for a long while, hopefully will get back to it and get my poetry blog out of the cobwebs on WP.
    Happy New Year, Silver😊

    • Silver James says:

      Happy New Year, Kimber! Sounds like you are feeling better and what an interesting place to live with all the critters. I’m a critter fan, don’cha know. LOL The Nest sounds like you’ve made it your own. Yay for lunch on the Riverwalk (I LIKE the Riverwalk!) and chosen family is all kinds of awesome. Long night–multiple raccoon visits upsetting Guard Dog Jake–so no Wallyworld today. I’ll go tomorrow when everyone else is back at work. LOL

      Here’s to a good year for us all! 🥰

  3. Happy New Year! Yep, I partially blanked-out that yesterday was Monday (as in I knew it was Monday, but only in spurts). I hate these holiday-Monday weeks. Yay for all your good things. Boo for anything bad (like those pesky raccoons.) I’d be more specific, but I’m toast this morning. Good luck at Wallyworld today. I went on Saturday and it was a zoo.

    All is well here. I spent the weekend trying to get my mind right, so I can go to work today with a better internal attitude. Not sure if it worked, but at least I can fake it LOL. We made it through another year, sister from another mister. Here’s hoping ’23 brings us both good things, eh? :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      Sorry work is a PITA. Too bad that’s not as tasty as the chips with hot cheesy spinach dip. Hopefully the rest of the crew will come back with attitude adjustments. And thank you for all your good wishes, “Sis.” Right back at’cha. I am sooooo ready for better different instead of same ol’ same ol’. Hang in there! 🤗

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