Springing Into Monday

I swear that Mother Nature needs an intervention. Tornadoes Wednesday night and 25 degree wind chill on Saturday. Seriously?!? The bi-polar weather pretty much squashed my wisteria vine. There were 3 blossom bracts on several vines that are close to 60 years old and reach over 50 feet in the air, using a couple of ancient golden oak trees as supports. I’m still waiting to see if the honeysuckle blooms. I did have ONE daffodil that bloomed on my birthday. All the other clumps were bare. Ah well.

In other news this was mostly a downer sports week. Both my teams are in slumps. In better news, Stormy’s team won their soccer game on that very cold Saturday. It was so cold Jake got under the blanket with me. LOL

My new glasses arrived Tuesday and I picked them up on Wednesday. I can read my phone without a magnifying glass which is a huge YAY! My far vision is a bit sharper–it had been corrected by the surgery to 20/25 or 20/50 depending. That’s in the right eye. I can read most of the fine print on the TV screen now. My problem is the middle vision, which hasn’t been corrected. I’ve spent the past several days trying to find the sweet spot for my computer monitor. I’ve tried working this week and do have some new words to show for it but doing so is a literal pain in the neck. I’ve found the right heightso that I can see top to bottom through the bificals. The problem is that the optimum distance between monitor and eyes is 12″ or less for me. My desk and keyboard aren’t designed for up-close like that. It’ll take some more fiddling but I am adding new words every day, which is my goal.

I’m still in a reading slump. I finished off the Wright Pallas cat series. I’m currently listening to Kim Harrison’s DEAD WITCH WALKING. It was quite the tongue-wagger when it first released back in the day. I have no idea why I didn’t read it back then. I didn’t for whatevre reason. It’s not bad. Not sure I’ll continue after I’m done with the first.

Apparently, Pete is having an internal debate about whether to be a house cat or remain a garage cat with occaisional sleep-ins. The boys (Boone and Jake) are used to seeing him in the house and ignore him. Loki still isn’t quite sure what Pete is. That’s mainly because Loki isn’t quite sure if he’s  dog or a cat. I have hopes that Pete can teach Loki how to cat. We’ll see. When Pete is inside, my bed is his sanctuary.

And that pretty much sums up my life for last week and the weekend. I’m hoping this week is more productive. I have laundry to do at some point and a trip to Wallyworld. And then words. And desk adjustments. LOL I’ll get that figured out sooner or later. After my next cup of coffee, maybe. 😉 What about y’all? Anything good happen? Anything not so good? We’re an equal opportunity celebrate or commisserate zone.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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