Wednesday Words: Wasting Time

Sometimes I get lucky with the weekly #ThursdayThreads prompt. Iffy, Muse that she is, manageds to stay on track and the prompt helps me get off high-center with the current WIP. What was the phrase–and your prompt should you chose to use it? **There wasn’t time to waste.** That said, I have to admit that I haven’t made much progress because…reasons. My attention has been focused elsewhere. As a result, today’s snippet is pretty much the way I posted it for the flash ficiton challenge. The good news is, I actually managed an honorable mention so yay! The scene is pretty self explantory if you’ve been keeping up with things in CROSSFIRE.
The helicopter landed near an isolated hangar on the airfield. As the rotors wound down and stopped, armed soldiers surrounded the helo. To say the kids freaked was an understatement.

Galyna slid to the floor and huddled next to Moshe, tears washing her cheeks. The dog licked the girl before facing the slowly-opening door. The K-9 growled, hackles up. Yakiv kept asking Larysa what was happening. Anichka pulled them and Sonya down to cluster next to Galyna. Maxim crouched in front of the kids, their fierce protector. He held a combat knife and Meg had no idea where he’d acquired it.

Several soldiers reached into the helicopter to grab the kids. There wasn’t time to waste. Meg threw herself at the nearest, fists flying in an attempt to fend them off. Except she never got close enough to connect. A strong arm wrapped around her waist and hauled her back. When her vision cleared, she realized that Tank, Dalton, Duke, and Loch had forced the soldiers back and cleared space around the helicopter.

“We’ve got this, lass,” Kin whispered “Trust me.”

She did. These men would allow nothing to happen to them.

Duke faced the Romanian commander, who explained, “We have orders. They will be segregated until—”

“No. They stay with us.” Duke’s voice held harsh finality.

A petite blond confronted the officer, her pointed index finger shaking in his face. In perfect Romanian, she said very sweetly but with absolute resolve, “We talked about this, Commander.”

A smart man knew not to argue with “the finger.” The commander was a smart man.
Never, ever underestimate the “mother finger”, right? 😉 Hope you enjoyed this peek. I will reveal the other stuff going on later. I’m still processing. In the meantime, writers feel free to “waste some time” if the prompt will help move your writing along. Readers, what’s your favorite way to waste time?


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