Serious Series – Part 1

Writer's MindI received a message on Facebook the other day asking whether ROGUE MOON was the last in the Moonstruck series. I began an answer, got distracted, and never finished. I plan on discussing the question, and others, over the course of at least two posts (maybe more if I get sidetracked. 😆 )

Moonstruck is a serialized series, even though each book has it’s own beginning, middle, and end. I’m not sure it started out to be a serial, but it evolved into one. The best laid plans and all that, you know. shifty-eyes-ani2faster Today, I’m talking about Moonstruck. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about writing a series.

Originally, Moonstruck was one book: BLOOD MOON. But then Michael wanted his story told (BAD MOON), which led to Nate’s (HUNTER’S MOON), and then fans wanted Sean’s story (WOLF MOON). I knew Harjo needed his HEA (BRIDE’S MOON) and damn if Rudy didn’t tap me on the shoulder and explain how the story arc worked and along came ROGUE MOON.

About halfway through, I realized there was more to the story of the WOLVES and their fight with Black Root. How? By all the chapters I CUT from the books. I kept getting sidetracked with scenes and events that added to the whole story, but weren’t necessary for each individual story. If that makes sense. So…I got the bright idea that I’d create two “anthologies”–the first three books in one, the last three books in the second, with those bonus chapters I’d cut. And I’d release those books both digitally and in print. That’s still the plan, but there might be another novella out there because there was a twist at the end of ROGUE that caught me totally by surprise.

Then there’s the matter of a Navy SEAL Unit tucked away in the Florida Keys and the ultra secret Project Atlantis. Yeah, y’all thought I’d forgotten about them. I haven’t. But they’re being stubborn and say my security clearance isn’t high enough now. 🙄 That’s okay. I need to deal with Sade and the Penumbra Papers crew first.

Anyway, I don’t have hard release dates. I’m planning early in 2014, sooner if things go well. There’s something hanging out there on the edge I’m waiting to hear about that could shift timelines.

So that’s the state of the state where Moonstruck is concerned. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about someone who knows how to plan and create a whole series of series. Seriously. I had no idea until I started reading her back list. Damn. I did it all backwards and I’m making up for lost time (and ground) now. Until tomorrow, then. In the meantime…

READERS, do you like the idea of serialized series? What about “omnibus” versions with added content?

WRITERS, do you intentionally set out to write a series that follows a pre-determined plot arc? If you do, how do you preplan?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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12 Responses to Serious Series – Part 1

  1. bookwyrm217 says:

    I like a good series. they are almost instant buys when I am reading one, ok, honestly, they are instant. No almost about it. Guaranteed sale.

  2. Ban says:

    Personally, I love serialized series. I like being able to keep going back into a world and revisit characters etc. I like the feeling that it hasn’t truly come to an ‘end’ even if the author stops after 5 books (or whatever #). There’s always the hope that another one will come out someday or that the world is continuing on it’s own – does that make sense? When a book has a more FINAL ending I’m left with a feeling of loss – that whole book hangover dilemma.

    I’m glad my TBR list has kept me from getting the rest of your books BTW – I’d LOVE to get them all in an anthology with the missing chapters. I love getting more information (editing be damned!). So many times stuff is cut for the ‘benefit of the story’ but not necessarily the benefit of the reader … that’s my opinion at least. I love getting totally immersed in the facts and details of a new world. That’s why I used to gobble up fantasy and sci-fi like it was actual food !

    Looking forward to tomorrows post !!!

    • Silver James says:

      Ban, this is good to know! I do have other ideas out there for the Moonstruck-verse but other projects are demanding attention. It’ll be late fall or early next year before the “omnibus” versions come out. Unless I kill Sade first. She’s being a real pain at the moment. I hate arguing with my characters. 😉

  3. Kimber says:

    1st off I devoured ( no pun intended) the whole Moonstruck series in 3 day’s!!! I also wondered about another book, with what about and where did they twist? Glad for FB question!!!!!
    I love to read series books, I agree with Ban on revisiting with the characters, sometimes as they get older, have families and such.
    Some writers(not you-lol) should stop and not overkill a series and make peeps lose interest.
    I would love the print books with added chapters- I love the instant of E books- but its nice to have actually paperbacks to re read.
    Also I love all the characters, but Sean has gotten to be my fave, he’s like alittle kid when he gets
    to blow up things-lol
    Look foward to tomorrow’s blog, thanks for a kick ass series!!!!

    • Silver James says:

      Okay. I’m sitting here in this puddle of “aw shucks” goo doing a little squiggle dance. Thanks, Kimber. You made my whole day. Heck, you made my whole week! I’m so glad you love the series. You might have to fight Liza for Sean, though. 😉

      • Kimber says:

        stepping away from Sean with my hands up in peace- forgot how all the girls can kick ass easily-lol- your welcome, you are also inspiring to us aspiring writers! Hope your roof is close to completion, I work for a supplier here in Texas!

        • Silver James says:

          Liza is Sean’s biggest fan. I think she’d take on Annie (Sean’s mate) just because. 😉 I can talk about Liza because she’s busy and won’t see this for awhile.

          Roof is done and awesome! My BIL is in commercial real estate management. With his #1 crew and the husband’s military discount from Home Depot, we put on a beautiful new roof and repaired some of the rotten supports and struts up there. (How was built in ’68).

          And now I’m all sniffly again. “Inspiring to aspiring writers.” Dang….*sniffsniff*

  4. I guess I don’t pay much attention – because I can never tell if a series is ‘serial’. I love the way the Moonstruck series unfolded and how you kept a central plot along with each book’s own plot. If you make an omnibus version with added content? SQUEE. More for me to read.

    As a writer, I only have a couple series brewing and neither one was planned as a series. The Djinnocide universe just sort of told me it wanted to be more than one book – and it follows the typical UF series mold. Following an MC or a group through their adventures. The other series is more a group of books all set in the same general ‘world’ but without even the same characters to hold them together. Just the same department within a department.

    • Silver James says:

      If you don’t notice, B.E., I think that is a good thing because each book stands alone but the story and characters are richer for the on-going plot line. Hopefully, there’s enough of a hook at the end of the novel–or a cliffhanger that isn’t so intense it upsets the reader by having to wait–that keeps the reader coming back. 😀

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