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Tuesday Treats: Crockpot Pumpkin Pie

I found this recipe somewhere and tucked it back to be posted when the leaves turned and the temps cooled and the scent of pumpkin pie spice fill the kitchen. I’m not a huge fan of crock-pot desserts but when … Continue reading

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Serious Series – Part 1

I received a message on Facebook the other day asking whether ROGUE MOON was the last in the Moonstruck series. I began an answer, got distracted, and never finished. I plan on discussing the question, and others, over the course … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Home

I always go brain dead after finishing a book and seeing it go live. I also fret. A lot. Is it good? Will people like it? Did I totally screw up: a. plot b. characters c. formatting d. all of … Continue reading

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Storm Warning and Weekend Update

Morning Update: ROGUE MOON IS LIVE. Click and see. 🙂 The roof is almost done, which is a very GOOD thing since the weather last night (when I was typing this) said we’d be having storms during morning drive time. … Continue reading

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The Trashman Cometh

It’s Monday. All day. So *phthhhhh*! Who had a good weekend? Raise your hands… Mine wasn’t horrible, but… We spent Saturday cleaning out the library to make room to stack stuff from Sunday, when we cleared the attic. Looks like … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Happy Hump Day. Yesterday, I finished the main draft of ROGUE MOON. It’s a mess. I’m not saying that because messy manuscripts are part of my process. They aren’t. Ask my Critique Partner. Under normal circumstances, my process is pretty … Continue reading

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Monday Sekrits, Spoofs, and Sunshine

Spring is back. Finally! I’m looking at blue skies and I might be able to turn the heater off. Wow. I mean, it’s only the freaking SIXTH OF MAY!!!! But even more fun is the fact that it’s time to … Continue reading

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Home Again, Jiggity Jog

I’m home. Travel was an adventure this time. 😆 After leaving at the butt crack of dawn on Friday, we were delayed in Houston as we waited for a change in flight crew, whose flight was delayed coming in. Figures, … Continue reading

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Spring Went Sproing

Yesterday, it was 57 degrees. Today, we’re supposed to hit the mid-sixties with a 60% chance of rain tonight. Uhm…two days ago, they were saying a rain/snow mix. Don’t you love spring weather? Of course, they’re talking a second storm … Continue reading

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Serendipitous Chaos

Serendipity: Those little moments when the Universe winks and if one pays attention something good can happen. Chaos: Those times when the imagination runs amuck. Yesterday afternoon, after working on a thread in ROGUE MOON, my brain stalled. This happens–far … Continue reading

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