That Ol Black Magic 680I like music. All kinds of music. I am NOT musical, though. Which is funny since I used to perform in musicals (semi-professionally even!) and I danced. Play a musical instrument? Oh heck no! Sing out loud? Only to the radio in my car or alone in my office, or if a very strong singer is standing next to me so I can “key” off him/her. Yeah, any “lead” roles I had in musical theater all hinged on it being okay to be off key. Often. 😆

I have eclectic tastes in music and that shows up in my play lists when I’m writing. I have angry songs, sexy songs, sad songs, songs for fighting, and yes, I even have happy songs. I use music to set the mood for a scene and with The Penumbra Papers, I’ve decided to include the play list for each book. In digital editions, there will be links either to Amazon (Amazon versions) or to iTunes in all other versions.

Just for fun and to celebrate release week, here’s the play list for THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC. Be sure to read it because there’s important information at the end. *nods*

Chapter One: Déjà Vu All Over Again (Inna: Déjà vu) Amazon (album) | iTunes
Chapter Two: Garden of the Dead (Night Wish: Dead Gardens) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter Three: Blood Feud (Lord Huron: I Will Be Back One Day) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 4: Still of the Night (Kellie Pickler: Someone, Somewhere Tonight) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 5: Silver Linings (Abney Park: The End of Days) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 6: Signs (Daughtry: Maybe We’re Already Gone) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 7: Hands Off (Bon Jovi: Lay Your Hands On Me) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 8: Here Be Dragons (OneRepublic: Someone To Save You) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter Nine: One of Those Days (Nickleback: Someday) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 10: Decisions (Daughtry: Breakdown) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 11: Caution (Of Monsters and Men: Yellow Light) Amazon | iTunes
(Jason Aldean (with Kelly Clarkson): Don’t You Wanna Stay) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 12: Read Between The Lines (Sara Bareilles: Between the Lines) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 13: Talk is Cheap (Josh Groban: Falling Slowly) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 14: No Secrets Worth Keeping (OneRepublic: Prodigal) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 15: Dragging Down (Melissa Ethridge: Silent Legacy) Amazon (album) | iTunes
Chapter 16: Who’s In Charge (Placebo: Running Up That Hill) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 17: Ally, Ally, Oxen Free (OneRepublic: All Fall Down) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 18: Resistance (Melissa Etheridge: Resist) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 19: It Gets Worse (NO: Long Haul [explicit]) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 20: Dead or Alive (Jordin Sparks: Battlefield) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 21: Tempe in a Teapot (Daughtry: Crashed) Amazon | iTunes
Chapter 22: Cast a Spell on Me (Frank Sinatra: That Old Black Magic) Amazon | iTunes
(Roxette: Cry) Amazon | iTunes

Did you make it through the list? Well, pick out your favorite songs. On Friday, I’ll pick a random commenter to win downloads of your five favorite songs. 😀 Nothing like the gift of music, right? And don’t forget to pick out your favorite magick for a chance at the Amazon gift card and swag! You can still comment HERE. Now let’s talk music! And guest blogging! Because I’m visiting with B.E. Sanderson over at THE UNPUBLISHED WRITER’S GUIDE TO SURVIVAL, talking about writer types. And I’m also at Siobhan Muir’s THE WEIRD, THE WILD, THE WICKED blog talking about the autumn equinox. Pssst. There’s a chance to win a free book over there.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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14 Responses to Music Magic – THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC SOUNDTRACK

  1. bookwyrm217 says:

    Nightwish. I adore them. The Spawn turned me onto them. She’s turned me onto a lot of Nordic bands because she goes out of the box for music. Daughtry is another favorite. Some good tunes there.
    Hope you had a good weekend. I hate Monday’s. but I only have today and tomorrow- then off camping for a week!! Balloon Fest!!!

    • Silver James says:

      Has Spawn heard Lord Huron? You might like them, too. If people could see my iTunes folder they’d crack up! 😀 Have fun at Balloon Fest but stay safe! I’ve worked my share of balloon rescues…

  2. Ooo, loads of good music there. I like One Republic, and Kelly Clarkson, and Sara Bareilles. And of course, I love Ol’ Blue Eyes. Great playlist, Silver!

    Thanks again for guest posting at The Guide, and for writing such an awesome post. =o)

    • Silver James says:

      Thanks for having me! Keep poking me to do a post on Scrivener as a writing tool. *nods* It’s an eclectic mix but the songs really fit the scenes as far as I’m concerned. 😀

  3. I love Kelly/Aldean song, Don’t You Wanna Stay, oh and Bon Jovi. 🙂 Funny, I made a playlist for my current WIP too. Great minds and all that! Summer is from Puerto Rico, there are some very sexy latin tunes in it.

    Looking forward to Caleb btw! 😉

    • Silver James says:

      I tweeted about the Kelly/Aldean song one day when I heard it. Said it was my new favorite love song. 😀 Needless to say, it shows up again in a scene from SEASON OF THE WITCH. Yup. If it works….

      Caleb will probably be hanging around on Wednesday. Depends on when I can track him down for the interview. 😉

  4. Placebo’s Running Up That Hill (granted when I heard it the first time, it was part of commerical for I think a series on the Civil War…not Vampire Diaries…). Though I can’t wait for the “soundtrack” for SOTW 🙂

  5. ban says:

    Yep, we are very much alike in this Silver – my tastes are VERY eclectic and I HAVE to be listening to music while I write … nothing comes out otherwise. Right now I’ve got some Florence + The Machine on 😀 My husband likes a lot of Nordic rock too so we’ve got a lot of ‘out of the box’ music on our iTunes !!!
    Have a listen to Kamelot 😉 March of Mephisto is a good one to start off with!

  6. Sandy Emers says:

    This is an eclectic playlist. Thanks for providing links so that I could go and have a quick listen to those songs/groups that I didn’t know. Lots of good rock n’ roll here. My two favorites are Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson – Don’t You Wanna Stay and Kellie Pickler – Someone, Somewhere Tonight. Someone, Somewhere Tonight gives me shivers when I hear it.

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