Thursday with Romulus Jones

I’m behind on getting the secondary characters’ page set up with photos and bios so you’ll just have to meet them here until I get caught up. Today, I managed to snag Romulus Jones, the alpha of the Jones werewolf pack and he’s… *blinkblink* I’m not quite sure what your relationship with Caleb is, Mr. Jones.

SamElliot-Romulus Jones

Mister? Just call me Rom, darlin’. Everyone in the Jones pack is related by blood or marriage. I s’pose you could say the pup an’ me are cousins, of a sorts.

You decided to send him to live with Mathias and basically grow up as Sade’s pet, since she didn’t realize he was a werewolf. Can you tell us why?

Sure. Caleb was an orphan. Granny Bea had her hands full watchin’ all the young’uns even with their folks to ride herd on ’em. When Mathias asked fer a favor, who was I t’say no? Never hurts to have a master vampire who owes you a favor.

But why Caleb?

Cuz I figured Caleb would be a smart one. Most wolf packs are sorta…insular. We don’t cotton much to folks outside our society. That’s gonna cause us shit one o’these days so Caleb was sorta…what’d’ya call it?

A pilot program?

Yeah. Like that. He fits right in now. With humans. Other magicks. It’s a good thing.

You appeared early on in Sade’s life, Rom. Can you tell the readers what was going on?

*spit* Damn fae. They kept snatchin’ ‘er and takin’ ‘er to Vegas. Under the rules of the last treaty, Mathias couldn’t go chargin’ in t’get ‘er back. But I could. I could sniff ’em out. An’ then, if I couldn’t steal ‘er back, Mathias sent Roman. Ain’t nobody in their right mind argues with a gargoyle Sentinel.

Yeah, Roman can seem a bit…intimidating. I’ll throw the floor open to our readers now. Any of you have questions for Rom? You will answer them, right?

Well sure, li’l lady. I’ve got nothin’ else goin’ on t’day. Y’all ask away.

Anybody have questions?

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About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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8 Responses to Thursday with Romulus Jones

  1. Janet says:

    Great interview – I’m liking Roman! No questions right now, I might be back after I’ve had more coffee, though 🙂

    • What’s that gargoyle fella got that I ain’t? Ah well. Don’t matter. You come on back any time you like, little missy. I’ll be here. Miss Silver done refilled the coffee pot and she’s talkin’ a big ol’ rare steak fer lunch. 😉

  2. ban says:

    Well, I’m partial to Roman and Caleb – for different reasons but I would never turn my nose up at you Rom!!! On that note, I would actually like to know more about you … not just how you fit with everyone else. Soooo, here are some basic questions:

    Where (how) did you grow up?
    How did you get to be leader?
    Do you get your own story?
    How did the magics being exposed affect you and your pack?

    Just a few for now but I reserve the right to come back later 😉
    Very nice to meet you!

    • *scratches chin* Well now, You shore are a curious little lady. How did I grow up? Purty much like the next person. I was born. I was a puppy. I hit puberty and discovered girls. I became a man. 😉 As t’where, I’m a Texas boy born n’bred. We have pack land not far from Big D. Oh…uhm…that’d be Dallas for anyone not familiar.

      As fer my own story, not sure. You’d have t’ask Miz Silver ’bout that. Not sure I want one, truthfully. S’easier to just follow ever-one else around fixin’ their messes. Havin’ a pact with Mathias was been mostly an advantage. Like I said, never hurts t’have the most powerful vampire around on yer side. And the favors he calls in, once he an’ Oberon stopped actin’ like fools, aren’t bad. We live better’n a lot of packs.

      We don’t like t’talk about the Dark Days or the Big Rip. Most of the packs were wiped out way back when, especially thems that lived in cities. That had more t’do with the magick wars and humans retaliatin’ for gettin’ caught in the middle. When the Big Rip, happened, it was purty darn scary for a bit. The packs closed ranks and didn’t let strangers close. We’re still a mite shy around humans.

      You got any other questions, just ask ’em, darlin’. 😉

      • ban says:

        I was just wondering how it was growing up were as opposed to human – obviously being an animal ’till puberty is one difference …
        Am I to take from your second answer that Mathias helped you gain your position in the pack?
        Sorry about all that happened after the BR – humans can be a rather intolerant race when it comes down to it :/

        • When folks get scared, Miz Ban, they get stupid. They jus’ forgot we’d all been here all along and if we really wanted t’slaughter ’em while they slept, we would have.

          An’ yeah. Our females turn furry right before they give birth. Some of the wild packs spend more time in wolf form than human. Our pups stay furry ’til the hormones hit. Their first change happens around twelve r’thirteen but they don’t get full control until about sixteen. It don’t hurt t’change like it shows in the movies. Becomin’ human is like puttin’ on a pair o’jeans anna shirt.

          Nosy li’l thang, darlin’. Pack politics is sorta like Vegas. What happens in the pack stays in the pack. 😉

  3. Sandy Emers says:

    Nice to meet you Rom. From reading That Ol’ Black Magic and your interview above, I know that you are the alpha of your pack, you watch over your people while putting them where you want them, you like to deal with people in powerful places and have them owe you something and not much more. Oh, you are also a hottie from your picture. I’m praying that you will have your own story cause I feel there is so more to you. Maybe things in your past will come to light or your story is yet to be told. Mmmmm, guess we will have to see what Miss Silver has in the future for you. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful, Rom!

    • Howdy, there Miz Sandy. A pleasure to make yer acquaintance. You’ll get a little hint of my past relationship with Mathias in Miz Siver’s upcomin’ book, SEASON OF THE WITCH. Y’all learn more ’bout Sade’s past and all the shenanigans that went on, plus I get to be a hero toward the end of the story. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone I spilled the beans. 😉

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