Back in the Saddle…

Face the day …sort of.

I’m a creature of habit. Or should be. Because only by adhering to a schedule do I remain even semi-sorta-organized. With the changes to that schedule created by jury duty, I’m having a hellava time getting back in the saddle, finding my groove, all systems go, standard operation procedure.

Next week. I’ll get back on my blogging/social media schedule next week. Today? A quick recap of my week.

Had an appointment yesterday with the eye doc. Pressure is way up in both eyes. I go back Monday for more rigorous testing and will probably be started on drops to help prevent glaucoma. One cataract is negligible. The other is a little thicker but still in a holding pattern. Dr. Rock-Star will keep an eye on them. My vision had changed–like d’uh. LOL Getting new regular vision/reading bifocals plus computer glasses–mid-distance and reading. I pick them up tomorrow. Yay.

Tomorrow night, Lawyer Guy and I are babysitting the Sprout while Only and BB head to an evening at a murder mystery dinner. They’re playing Count and Countess Somebody-or-other. In costume. It’ll be fun. And we get Sprout!

Doing final edits on FAERIE FAITH and will get it sent off to Ms. Editor 1.0 probably tomorrow.

Got log-in info for Harlequin so I can start setting up bio, art sheet for cover for COWGIRLS DON’T CRY. That is now the official title so YAYAYAYAYAY!

Now, for jury duty. OMG! The people! Here’s just a few I called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And a couple of interesting folks for good measure.

Good: A man in his seventies or eighties, on a walker. He was offered the chance to be excused at the git go. He refused. A decorated Korean War vet, he wanted to do his civic duty. He was called for a jury but I don’t know if he was seated.

The Asian lady who brought her daughter to translate. She was a proud, NEW American citizen and really wanted the chance to fulfill her duty. She was also called for a jury but I suspect she was excused due to translation issues.

Bad (fashion sense): He wore a black suit with red pinstripes. No. Really. And pointy-toed wing-tip shoes. The collar of his purple shirt almost covered the gang tattoos on his neck. He was worried that misdemeanor convictions would keep him off a jury. He told me he wanted to see the jury systems from the other side of the jury box. Interesting. By the time I was released, he hadn’t been called.

The lady who wore six inch platform heels, in the pencil skirt and bustier with lace overblouse. Her makeup had been put on with a spatula and she was closer to my age than 30. The construction worker next to me busted out a laugh and rolled his eyes. She made my feet hurt every time she walked by.

The Ugly: The woman who brought her gang-banger boyfriend (complete with baggy pants and underwear showing) to act as her interpreter. She insisted she was a deaf mute. She’d make wild hand gestures and the guy would allegedly translate. Five of us overheard her in the bathroom cussing out someone on her cell phone. Oh yeah. We tattled. She was led away by a deputy. Boyfriend took off.

Interesting: The blond biker. Oh yeah. If I’d been able to snap a surreptitious photo, I would have! Tats, short blond hair, well-built (oh yeah he filled out that tee shirt *fans face* and those jeans!) and polite. He stood to give his seat to an older lady who arrived late and he was called for the same jury as the war vet. He helped the vet negotiate the crowd to the holding area and out, slowing down to match his gait to the older man. Definitely hero material!

So that was my week and here it is 10:30 and I still haven’t gotten to work. I should do that now. *nods* In the meantime, where’s your favorite place to people watch and do you have any good/bad/ugly/interesting to share?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Back in the Saddle…

  1. Janet says:

    Ooh, excellent place to people watch – can you go there and just sit in the room without credentials or papers? Fabulous descriptions of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Silver, but it’s The Interesting that has my ultimate attention. YOU HAVE to write that hero – find a story for him, because he is absolutely designed for a character in a book!!! I’m swooning and I didn’t even see him in person!!!

    Good that you weren’t there all week as you had anticipated. Now, get organized and get back to work, you have lots to do!! Oh, and have fun with Sprout 🙂

    BTW – ain’t getting old a beyotch!

    • Silver James says:

      Not sure they’d really let you sit in the jury room without being “official.” That said, there are a lot of courthouse groupies–people who hang out there and sit in on trials. Some of them are pretty trippy too! 😆

      Iff and I have had a MC (Motorcycle Club) series nudging around in the back of the imagination. If I ever find time to write it, he’ll definitely be my first hero! He was definitely swoonworthy! ❤

  2. Karyn Good says:

    Good take on the Good, Bad, and Ugly. Sigh over blond biker and war veteran. CANNOT believe someone would fake a disability to get out of anything. Some people! So excited things are moving along at Harlequin and FF. Have oodles of fun with Sproat. Um…I think that’s it for now. LOL

    • Silver James says:

      Karyn she wasn’t even a GOOD faker. I know a little ASL plus “slang” gestures from working with deaf kids waaaaay back in college. Her gestures were sheer gibberish. The jury clerk was pretty sure she was a faker, too, but until we could prove it, it couldn’t do anything. After she was removed, he gave a speech about our military members serving in Afghanistan and how much they’d rather be sitting there in the jury room than where they were. Sobered everyone–at least for a bit. 🙄

      And yeah, as I told Janet. *sigh* Biker Boy has a spot somewhere!

  3. Hey, that one dude got away with fake translating Obama into sign language (for a little while at least) – I don’t see why it didn’t work for that gal. ROFL

    Great glimpses into the characters at your jury duty. I love the story of the old vet and the biker guy. You totally need to write that.

    Once upon a time, I was lounging poolside at my apartment in Utah. It was a beautiful day and the place was fairly packed, but I noticed this man. He was a perfect specimen and a work of nature’s art – but he was covered in tattoos and all I could think about was someone slapping paint on Michelangelo’s David. He made it into my first book.

    • Silver James says:

      Yeah, Biker Guy will be in a book somewhere. 🙂 And I’d totally forgotten about the dude in SA. 😆

      I have a weird love/hate relationship with tattoos. Don’t ever want one and don’t like ’em on bangers, etc. or just random tats thrown on the body. But art tattoos or a symbolic one? Especially on a hot bod? Oh, yeah. I’ll stop to admire. 😉

      Now I’m curious about that first book and character!

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