Wednesday Words – Hair

Definition of writerSee me? I get to play on social media today! Or I will once I go to Office Depot and WallyWorld. I’m finished with the stupid Excel Hell™ and have printed out the judging sheets. Now all I have to do is mail out all the supplies to the coordinators. And here it is Wednesday again. Which means it’s time for #1lineWed. Today’s theme? Hair. And yes the lyrics to the song are playing over and over and over and over. S’okay.

So. Here’s a few snippets from current WIPs.


The sun peaked at noon and slid toward the west. When he woke her, Hannah sat up gingerly and combed fingers through her short crop of tousled hair. He handed her a wet bandanna to wipe her face, then helped her to her feet. She didn’t argue this time when he hefted both packs. Even if he’d been only human, he was more than capable of carrying them without breaking a sweat. Thank God he hadn’t listened to her before. Had she carried the sixty-pound pack, she’d probably be down for the count.


Too late, she recognized the narrowing of Mac’s eyes and the flaring of his nostrils accented by the twist of his mouth. And if that hadn’t been enough of a clue, the growl rumbling deep in his chest heralded bad things about to happen. If he’d had hair on the back of his neck, it would be standing up like the ruff on an angry dog. Or in this case, one seriously pissed-off wolf. She took a frightened step backwards and then another. Stiff-legged, Mac stalked her until her back hit the cave wall. He was so livid his entire body vibrated.


Mac had to inhale more than a few deep breaths to settle his wolf. The damned animal was riled up—panicked over Hannah’s threat, the need to protect and soothe its mate, and the man’s inability to fix things. He let his anger simmer for another few minutes then forced it to cool. Once it was gone, he was swamped by Hannah’s feelings—fear, exhaustion, and something he didn’t recognize, some emotion he couldn’t put a name to.

Hannah pushed her hair off her forehead and closed her eyes. “Please, Mac. Just…go away for awhile. You’re…you…sometimes I can’t breathe. You’re so…big. You fill up all the space. Take all the air.”


She’d just gotten her nerves under control when her Blackberry phone chirped and she almost screamed. Her hand was shaking as she withdrew it from her bag. She answered it with a breathy, “Hello?”

“Hey, babe—”

“Mac? Mac!” Her tears could no longer be contained and she was sobbing his name.

“Hannah? Baby, what’s wrong? Is everything all right? Hannah?” Mac’s gut clenched and he had to force air into his lungs so he could talk. Something was wrong—really wrong. “Honey, is it the baby?” He caught her shuddering breath and his heart broke, fearing the worst.

“Oh.” Her voice sounded small. “Yeah. The baby. Always about it. It’s fine. What do you want?”

Fuck. He rubbed his palm over the bristly hair on his head. What had he done now to screw up? “What’s wrong, Hannah?”


Ah yes. Mac and Hannah are doing the getting-to-know-you dance and since neither of them have any rhythm…*bwahaha* I’m back to work. Yay for writing! Oh…I did discover something while looking for snippets. Mac spends a lot of time with his nose in Hannah’s hair. It must be a Wolf thing. 😉

Do you have any words to share? And Happy Hump Day!

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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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1 Response to Wednesday Words – Hair

  1. Hump Da-ay!

    More awesome snippets, Silver! Here’s one from Dying Embers:

    “A list of your new evidence just hit my inbox.” Frank chimed in. “The locals actually found some hairs in the backseat of Delisky’s car. Looks like blond or maybe gray. A little on the long side for your vic.”
    Maybe their luck was changing, but narrowing the field from the entire human population to someone with blondish, longish hair didn’t help too much.


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