Wednesday Words: Alliteration Always Appears

wurkn-on-mai-plan-for-word-domination-caleb-pupKOD’s theme for #1lineWed over on Twitter today is “Alliteration.” Yeah…I don’t really do that. At least not back-to-back words. There might be a spread-out version in some of my sentences. As an update to THE DEVIL’S CUT, I think I’ve smoothed out the bumps in the plot and I’m making headway. I’m currently working on Chapter 16, so YAY ME! I thought I would offer this tease, though. Have the prologue and the bit of alliteration that show up.

Chicago: February

“Sade, Caleb is missing.”

Sade’s first thought was, “So?” Then she sat straight up in bed—an interesting exercise considering the extremely sexy vampire next to her who was rather intent on keeping her in his arms and otherwise occupied.

Caleb had gone “walkabout” before. He did it when he purportedly resigned from the FBI and she’d spent a couple of months tracking him down. This time, though, she had a Really Bad Feeling™. She swatted at Sinjen’s hand as it tried to get fresh. The resounding smack and his resulting mutter was gratifying. The question was—did Caleb disappear on purpose? Or was he actually in trouble?

“Dammit, dammit, dammit.” Sade growled into her cell phone.

“Language,” Sinjen reminded her with a sigh. His effort was rewarded with another stinging slap against the back of his hand as it caressed the silken skin of her abdomen.

“How long?” she demanded of the man on the other end of the call, FBI Director George Bailey, her boss.

Sinjen gave up trying to lure her back to more pleasurable pursuits. His beautiful FBI agent had turned all business on him. Throwing back the covers, he got up and padded naked into the kitchen to start coffee for her. While he couldn’t drink the brew, he enjoyed the scent and the taste of it on her lips and tongue. He’d also been with her long enough to know a cup would earn him a kiss. Returning to the bedroom a few minutes later, his smile turned sultry as he recognized the light in her eyes as she openly admired him.

With a great deal of reluctance, Sade pulled her eyes away from the prime specimen of sexiness standing beside the bed and gratefully accepted the steaming mug he held out. She swallowed a gulp of the hot, black coffee, swallowed and asked. “So he was on a case? Or go undercover?” Sade knew Caleb tended to immerse himself when he went “dark,” sometimes not surfacing until time to make a bust. She listened for a long moment and her hand started to shake.


Sinjen rescued the mug from her hand before the contents spilled over his silk sheets. Setting it on the nightstand, he eased onto the edge of the bed and gathered her into his arms. His lovely spitfire wasn’t yet as strong as she pretended to be. The memories of how close he’d come to losing her washed over him and he couldn’t suppress the shudder that surged through him.

Sade’s eyes narrowed, her face looking like it had been carved from ice as she growled into the phone, “If he’s dead, I’m going to kill him!”

She left his bed—their bed—with alacrity as she said those words and ended the call with a promise. “I’ll find him.”
With her declaration, his world changed. Again. After centuries of darkness, Sade had arrived to shine light into his black soul. How was it possible that this brittle woman with her lean frame, her bottle-green eyes, with her dogged determination would be given the key to his salvation after all this time? Those words would steal her from him. Take her from his arms, his bed, perhaps even his heart. His wounded warrior would face the demons of the world, fighting any assistance he might offer, even his very existence at her side, every step of the way. Very few held her loyalty. He feared he was not one of them.

She snatched up the thick robe tossed across the foot of the bed and stormed through the glass door leading from his bedroom to the railed balcony. Outside, Sade faced the frigid, ice-capped waves of Lake Superior. A dark aura radiated around her. Loneliness. Despair. Both swamped her. Sinjen hated the words he had to utter, wanted to spit them into some black void to be swallowed and forgotten. Instead, he stood behind her and pulled her into his embrace.
He didn’t want to speak the words so he whispered them against her hair. “I can’t go with you.”

“I know.” She pushed away and stepped toward the railing, keeping her back to him. “No big deal. You aren’t an agent and this is official business. Besides, I’m headed to Arizona. Or New Mexico. Somewhere in the desert. Not a good place for a vampire. All that sun and stuff.”

Sinjen reached for her but she jerked away. “Sade, look at me.”

She twisted her head and lights glinted in her bottle-green eyes. Her chin lifted in the show of defiance he’d come to know so well. “You aren’t invited anyway.”

As if that would stop him? Nothing could keep them apart—nothing but the demand for his appearance at the Conclave—a command he’d received upon awakening, and ignored in favor of staying in bed with Sade. Mathias issued the Conclave’s edict and he could not ignore it. Not only was the master vampire the Conclave’s Veşnic, he was also Sinjen’s sire. He could not deny a direct order from either entity for long. Though time was short, he curled a lock of Sade’s silky hair around his index finger and gave a little tug. “Come here.”


He stepped closer, only relaxing once she turned toward him. Her arms circled his waist and she buried her face against his neck. He kissed the top of her head. “I’ve been summoned to the Conclave. I’ll catch up to you. When I’m done.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Sade hadn’t cursed since getting off the phone, a tell-tale sign of her depressed mood. It worried him so he prodded. “Don’t do anything until I get there. I’ll find Caleb.”

Her head jerked back, anger flaring in her gaze. “The hell with that. I don’t need your fucking help.”

“Ah, there’s the woman I love.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yes. You will. Right now.”

So, what do you think? Would you keep reading? And who has alliteration to spare? Share if you do!

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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: Alliteration Always Appears

  1. SQUEE! Of course I’d keep reading. I love Sade and the gang. =o)

    Alliteration doesn’t stick out for me, so I really have to be looking for it – unless it’s glaringly obvious or put there on purpose. I’m sure I’ve got some in my writing around here somewhere, but finding it to post it? :shrug:

    • Silver James says:

      Yeah. I know. I have to be thinking about it. The closest I’m come recently is much later in the book, describing Caleb’s actions: Like a hound on a hot scent, he followed her. Hound, hot, and he sort of fit. * 🙄 with a side of 😆 *

  2. Liza says:

    Hurry up and finish so I can read it!!!

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