It’s Monday. I need coffee…

Monday again coffee girlI don’t think this cup is big enough. I’m not sure the pot on my coffee maker is big enough. Why yes, I AM in deadline hell. Why do you ask? 🙄 I’m at 31,859 words. I should already be 50-55K words, the thing should be edited and off to my CP and beta reader. Yeah. No. *sigh* I fully intend to have this sucker written and at least a first edit done before I give up and hit my deadline. I’ve been told the DL is a little flexible. But… I foresee a lot of Starbucks in my future–especially since they keep sending me lots of emails about getting more stars on my card and all their specials. ‘Tis the season…

So, a quick rundown. Weekend. There was one. I had OKRWA Saturday. We spent the morning discussing Deep POV. We had a wonderful lunch at the Museum Cafe. We had probably the shortest Annual General Meeting in the history of RWA. (19 minutes). Then we did a one-hour write-in to honor NaNoWriMo. Oh, and one important note from OKRWA–we all voted Sam Elliott as having the Voice Most Likely to Give an Orgasm Just By Talking. Because, you know…SAM ELLIOTT! Which discussion sort of distracted me because I was in the middle of the first sexy scene in RDR#4. It wasn’t happening. Because, while I really like Chase? He ain’t Sam Elliott. Just sayin’. I did get that sucker written yesterday. After I did some reading this morning.

Which…reading! OMG I’ve been a glutton for the written word of others this past week. Between RL stress, DL, and other stuffs going on, Insomnia is still my BFF. I read Kristen Ashley’s new Chaos book, WALK THROUGH FIRE. Loved it. But then I had to go back to reread the others. But first, I needed to read MOTORCYCLE MAN, which is the last of her Dream Man series, but the prequel to the Chaos series. So I reread MM. Then the other Chaos books, and then I had to go back to reread the first Dream Man, MYSTERY MAN because Hawk! Okay, and Gwen. But HAWK! Which brought up Lee Nightingale so I had to reread the first book in the Rock Chicks series, ROCK CHICKS. Then I gave up. Because I needed to get off the contemporary–I can’t read what I’m writing at the time, as a rule. So then I had to start my marathon reread of another favorite series, Jennifer Lyons Wing Slayer Hunters. I finished off BLOOD MAGIC, with Axel and Darcy. Now I’m on to SOUL MAGIC, with Sutton and Carla. LOVE this series.

Okay. Sports. I have to go there though I have a 1/4 😦 face and a 1/4 🙂 face, with a big ol’ helping of half 😀 face. Baylor beat OSU. 10-1 is not bad standing for the Big 12, though 11-0 would have been better and very likely would have put us in the top 4. That’s the 😦 part. OU took out TCU and they stayed strong in the polls. If they beat the Pokes this coming Saturday, they will probably be in the playoffs which makes it tough. I’d love to see an Oklahoma team in there, and it probably won’t be the Pokes, but…if they do beat OU? *big sigh* Bedlam is always fun. However the really big 😀 is that the darn ol’ pretender OSU got beat! By Michigan State! I already sent hearts to B.E. for one of her teams making a dark Saturday a bit brighter.

Writing. It goes. I did mention deadline brain, right? Yeah, I has it. Big time! Because of that whole Thanksgiving and family time coming, this will be my only post and I’ll be laying low from posting in social media. I’ll try to keep up with blogs and emails. I think RDR#4 is coming together. It better. I have 8 days to type THE END. I will get there! I will!

TV. Not doing much watching except as background noise. After dinner, KP duty, dog duty, and the like, I crawl into bed and read, TV mumbling across the room. My DVR is stacking up again. I should put the books away for a few evenings and get it cleared off. I’ll get right on that. Soon.

So, anyway, that’s the state of me. How’s the state of you? What all did y’all get up to this weekend?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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3 Responses to It’s Monday. I need coffee…

  1. :hugs: I know it’s hard, but you can do this. You’ve done more with less time. You are a rock star and you will kick this book’s butt. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! Let’s do this! (Okay, so I borrowed from Bluto’s pep talk in Animal House, but you get the gist.) I’m supposed to have In Deep Wish to Janet by the end of next week. I’m two chapters in on what turned into a retype. (Not a rewrite per se, but since I’m basically changing every sentence, I’m retyping it all in. Hell on the hands, but it’s coming out so much better.)

    Heh, MSU beat OSU. And the Yuckeyes are whining about it pretty hard. Keep your fingers crossed for this coming Saturday. That would be the icing on the cake. Sorry the real OSU lost, too. Yeah, this weekend’s game is going to be tough for you. :hugs:

    I have release day tomorrow for BloodFlow. Ads will be up. Well, one marketing thing – an excerpt at Omnimystery News. And an ad boost for Wish at Goodkindles. I didn’t have the gumption or the fundage for anything else. We spent a portion of yesterday morning raking leaves down the hill. I overdid it and spent the rest of the day recuperating. I’m in a reading slump, but I did finish Kill as Directed by Ellery Queen. Pretty good book with an end I didn’t see coming.

  2. Louisiana -is cold. A rarity ! LSU lost – (looking for a new coach -maybe) Thanksgiving coming -we are having Ham ( hubby allergic to turkey) -yep typical week.

  3. siobhanmuir says:

    Good luck. I have an 8 day deadline as well (yeah, I know, just what you need to hear), but I’m closing in on the end and I have a new tablet to take with me to Thanksgiving so I can type while I’m there (much to my mother’s distress). Hey, writing happens no matter what. I managed to be creative in a physical way this weekend – I made throw blankets out of super soft fleece fabric. 🙂

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