Monday Deadline

IV Coffee Good to GoYeah. That would be today. Last day of the month. Last day of NaNoWriMo. Day my completed manuscript is due in my editor’s inbox. Thank goodness Harlequin uses digital now instead of the old snail mail method. I would be up that nasty creek with no paddle. I did win NaNo a few days ago, if I included the non-current WIP words. Using those I have almost 60K words. At the time I was composing this last night, I had just over 51K words and headed into the last chapter. The end of the book is done. As sometimes happens, I had a light-bulb moment on the epilogue, including the perfect ending. And I’ve also retitled the book. The working title has been LAST COWGIRL STANDING. I’ll still submit that one as a possibility. In my head, though, I’m calling it THE BILLIONAIRE’S INCONVENIENT COWGIRL. Which really fits–on several levels.

So, anyway. Weekend. There was one. A long one. Thanksgiving was nice. Our mixed “clan” met for lunch at my BiL/Sil’s house. She had a stroke last summer and is still rehabbing. The BiL did turkey, her side of the family and the James Gang did the rest. Lots of good food, Stormageddon time, and I adore both my BiL and SiL. Friday, the weather moved in. Rain. Then Ice, and I mean Ice with a capital I, lots and lots of it. Our power died at 6:30 Saturday morning. It came back on briefly mid-afternoon, then snap/crackle/pop. The utility guys–who are absolute heroes in this weather!!!–got it back on permanently about 7 p.m. We stayed warm because the folks who built this house were Czech refugees. Our storm shelter is more like a bomb shelter and they added natural gas wall heaters in four of the rooms. They can keep the house comfortable and pipes from freezing. I also have a gas stove so…food. And COFFEE!!! Yay for drip grind, a gas stove that boils water, and coffee. We lost a bunch of branches. Luckily, they didn’t break anything important. Like the roof. Or windows. The fence. Clean-up will be fun. Not.

College football. We got power back in time to watch the Bedlam game–OSU vs. OU. Yeah. My Pokes lost. Sad about that but OU should now be in the top 4 to make the National Championship playoffs. That’s good. At least we’ll have an Oklahoma team to root for and OSU should get an invite to a great bowl game. I need to figure out how days it is until Pitcher/Catcher for MLB. 😉

TV. It’s Hallmark Christmas movie time. I’m sucker. In between writing bouts, that is.

Reading. Still working through Jen Lyon’s Wing Slayer Hunter books. I’m on SINFUL MAGIC. Key and his dragon! *swoon* Didn’t read much because–dark, no way to recharge my Kindle, and uhm…this pesky deadline.

Which is what my whole life has boiled down to. Deadline. So…I may have been up all night. I may be editing today. I may have gotten lucky, the book wasn’t as ugly as I think it is, and it’s winging it’s way to Mr. HQEd and I’m back in bed, drinking coffee, watching Hallmark, and reading. Or not. Yeah…I’m working. Trust me.

Anyway, who had wicked weather? Who did the whole after Thanksgiving shopping thing? Who simply lapsed into a turkey coma and is just now waking up?

OH!!!! Deadline brain, d’uh! I forgot. I have books on sale. MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS and SEASON OF THE WITCH are all on sale at a reduced rate of $2.99. You know, just in case some of you read them on Kindle Unlimited for free and now want to have your very own copy. And THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC and CHRISTMAS MOON are on discount at $1.99 because…CHRISTMAS!!! As Liam said, “Dad, it’s like a Die Hard movie!” And finally, THE DEVIL’S CUT goes on a Kindle Countdown Deal starting today. Don’t wait because the price goes up until the end of the sale on December 4th.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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1 Response to Monday Deadline

  1. OMG, love the new title! So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. So sorry about the storm and all the presents it left behind. Not the best football weekend, but at least the Spartans won and dashed the Yuckeyes hopes of going to the Big 10 Championship. I’ll be rooting for the Sparties, but I won’t cry if Iowa wins. (Which I think they will.) Goodluck with the deadline. I miss your sparkling personality around the interwebs :hugs: Yay for the sales excitement!

    We got rain. Rain, rain, RAIN. I finally made it out to the store yesterday when the rain slowed to a sprinkle. No xmas shopping, just groceries and necessities. I keep struggling with turkey coma because we keep eating turkey. So many leftovers. Today, I’m making turkey pot pie. I didn’t get much work done. Or much reading. I’m slumping all over the place. Meh. But today will be a better day.

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