Monday, DST Style

Grumpy Cat DSTHave I mentioned how much I absofreakinglutely hate with fork-stabby-eyed hatred Daylight Savings Time? I didn’t see the reason for it back when it was first started during the energy crisis of the 70s. I remember the gas lines. I remember the alleged energy savings messing with time would create. Lies! And to think we still have it? After what? FORTY YEARS?!?! Just goes to show that once the government votes something into being, it never goes away. Like chewing gum stuck under a school desk. Like the taste of gin after a hangover. Like…well, just think about the nastiest, most everlasting thing ever. Yeah. That’s how I feel about DST. It makes me grumpier than Grumpy Cat. It makes me wake up at odd times, tired and gritty-eyed. It makes me have weird dreams and not the good, Iffy-had-a-light-bulb-moment kind.

Moving on.

Tomorrow is release day for MOONSTRUCK: LIES. I’m not holding my breath for huge sales, or even good sales, which is rather sad. Granted, it’s a book that takes two previously published novellas and combines them with all new material and deleted scenes. Still… I’m working to get more original work out. First though, I have to finish up the SMP submission just in case. If they don’t take it, it’ll be all but ready for release so that’s a plus. I know those who commented were leaning toward Moonstruck Foundation as a series title for the new set of books. I’m leaning toward Moonstruck Alphas. Thoughts?

[6 a.m. Edit: As B.E. reminded me, I forgot the links. Derp. Here…]

MOONSTRUCK: LIES (Moonstruck Genesis Book 2)

AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER at Amazon | iTunes | Kobo | Barnes and Noble Nook

Reading: I did some. And some listening. The listening was to books I’d already read. I listened to the first 3 books in Anne Bishop’s The Others series in preparation for reading MARKED IN FLESH, book #4. I ❤ this series like damn and whoah. MARKED did not disappoint. I can't recommend this series enough if you like fantasy/alternative history. This is also NOT a series to jump into in the middle. Read it from WRITTEN IN RED. You need the character and world-building arcs. Besides, why deprive yourself of all the goodness! I'm currently reading T.M. Causey's SAINTS OF THE LOST AND FOUND. This is a book I first read years ago in an early draft. The characters and story haunted me while Toni rewrote, revised, and refined the story. It released last week and I am reading it in tiny sips and nibbles because I don't want it to end. I'll intersperse other books (mostly audio) in between. SAINTS is Southern Gothic at its very best and I'm so glad Toni found this book within her and drew it out so the rest of us can relish it.

TV: Baseball! And Lucifer. I did a marathon catch-up of Rizzoli and Isles. I'm not sure why I was reluctant to watch it this season but I DVR'd it and didn't watch. The stories have been awesome and there's some real depth to ALL the characters coming out this season. Of course, it is nice to zip through the commercials. Except for the Subaru Dog-tested ones. There are new ones out that crack me up!

Writing: You got a dose of that above after my mini-rant. I'm about 20K words into the SMP project. Speaking of, how many saw that LaNora (Nora Roberts/JD Robb) left her publisher of 20+ years (the Randy Penguin aka Random House/Penguin) and signed with St. Martins Press. Yeah. That was a real stunner! In other news, I'll have some to reveal in a day or two that is peripherally linked to writing. 🙂 Still waiting to hear on the next three Red Dirt books. I should nudge because I need to get my 2nd quarter schedule set up. I'm looking at finishing Nightriders #2 – NIGHT MOVES (Wizard and Lainie's story) done and out by the end of April. Preliminary work on Roman's book (PP#4) continues, as does Hard Target #2. Iffy is sort of ignoring those guys at the moment. 😦 The SEALs, Wolves, and humans on the team will get their story this year. Eventually. I'm also firming up an idea for a 2nd Kindle World novella with Paige Tyler's Dallas Fire & Rescue and a Wolf from the Moonstruck world. I think he's already shown up in NIGHT MOVES. Okay, I'm pretty sure he has. He's a law man but not sure which alphabet agency he belongs to yet. 😉

Weekend: We celebrated Stormageddon's 2nd birthday with family and friends. He's not technically two until a week or so from now but we had fun. I also discovered that Golden Chick (a chicken fastfood franchise) has excellent fried catfish. Yay! We had rain, which is also a yay. Oh, I did finally have daffodils last week. A week late for my birthday but close enough. 🙂

What about y'all? What trouble did you get into this weekend?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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8 Responses to Monday, DST Style

  1. Book link? I mean, I don’t need it because I hunted it down and one-clicked it, but slap that thing everywhere. And we need to come up with an advertising plan for you. (Not that I’m all that awesome at it, but still.) I want people to read these books, dammit.

    The time change is making me cranky.

    Yes, DST blows chunks. I went to bed at 10 last night (which was 9), but then I got up at 5 (which was 4). WTF? This is the most asinine and irritating hoax put upon the American people every freakin’ year. (Well, there are others, but right now, this one is annoying me the most.) Unnecessary. Pointless. I don’t know a single person who actually likes the time changes – either one. This one is the worst of the two for me, for some reason. Bleh.

    Happy Birthday, Storm!

    This weekend I started SCIU #3. Hubs and I got a wild hair and decided to clean all the ceiling fans/lighting in the house. He took the globes off and I washed them while he wiped down the fans. It’s so much brighter in here. It rained here, too, but we hit the sweet spot again – no floods, no tornadoes, no hail.

    • Silver James says:

      Okay, corrected. See? My brain just shuts down during DST adjustments. I, too, was awake at 4 am. Which is 3 am NORMAL time. *headdesk* I’m usually pretty good about putting out the links. *sigh* There was a bill in the Oklahoma legislature for awhile to pull an Arizona. But then you have to figure out time in the rest of the US. Maybe we should start one of those petition things. Or a GoFundMe to raise the funds to mount a campaign. *nods*

      Ugh. Fans. Fan blades suck up the dust and critter hair like crazy. I should do that soon. And yeah, I need an advertising plan because I so totally go blank when I try to wrap my brain around it.

      • Yay! I thought you were usually pretty good at getting links out there, but then again, DST has me confuzzled this morning. The conspiracy theorist in me insists that DST is a means for the govt to control the masses. Farques everything up for at least a week – twice a year. Spring around the primaries, Fall around the general election. Coincidence? I think not. ;o)

        I’ll be re-reading Let’s Get Visible this week to see if there are any marketing tips I’m not utilizing and I’ll post something soon.

        • Silver James says:

          Awesome. I also have a 30-day marketing/social media “class” that I have. I need to send you a copy and actually read it all the way through. I’ll do that when I’m less discombobulated and properly caffeinated. That full pot of Death Wish that I’ve sucked down since 6 am has had negligible effect. 😦

  2. Liza says:

    Already pre-ordered. Sadly Amazon will never let me post a review to their site. As for DST, I say we keep the time we are in now. No more back and forth. I do like having more daylight when I get home from work in the evenings, but I really miss that extra hour of sleep I lost yesterday. Woke up at 5:30 am (really 4:30) and couldn’t go back to sleep. Also never got a nap yesterday, so today will be really long.

    My hot water heater died yesterday, so I’m now waiting round for the repair guy from the home warranty company to come look at it. Hopefully it will be replaced quickly. Going to friend’s house tonight to shower since I doubt it will be today.

    Happy birthday Stormaggedon!! 2 is such a fun age. 🙂

    I finally caught up on Castle this weekend. Up next is time to catch up on OUAT. I also got some reading done. My review copy of The Beast arrived on Friday and I basically blew through a 500+ page book from Friday to Sunday. I think fans of the series will be way happier with The Beast.

    • Silver James says:

      Amazon really shoots itself in the foot way too often. That’s okay. Goodread reviews work too! 😀

      Ugh on the hot water tank. At least you have a warranty so you’re not out too much money on replacing it. And just thing how nice all that really hot water will be when it’s fixed! 😀

      • Liza says:

        They are about to install the new one in just a little bit. Sadly my warranty doesn’t cover the modifications that have to be made to install it, so I’m still out a good bit of money, but it would be over $1500 and I’m only out about $400. Hate taking money out of savings, but that’s why it’s there, so I moved money this morning.

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