Wednesday Words: All the Thanks

blood-n-fire-with-kwIn honor of Monday’s Thanksgiving celebration in Canada, today’s #1lineWed theme is *Thank | Thanks | Thank you* To say thank you to all of you for hanging out here, I’m sharing a snippet from BLOOD & FIRE, which releases into the Amazon “jungle” tomorrow. Since it’s still a WIP–technically speaking as it hasn’t published yet. Because yeah, marketing. 😆 Anyway, last week we had a peek at Rhys. This week, we get to meet Celina “Celie” Monaghan. Enjoy!

“Dad, I have a job. Obligations. I can’t just take off because my dad snaps his fingers.”

“Quit and come home. For good. That’s an order.”

Laughter sputtered out before she could stop it. “I’m not sixteen, Dad. I’m a grown-up woman. I even have the right to vote and everything.”


He never called her by her full name and did his voice just crack? Her stomach churned and not from the jalapenos she’d eaten on her pizza. She had a really bad feeling. “Dad, what have you done?”

“Come home, Celina, or I’ll send someone after you. That’s an order from your Alpha.” He disconnected the call before she found the words to retort.

“Send someone after me? He wouldn’t—” She squinted her eyes shut and bounced her forehead gently on her kitchen counter. Her dad didn’t make idle threats and he’d never pulled the Alpha card on her. Rock Creek might not have domination fights, but there was a reason Mickey Monaghan had been elected mayor.
She’d just finished her shift rotations and had four Kelly days coming up so against her better judgment, she threw some clothes and toiletries into a bag. She called her district chief and told him a family emergency had come up and she might need to take regular duty days off. Technically, her dad going off the deep end over something he wouldn’t discuss on the phone despite calling her in the middle of the freaking night qualified, right? Right. Luckily, the chief told her no problem—she had over a month of comp time racked up, thanks to her taking a few extra shifts at Station 58. It wasn’t like she had a life outside of DF&R.

So what about y’all? Any Wednesday Words to give thanks for? And be sure to check here tomorrow for the buy link to BLOOD & FIRE. I’ll post just as soon as I have it! ❤


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  1. Thank you for all you do and all you write! :hugs:

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