Monday After the After

I see y’all scratching your heads over the subject line. That’s okay. Me, too. LOL Coming up with titles for these posts is a game all its own. This is something I should have posted LAST Monday–the Monday after getting home from RWA Nationals. Except I dragged home a nasty case of “con crud.” I’m just now getting back to some semblance of health. So, a week late, here’s an update of Nationals and the past week.

First, I’m running for RWA National Board of Directors as a Director at Large. I really want to serve in this capacity. I believe every voice in RWA deserves to be heard–EVERY voice. So those of you in RWA, please consider voting for me come October elections.

Second, I had a blast seeing old friends and making new ones. That would be the lovely Carolyn Brown (and her lifetime hero) smooching Blue. Anna DePalo and I participated in a Facebook Live event direct from the Harlequin session. You can CLICK HERE to watch, if you haven’t seen it yet. We played a lively game of “Never Have I Ever” with Desire’s Senior Editor, Stacy Boyd. The Kiss of Death Chapter conference on Tuesday was amazing! We had a former Air Force Pararescue Jumper as a speaker, followed by a CSI and a computer hacker. Everything writers of romantic thrillers and suspense could want, and gave me some inspiration to use when I get back to the Hard Target series.

Wednesday, I worked the registration desk and moderated a panel on audio books. I got to ask the questions and learned a lot from two authors, a narrator, the head of ACX and a representative from Findaway Voices, another audio company. Good stuffs! Someday, I want my self-pubs in audio. All it takes is money. 🙄 And Wednesday night was Kiss of Death’s Death by Chocolate party and Daphne awards.

Thursday was various panels, Harlequin stuffs, lunch with Stacy and other Desire authors, and the RITAs! Ahhh, the glamour! Someday, I’ll be up there on that stage. I want one of those golden ladies! I’ll just have to write harder. Friday was more Harlequin stuffs, panels, the awards luncheon and the Harlequin cocktail party at the Waldorf. I got to see CLAIMING THE COWGIRL’S BABY up on the big screen at the party!

Saturday brought more panels (seeing a trend here? :lol:) and the Literacy signing. Saturday night was packing and I left for home before daylight on Sunday. And woke up sick as a dog on Monday. Okay, truthfully, I was coming down with it on Saturday, ignored it on Sunday, and finally gave in on Monday.

Even being sick, I managed to get some new words in. I have many more new words to go this week and for the weeks to come. Yay for deadlines. I am feeling better so hopefully I’ll get fully on track this week.

Now, to catch up on other things…

Reading: I haven’t done a lot. I finished listening to SPELLBINDER (Moonshadow) by Thea Harrison and WILDFIRE (Hidden Legacy) by Ilona Andrews. Both were awesome! Not sure what’s next on my list.

TV: “Midnight, Texas” – NBC. It’s odd. Quirky. There’s an angel, a witch, a weretiger reverend, a vampire, and a psychic. Oh, and a gate into hell. What’s not to love? LOLOL We’ll see if it holds up. I loved the first few seasons of “True Blood,” too, then it sort of went off the rails for me. This series is also based on a Charlaine Harris series. And “Live PD.” I’m addicted and I keep threatening to create a BINGO card for the show. 😆

That’s my world at the moment. What’s going on in yours?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Monday After the After

  1. Yay for a busy but productive con! Sorry you got the crud, though. Bummer. :hugs: Glad you’re starting to feel better now, though.

    I’ve been pushing through the edits for Wish Hits the Fan. And fishing, which is probably why I’m late commenting on everything.

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