Wednesday Words: In the Spotlight

It’s Wednesday. I have a new book out. OF COURSE I’m going to give you a snippet from THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSITION for #1lineWed. Like…d’uh! Today’s theme is **LIGHT**. While I normally post a snippet from a WIP, with the release of THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSITION, I can’t resist sharing this snippet about my hero, Deacon Tate, because the dude is in the spotlight. A lot! 😉

The lights dimmed, a stool appeared on stage and he picked up his acoustic guitar and sat down. One blue spotlight picked him out. Head down, he strummed a few chords. The cheers and whistles slowly faded as he played. The chords gave way to the melody he plucked on the strings. The band remained silent, unsure of where he was going. Performing this song was totally unplanned. He’d written it for his cousin Cash’s wedding but hadn’t recorded it.

Deke’s little brother, who was also the keyboardist for the Sons, was the first to recognize the song. After Dillon’s piano riff, their guitarists, Bryce and Xander, picked up the tune and Kenji, the drummer, found the rhythm. Ozzie picked up the bass line without missing a beat.

“Are you ready to take a walk?” he crooned into the microphone. “Darlin’, are you ready for me?” The crowd started to sway in time to the music and the groupies lining the stage pressed forward. Deke closed his eyes. “Are you counting the minutes? Can you feel my heart race?” He riffed on the guitar. “From this day forward, you’ll never walk alone. I’ll shelter your heart. I’ll be your home. You are my love song, my forever song, the last song that I’ll sing.”

He poured out the rest of the words, his voice growing husky with emotion. Deke had watched each of his cousins find and fall in love with the women who completed them. Something inside him wanted the same thing, in a vague someday way. But none of his brothers had taken the plunge and there was something wrong with that picture. The Barrons were the wild bunch, the Tates the steady gatekeepers. Well, except for him. His mother said often and loudly that he was more Barron than Tate, but her eyes twinkled when she said it.

Deke sang of finding love, of losing it. He sang of getting it back and when he sang the chorus again, the women in the front row had faces slick with tears. His voice broke a little as he finished the last few lines and added, “You’ll be my home, my love song, my forever song and the last song I ever sing.”

The spotlight went out. Stunned silence filled the theater, where 2,500 fans were jammed in wall-to-wall. Then pandemonium erupted. Strobes flashed and spotlights probed the stage, but Deacon had disappeared. People screamed and whistled. They clapped their hands and stomped their feet. When the band launched into the opening strains of “Native Son,” the noise volume doubled. Normally, this song was the finale but tonight, it was the encore.
I have to admit, Deacon is one of my favorite characters, but he presented me with a real challenge! Not only is he a country music superstar, he writes songs. A couple have been featured in other books: “Native Son,” which was Clay Barron’s campaign theme when he announced his candidacy for president (THE BOSS AND HIS COWGIRL) and “You Are My Forever” which, as mentioned above, he wrote and sang at Cash’s wedding (REDEEMED BY THE COWGIRL). Now, quoting lyrics in books is a chancy thing at best, copyright infringement at worst, so…I turned into a lyricist. I do sort of wish I was a musician because I’d love to put lyrics to music. And yes, I do have full lyrics for Deke’s songs! 😆 Anyway, this is my lighthearted contribution to #1lineWed today. What about y’all? Want to shine some light on your words?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Wednesday Words: In the Spotlight

  1. SQUEE! I loved this book. Go Deke! I loved the lyrics, too. it would be too cool if you could find someone to set them to music.

    I found a snippet!
    Ned didn’t bother telling the old guy he didn’t have around the clock police protection. Bud wouldn’t care. The man hadn’t really thought security was necessary.
    After all his years in law enforcement, especially those with the SCIU, Ned knew differently.
    An hour or so before dusk, he parked his rental car in the spot marked as a visitor for Mr. Selesky’s unit, and he waited. When the lights went out in the home, he extracted himself from the vehicle. He walked the perimeter of the building, gauging risks and getting a lay of the land.
    It held four separate units, like single story townhomes. Bud’s unit was one of the middle ones, sharing a wall with a unit on either side. It only had two front windows with a door in the middle. The back had one large window with the door set to one side. The front door had a frosted glass panel. The back door had a half moon window near the top. Neither seemed particularly secure if a serial killer truly wanted to enter, but both seemed about as secure as any normal person would expect.
    The front would present an easier entry for someone intent on crime, Simply breaking the glass would allow anyone the ability to unlock the door and shift the deadbolt. On the other hand, the front also came with excellent outdoor lighting. Any criminal would be on display there.
    In back, the lighting didn’t count for much. One overhead fluorescent on a pole in the courtyard about twenty feet away and twenty feet up. Another further down the path. Neither provided enough illumination to keep Bud’s door out of the shadows of a nearby maple.
    If anything was going to happen, the likelihood was more probable in the back. Ned positioned himself on the shadowy side of the large tree and leaned back.

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