Wednesday Words: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Wolf

Today’s #1lineWed theme over on Twitter is **HEAVY.** You’d think in 31K words I’d have more than one reference. Nope. Just one. A heavy door banging against the wall. I should mention that this snippet continues words that are probably NSFW. The scene is pretty self-explanatory.
Growls. Chewy. Tait bolted out of bed. A scream. Lauren. Chewy. Lauren. His brain went to a dark and bloody place. Shit. He raced through the house, following the sounds. Chewy had been noticeably absent when he and Lauren arrived last night, and he hadn’t appeared when Tait took his midnight run. Damn wolfdog. And what the hell was Lauren doing up and out of bed? He’d left her asleep in the guest room. To be nice. To keep her safe. From him. But now Chewy! Who ate strangers. He should have tied her to the bed. He should have shot the damn wolfdog ages ago.

The heavy door banged against the rough-hewn logs of the house as he charged out onto the wide deck. Lauren was on the ground, Chewy straddling her body, his muzzle buried at her throat. Oh. Fuck. His wolf clawed to get out, desperate to get to Lauren, to their mate, to save her. His wolf wanted to challenge the other male, to taste his blood, no longer recognizing the fur brother who ran with him under the moon.

Tait was a heartbeat away from shifting when he recognized the sounds coming from Lauren weren’t screams of fear. Laughter? What the hell? She was shrieking in laughter.

“Stop it!” she ordered the wolfdog, breathless. “That tickles.”

Chewy licked her throat, her face, her arms. His muzzle nuzzled into her hair as her hands buried in the animal’s ruff. Tait’s wolf wanted Lauren to laugh with him, to pet him. Not the mangy half wolf. Him! And now his wolf wanted to slaughter the wolfdog for an entirely different reason. Jealous much? he chided his other half.

“Cheéte!” He barked Chewy’s Crow name.

Lauren pushed the wolfdog away and sat up. The animal immediately backed away, looking more than a little smug, and settled back on his haunches. Her mouth dropped open the moment she realized he was standing on the porch. Buck naked. Her eyes widened and her tongue took a long, languorous swipe over her top lip. His dick twitched and when those lips formed an almost perfect O, he almost went to his knees, ready to beg her to put that mouth on him.

Averting her eyes, she explained. “Sorry. I couldn’t sleep. I guess he’s…yours?” She blushed even as her eyes roamed over him from the top of his head to his bare feet and back up. Slowly. He didn’t believe it possible but his dick swelled larger and got even harder. He needed to fuck this woman. And fuck her now. His wolf was totally on board with that.

“Uhm,” she hummed softly. “Shouldn’t you…ah…maybe…get dressed? Or…something?”

Clothes. He needed some. Later. Because something sounded like a whole lot more fun than getting dressed. So yeah, he’d do that. Get dressed and stuff. Right after he claimed his mate.
Those are my weighty words for the day. I should have this puppy’s first draft done today. *crosses fingers* Then it will be time to edit. And revise. And edit some more. And proofread and send it to my betas and editor and…well, y’all know the routine. The question is, do any of you have heavy words to share?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Wolf

  1. SQUEE!

    How about a heavy sigh? Does that work? :shrug: Here’s my snippet from Sleeping Ugly (still a rough first draft, but I’m hoping this will be publishable by the end of summer.)

    At first I totally doubted my sanity. Nobody gets ugly overnight. Then again, no one gets pretty throughout the day either. Either a person is always pretty or they’re always ugly.
    Psychotic break now or one earlier in my life—neither option made me feel any better about myself. Of course, the only other answer seemed just as crazy. Magic isn’t real. Curses don’t happen in real life…
    Unless they do.
    The shriek of my cell phone scared the rest of my thoughts right out of me.
    “Hello?” I said, or rather croaked.
    “Jeni?” said an uncertain voice. “Is that you?”
    My brain recovered enough to recognize Mara Lightfoot—my best friend and biggest competition.
    I choked back what I wanted to say. I mean, who else would be answering my phone? But then I realized my voice now went along with my face—shades of me under ten inches of yuck.
    “Sorry. Must be coming down with something. What’s up?”
    “You’re late for the shoot. Ivan’s coming unglued.”
    Ivan—pronounced Ee-von, of course—was a drama queen, but his photos were the best in the business. How I could’ve forgotten that Tuesday’s shoot had been moved to today was understandable to me. To Ivan? Unforgivable.
    “I can’t worry about him right now,” I said to myself.
    “Have you stopped worrying about your career, too?” I could hear the smile in her voice. “Because Chell is already hovering around the site. That vulture.”
    Chell would give her right tit to take my job. Just like I’d give mine to take jobs away from her. Or Mara. Or any of the other girls vying for a spot between the pages of a magazine. It was all part of our lives. I hated the bitch, but I didn’t blame her.
    “Can we reschedule?” If today turned out like the day before, all I’d need was a putty knife and a case of makeup to be myself again. Right then, the transformation would’ve needed a scalpel.
    “He’s already pissed at you. Plus, he’s spent the majority of the morning bitching about the light. You want to reschedule, you ask him.”
    A heavy sigh escaped before I could contain it. I could’ve sworn Mara chuckled. “Apologize for me, but there’s no way I’ll be… well enough.. to make it before tonight.”
    “Oh! I understand.” I was so sure she did. “I just hope whoever he was, the hot sex was worth losing this job.”
    She hung up before I could disabuse her of the notion I had some guy in bed with me. By nightfall, it’d be all over the place that the great Jeni Braxxon chose sex over work. And if Mara played the rumor just right, my career would be all over by morning.
    If I still had any chance at a career with this face.

  2. Patti Wissore says:

    I’m intrigued… And have to ask, can he talk to the wolf when he shifts?

    • Silver James says:

      Not sure what you mean, Patti, because he becomes the wolf when he shifts, even though the man’s thoughts override the animal’s instincts. Unless he totally flips out and goes feral, kind of like Antoine in BLUE MOON. Or like Nate in HUNTER’S MOON, because he couldn’t remember he was human. 😉

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