Wednesday Words: Fire

And Hump Day rolls around again, with more words and another #1lineWed theme. I’m all fired up because this puppy is done but for one tweak on the copyright when I get the info about the photos on the cover and I get the cover. And I’m sensing a theme here…Earth, Wind, and Fire. Because, yeah, today’s theme is **FIRE**. Today’s snippet is basically the first time our furry hero meets our not-so-intrepid heroine. I hope it lights a fire in your interest to read the whole book when it releases in April!

Tilting his head, Tait listened. Two sets of footsteps faded. The two who’d been covering the rear must have come inside to search while the rest of their hunting party was stalled out in the bar. “Stay still,” Tait whispered against her lips.

“Let me go,” she whispered back.

“In a minute.” Or an hour. He’d backed her into a corner but didn’t feel guilty. For reasons he couldn’t decipher, this woman drove his wolf to distraction and the damn thing might as well be chasing his tail in dizzying circles. Focus. He desperately needed some. Despite the delicious fragrance of blueberry muffins and the sweet taste of her mouth.

“Put me down,” she spat.

He eased the door closed with the toe of his boot before complying. He stepped back to get a better look at her, ignoring her ineffectual shove against his chest.

“Stay away from me.”

Bravado. She had it, despite the terror quaking her insides. He liked that. He didn’t like the stink of ammonia hovering just beneath her natural fragrance. That’s how he knew she was scared. He also picked up a whiff of cinnamon that made him want to grin. She wanted him. Always a good thing since his dick was so hard it wanted to pop the buttons off his fly. Focus. They weren’t out of the fire yet. Once he got her away and undercover, he fully planned to explore the desire flaring between them.

“You are Lauren Reilly, yeah?” He watched her eyes dilate even as she shook her head in the negative. “I’m not going to hurt you. People call me Shooter.” He wasn’t ready to reveal his real identity. Not yet.

Lauren stared, almost afraid to blink. His nickname was Shooter. And that was supposed to make her feel better? He was just as scary as those other men but he hadn’t hurt her. Yet. “Why are you hunting me?”

“Someone is worried about your safety. Someone I owe a favor.” Hell, he owed Mac McIntire his life. “You need a place to hide and someone to look after you until the people chasing you are dealt with.”

She locked her knees to remain standing. He knew? How could he? She needed to get away. “You can’t. You don’t understand who’s—” She swallowed hard. “If you did, you wouldn’t keep me safe.”

“I will if you give me a chance.” He was well aware of who was on her tail and why. This whole deal would be so much simpler if his damn wolf relaxed and let the man work his magic. “Black Root.”

His words fell like a boulder in a quiet pool, the resulting ripples of fear washing all the starch out of her backbone. She slid down, huddling in the corner. He crouched in front of her. Touched her cheek with his warm palm.
“See? I do know. I will keep you safe.” And he would. He’d also keep her close, like in-his-bed close because that kiss? It went straight to his dick and no one was going to be happy until he was buried deep inside her. The wolf brushed against his insides, wanting to come out and play, liking the idea of this woman in their bed. Tait liked women. A lot of women—lot being the operative word. At the moment, though, his other half was adamant. It was this woman or none. Damn wolf. This was all his fault.
Does anyone else want to leap from the frying pan into the fire to add so words in the comments?


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  1. SQUEE!

    No words from me right now. I’m a wordsmith without words. But it’s early yet.

  2. Kimber Michaela says:

    Black Root. GRRRRRRR!
    Have a great day!

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