Friday Free-For-All: Wacky, Weird, and Wordy Edition

Sometimes, I just can’t let it go. And it’s Friday the 13th so…why the heck not?

First, the really cool stuff. How fun are these memes about the love/hate relationships between dogs and mailmen. Click through to see them: DOG AND MAILMAN MEMES

This art project adds the very best of urban fantasy to the cityscape. SURREAL PAINTINGS OF KIDS AND WILD ANIMALS
Surreal paintings of urban fantasy

One more link of truly spectacular animal street art. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

In the Can’t Make This $h!+ Up Section:

Pennsylvania school superintendent puts buckets of river rocks in classrooms as a defense against school shooters. I protest! Beyond the stupidity, I protest on the grounds that he is introducing a religion into the classroom. Islam and Judeo-Christian traditions both include stoning as punishment–usually against women, and how many witches were stoned to death down through history?!? Where are the feminists? Where are the atheists? Where’s a safe space for Wiccans? From a USA Today article, “David Helsel, superintendent of Blue Mountain School District in Orwigsburg, said social media posts misrepresenting the district’s overall plans for dealing with school shootings put his schools at risk.” Ya think? #sarcasm

Two days after attending a local protest against guns, the alleged brother of Al Sharpton (one of the biggest hypocrites on the left) was charged with accessory to murder after he drove his buddy around hunting the young woman who supposedly stole the friend’s car. They drove up next to her, the guy fired, striking her in the head and killing her. Hrmmm The whole story is HERE.

So, two black women are censored on Facebook because they are “unsafe for the community.” And the reason they are unsafe? Because they are two CONSERVATIVE black women who happen to support the president. Then the CEO of Twitter flaunts some article about how all the Democrats should declare a civil war. Uhm. Okay. Kinda hard to do that with no guns, no food, and no energy because guess what? All of deplorables out here in middle America? We have all the goodies, including DIAMOND AND SILK make me smile every time I watch them.

And the mayor of London now wants to ban knives because while they have some the strictest gun laws around, London has the highest murder rate. And they’ve had 50 murders committed with knives. Plus, they prosecuted a 78 year-old-man who defended himself IN HIS OWN HOME from the man who broke in with the intent to rob the old guy. I just…this —>

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2 Responses to Friday Free-For-All: Wacky, Weird, and Wordy Edition

  1. Did you hear about the school that passed out little baseball bats for the teachers to use in active shooter situations? :eyeroll: Then the principal (or superintendent… I don’t remember now) said it was ‘symbolic’, I guess to give the teachers the illusion they were capable of defending themselves when some freak comes in shooting.

    The world is a messed up place.

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