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Monday the 10th of Never

Oh, wait. The Johnny Mathis song is “The Twelth of Never.” Yeah, yeah, I’m older than dirt because I remember slow dancing to that song at Teen Town in junior high. Or what is now called middle school. Whatever. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Monday the 13th

Call me weird but I’ve never considered Friday the 13th as an unlucky day. Monday the 13th, however? Well, you can make up your own mind. We’re almost half-way through December. Christmas is less that two weeks away. I’m not … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts: Universal Civility

At a time when protesters storm into restaurants to berate customers, when they chase people through airports, and accost them in hallways and on elevators, in front of their homes and their children… At a time when there is far … Continue reading

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Monday Rant of Randomness

This isn’t my typical Monday follow-up post, ie. this is what I did, this is what I watched, this is what I read, etc. Instead, I’m sharing random thoughts because my head exploded so many times this past week and … Continue reading

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Friday Free-For-All: Wacky, Weird, and Wordy Edition

Sometimes, I just can’t let it go. And it’s Friday the 13th so…why the heck not? First, the really cool stuff. How fun are these memes about the love/hate relationships between dogs and mailmen. Click through to see them: DOG … Continue reading

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