Monday the 10th of Never

Oh, wait. The Johnny Mathis song is “The Twelth of Never.” Yeah, yeah, I’m older than dirt because I remember slow dancing to that song at Teen Town in junior high. Or what is now called middle school. Whatever. Anyway, we are a third of the way through the first month of this year. I…can’t…even. I reallky should stop watching the news but ya know, with nuttin’ but reruns on, pulling up a comfy chair with a diet soda pop and a bag of microwave popcorn is kinda entertaining. Kinda. Like watching a train wreck. Hey, the popcorn’s tasty even if I’m teetering between these two faces–and thoughts!

So, there was a week and a weekend. In writing news, BAD MOON is now live a bunch of different places with more coming. I think I’m down to four books now that still need to go wide. The ones with publishers, I have no control over. I did get some new words but most of last week was pend on “administrative” stuff–cleaning up ;the timeline, moving some scenes, adjusting others, find and fix names, that sort of thing. All necessary to turn out what I hope is a quality read. Progress, right? I am hoping for many more new words this week.

I’ve pretty much been in a reading slump of late. I only finished one book in all of last week. Then I snarfed down a short Louis L’Amour books on Saturday. I do love me some Sacketts. I’m currently embarking on a series by a new-to-me author. They’re romantic suspense with some supernatural overtones and so far so good. Let’s hope I stay connected because that’ll be THREE books toward my 150-book goal this year.

On the home front, I’ve done some more decluttering but not necessarily by intent. Boone, bless his old senile* heart decided he wanted to used one of Only’s beanie babies as a chew toy. I got it away from him but it necessitated clearing out the entire corner bookshelf of her stuff. I needed to do it sooner than later anyway. Now they’re all dusted and put away in a plastic bin. Then, we were looking for some information and I ended up clearing out my inbox and one file cabinet drawer–sorting, tossing, and filing. I really should tackle my desk one of these days…*runs screming*

Sports. You can’t make this shitstuff up. As our president would say, “You can Google this.” A Yale transgender swimmter on the women’s swim team beat a Penn Univeristy transgender swimmer on the women’s team. The Yale is going F-M and the Penn is M-F. Yes, it makes my head do this:

I made homemade waffle batter the other night for dinner. Waffles and bacon. Yum! Awesome comfort food and it was a cold, drizzly night out there. Yeah, yeah, it’s freaking January. It’s SUPPOSED to be cold. I know, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’m old and grumpy. Cold weathe rmakes my knees hurt.

Stormy came over Saturday afternoon to spend th enight. Only and Baseball Boy celebrated their anniversary with dinner at a fave restaurant and an overnight stay at their favorite B&B, the Monastery at Forest Park. I’d like to go stay there for a couple of days for a writer’s retreat. It’s a really cool place so check out the link. FYI, the little dickens was explaining an experiment on Mythbusters to me and got really technical–like how many units of some electrical measurement it would take to do whatever they were doing. I boggled. I shouldn’t, but I did. The little dude is SEVEN!

What else is going on in my life? Welpers, not much, so I guess I’ll wrap things up. Today is a Wallyworld day. I managed to lose my list last week and missed a few items. I need to restork them this week. And then I’ll get back to decluttering and writing, not necessarily in that order. Anything cool in your world? Have expectations for the week?

*He really IS getting demntia. He keeps trying to climb on the sofa tables or large storage bins so he can…I don’t know. Go through the wall? Or through the big bookcase in my office? I mean, is there a portal there I can’t see? Bless his heart. He’s not in pain, he gets around, he eats, he drinks, he does his business. So we just love him, shake our heads, and move along.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Monday the 10th of Never

  1. Awww, poor Boone. :hugs: Okay, you need to see if you can get The Light of Western Stars by Zane Grey on one of your cheap audio sites. (It’s like $18 on Audible through Amazon.) It’s an awesome book. Action, adventure, romance… swoon. Don’t get me started on the news. And yeah, that tranny beating tranny thing was kinda funny. Stormy is amazing. I hope he sticks with all the engineering stuff. He’ll go a long way. Good luck at Wallyworld and with your decluttering. :hugs:

    Not much going on here. I overdid it in the woods yesterday and now I’m feeling it. In my defense, it didn’t feel like it was going to hurt later when I was doing it. Last night, the new season of All Creatures Great and Small started and while it was a pretty good episode for what it was, they stray so much from the books I have to stop myself from shouting at the TV. I have to remember to enjoy the thing for what it is and not what it should be. Okay, I probably should go write a post for my own blog this morning. Have a great day!

    • Silver James says:

      LG is into Father Brown Mysteries. I ended up watching the end of it and remember why BBC shows are so good, but yeah, gotta stay away from movies made from books I love because…what you said. Stay comfy today and let your body unknot. ❤

  2. KB Gardener says:


    Started feeling sick Saturday–scratchy throat, fever, generally achy feeling–and eventually my temperature hit 100.5, so Sunday I went to my local Urgent Care center. Yes, I’ve contracted COVID. The nurse practitioner said there’s no way to test but Omicron is the most prevalent variant so it’s probably what I have. I asked about monoclonal antibodies and she said that she would have prescribed them for me but there’s a shortage of that treatment in Oklahoma right now. She advised me to keep hydrated and where to go if my symptoms worsen.

    Thankfully, I not only have a thermometer, I also have a pulse oximeter, so I can keep track on my O2 saturation. (It’s presently bouncing between 96 and 97 percent.) So, I’m quarantining at home in my bedroom until Thursday, then I need to wear a mask around other people for five days after that.

    Right now, I feel about the same as I have in the past with a case of the flu, so I’m not worried. It does mean that I’m missing five days on the road driving rideshare (though it hasn’t been paying as well as I had last Summer.)

    So that’s how it is up here in my little bit of Tulsa this week.

    • Silver James says:

      🤗 Poor you! My SiL and grandson both came down with it, and both were fully vaxxed. My daughter kept testing negative so yay. And yeah, it was mostly a bad cold/flu-like feeling for them both. Also, no monoclonal antibodies for either of them either. GS was down about 24 hours. SiL took a couple of days to feel himself again. Of course, this happened over Christmas so there was lots of leaving presents on the porch type exchange. I’m so sorry this happened to you and I hope it remains a mild case and you recover fully.

      I can’t tell you how PO’d I am at the fed. govt. for their current lunacy. This dependence on vaccines only is ludicrous and totally against the science, which they are all so fond of relying on. And unless you are wearing a N95 mask, it doesn’t do any good–it won’t protect you and won’t protcet others. Sorry. Climbing off my soapbox now. Not “yelling” at you, commiserating. Holding and sending good and healing thoughts your way, KB. Keep us posted, yeah? ❤

      • KB Gardener says:

        Wednesday update: I’m feeling better, but still have a somewhat runny nose and a bit of a headache occasionally. O2 say still is in the mid 90s and I haven’t had a fever in days.When I checked it this morning, it was 97.6, which seems to be normal for me. My “quarantine” will be over Friday, then I’ll have to wear a mask around people for another five days.

        I knew you weren’t yelling at me, Silver, and I share your feelings. There’s more I could say but I won’t drag that into a blog devoted to your books.


        • Silver James says:

          Big hugs, KB! Yeah, sometimes it’s really hard to keep my own mouth shut. 😆 I have a couple of memes stuck to my monitor to remind me. 😉 So VERY happy you are feeling better and are on the mend! Yay for a mild case. Hang in there and stay on the road to recovery. 🤗

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