Friday Free-for-All: Linky-Dinks-n-stuff

So. It’s Friday. I’ve spend the past few weeks bordering on rage–and probably not for the reasons some might expect. I think everyone needs to take a step back and remember how to laugh. Hence, today’s free-for-all. Clicking will take you to a new page so click over. Your place will be saved here. None of the links take very long. Do it. You’ll be glad. Trust me. And at the end, there’s stuff. So go forth to scroll and click!


I love memes like this because celebrities and doppleganger animals? LOL crack! CLICK-N-GIGGLE

DOGS! Plus, dogs are people too. Seriously. CLICK HERE. You’ll be glad you did. πŸ™‚

And speaking of dogs…and babies, Baby and Dog! Liquids alert! CLICK HERE for a quick laugh.

Not a fan of peacocks but the title doesn’t lie! FLYING PEACOCKS TOTALLY LOOK LIKE MYTHICAL CREATURES

Now for the stuff:

So, I’m watching “Live PD, Women on Patrol” the other night. This description of a suspect is broadcast over the police radio: Subject is male, wearing khaki pants AND BLACK BOXERS. Dude! If witnesses can tell the color of your freaking underwear, you deserve to be caught! Because 1) YOU CAN’T RUN WITH YOUR PANTS AROUND YOUR KNEES! and 2) That’s just wrong on so many different levels I have no words…

And speaking of dumb stuff seen on LIVE PD, at least once an episode, some dude decides to jump out of a car and run from the cops. Dude, just FYI? Doing so with your pants around your thighs (in more than one instance, the dudes BUCKLED THEIR BELTS AROUND THEIR THIGHS TO KEEP THEIR PANTS THERE) will have only one outcome: Your ass is gonna get caught because…and I soooo want to make an infogram thingy of this except I have no clue HOW to make one…anyway. I can guarantee that these things will happen:

1. Your pants will fall down around your ankles, you will trip, and fall on your face, and the cops will catch you. It’s hard to make a dignified perp walk with your pants around your ankles and your boxers the only thing keeping you from an indecent exposure charge.

2. Your pants won’t fall down but you can’t take a full running stride so while you hobble along, the cops are sprinting full out and they will catch you.

3. If there’s a K-9, you’re caught. Period. No matter HOW you wear your pants. The moral? DON’T RUN!

Also, as a PSA: Dudes, this look is NOT sexy. It is stupid. If I was your mother/grandmother, I’d slap you upside the head with a clue-X-four. If I was your girlfriend, after I bust out laughing, I’d break up with you for looking stupid. Just sayin’…

These rank right up there at the top on both my Reader and Author Do Not Like columns.
Book titles that list all the SEO info. Dear authors, I will NOT hit one-click buy if your book is titled DO NOT WANT, a Billioniare Pirate BBW Reverse Harem Paranormal Sweet but Sexy Inspirational Contemporary Historical Fantasy SciFi Romance Thriller Novel (Master Shifter of Halloween Town Planet Pirates Book 10). You think I’m kidding? Just scroll through the on-line book sellers when you have some time to kill. I’d list some real titles but I don’t want to give them any marketing time.

Digital books that cost MORE than the hardcover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback. Seriously! Just…NO!!!! I was totally interested in a new book. Then I looked at the pricing. EIGHTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS for an ebook? And only $12 for the “hardback?” The paperback was $13. I’m just… *makes a WTF face* I shouldn’t blame the author because the publisher set the prices but I’m not buyin’. I won’t even go look to see if it might be available form the library. I’m done.

WTF things:

Some candy company has come out with new flavors of candy canes. This is not a joke. In fact, here’s the store LINK.
Mac and Cheese *shudder*
Clamdy (clam flavored)
Rotisserie Chicken
Bacon (okay, I ❀ bacon but I don’t think even I could stomach bacon-flavored candy canes. Just sayin’…

On that note, I’m done. I hope I’ve given you some laughter…or at least a break from the drudgery of the work week. Feel free to comment on any of the links or stuff. Have a great weekend!


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5 Responses to Friday Free-for-All: Linky-Dinks-n-stuff

  1. Sing it, Sister! I won’t buy those books either. Not the ‘everything in the title’ books OR the wicked expensive ebooks with the cheaper hardcopies. So stupid. WTF are the publishers thinking? And if they’re self-published, WTF are the authors thinking? Come on.

    The candy-cane thing? Ewww. And the stupid criminal thing? They’re stupid enough to be criminals, so I’m not surprised when they do other stupid things. On the upside, they give me something to laugh at while I watch LivePD.

    Thanks for the links, too, btw! Have an awesome weekend. :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      Sounds like we might get cooler again so maybe there will be outside time for both of us. Plus, NEW LIVE PD episodes! πŸ˜† I swear I should to a monthly post of “LIVE PD Best Lines!”

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