Friday Sinema: The Witch of November

I don’t know why, especially since the ship actually sank on the 10th of November, but on All Hallows Day (the 1st of November), I always think of this song. Gordon Lightfoot was a staple of my high school and college years, his songs on every mix tape I ever recorded. And no matter how sad, I still love this song. Have a good weekend.


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2 Responses to Friday Sinema: The Witch of November

  1. Lake Superior is a cold and dangerous bitch. And I do love her so. When I was in college, I used to walk down to the lake shore when I knew a storm was coming in so I could watch the tremendous waves (from a safe distance, of course.) My freshman year, she swept two guys I knew into the waves and killed them both. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo about not going on the breakwater during wind and weather.

    I don’t remember hearing about the actual wreck at the time – I was only 5 – but I remember hearing the song. Hauntingly beautiful. Hubs remembers it all, including the controversy surrounding the song. I saw on Google just now that a big question people ask is why the wreck is so famous. Well, because of the song. Otherwise, the Edmund Fitzgerald and it’s 29 crew members would be a footnote. One Wikipedia page I visited just now listed all the wrecks on Superior. She’s claimed so many.

    And now that I’ve gone down that rabbit hole for a good half hour, I should get on with my day. Have a great one, Silver!

    • Silver James says:

      Sorry to distract you! … Not! 🤣 I think the wreck was known before the song because I remember it being reported on the national news and the fact that another ship was nearby. One moment, the Fitz was there, then came a big wave, and the next, it was gone. No trace was found at the time–no debris, no bodies (if I’m remembering correctly), and then an expedition with submersibles went looking sometime in the 90s or 00s. Fuzzy brain. And yeah, Superior gets waves even bigger than the North Atlantic. She IS a witch!

      And since you’re down the rabbit hole, maybe work something similar into your NaNoWriMo project! 😏

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