Wednesday Words: Give and Take

Everyone in a relationship has to give and take. Or take and give. Or just take. And then give back. Anyway, today’s Twitter #1lineWed THEME is **GIVE and/or TAKE**. This scene comes from my #NaNoWriMo project (and new release coming February 2020), FIGHTING FOR ELENA. The story is about a small-town fire chief (Pops West) and the younger woman, social worker Elena Rodriguez, who captures his attention. That said, I always have to tie in these books to my other series so there will be cameos by the Moonstruck Wolves, specifically Nate Connor, and some of the Nightriders. Why? Because Nate’s adopted daughter, Hope (from BLUE MOON and MOON SHOT), is kidnapped by Hell Dogs. She’s escaped in San Antonio, Texas and this scene is from her POV.
Living on the street leaves scars. Hope carried more than a few now. Still, it was better than being held by the Hell Dogs. Her brain told her to phone home but her heart believed what that scary guy told her. If she contacted her family or had contact with anyone who was a Wolf, her life and theirs would be over like that. He’d snapped his fingers to emphasize his point. He’d kill everyone she loved in a nanosecond. She couldn’t risk it.

A police car drove slowly down the street and she ducked behind a stack of wooden pallets. She shrank lower to the ground as a spotlight swept both sides of the road. She caught the words spray-painted on a concrete barrier.

One day you’ll die.

The message was enough to suck the life right out of her. Shaking, she forced memories away—memories of a concrete and iron cell, of machines and men in white coats, of pain and terror. But then Nate came. Dad. That’s what she called him now. The big Wolf who’d rescued her, gave her a home, him and and his mate, Jacey. Mom. She’d do whatever it took to keep them safe.

Her head insisted she call home, knowing everyone would be worried but her heart only wanted to keep them safe. The red taillights blinked out in the distance. She pushed to her feet and head down, she kept walking.

“Please don’t run again,” a woman’s voice whispered.

Warm fingers gripped her arm and she recognized the face belonging to the woman. She’d approached Hope[ on the River Walk and Hope had seen Hell Dogs coming. She’d taken off in a panic. She didn’t know this woman and couldn’t give her trust to that lady or anyone.

“Please.” The woman spoke again. “My name is Elena.” Her voice was nice and had a very slight Mexican accent, like she’d grown up about Spanish speakers but spoke English first. “I work for Texas DFPS.”

Hope blinked, her brow crinkling as she tried to work out what the initials stood for. She was from West Virginia. Or was. That’s where everyone settled after Louisiana and Virginia. Bad people had been chasing them forever. Mac and Hannah, the leaders finally settled them in a little town in the mountains of West Virginia where the men didn’t have to hide what they were, where everybody knew the secrets and kept them.

As if reading her confusion, Elena explained. “The Department of Family and Protective Services. I work with kids, with runaways like you.”

“I’m not a runaway.” She wasn’t. Those men had scooped her up during a shopping trip to the mall in Raleigh.

“Do you have a home to go to?”

The lady was nice and persistent, but Hope didn’t have time for this. Any of it. She pulled against Elena’s hold. She had to get away. The Hell Dogs, they could sniff her out. That’s when she saw the bruise on the lady’s face.

“They did that to you.” She was positive. Elena had tried to come after her and the Hell Dogs got her. Had they done anything else?

“Those bikers who were chasing you? Yes. One of them punched me and then some real men came to help me. Like I’m coming to help you.”

Hope shook her head and tried to back away. “You don’t understand,” she whispered.

“I promise I can help you.”

“No one can help!”
That’s a first draft so TAKE it for what it’s worth and GIVE a pass to the typos. 😉 Any of you have any give and take to share?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: Give and Take

  1. Ooo, so good! Yay for NaNo poking us and making the words come out!

    Here’s a bit from the fantasy I’m working on…

    Aryl wasn’t sure how long he sat listening to the sounds of his fellows being instructed. He couldn’t make out the words. He only heard the blows of metal against metal and the soft whoosh of fire or wind. The others were being prepared for battle and he was forced to wait—for some reason unknown to him. He replayed the interview in his mind. Captain Vere had been angry but whether over his sister’s absence or because he was twinned to one of the without, he didn’t know. Either way, there was nothing he could do about it. He wasn’t the one who took her gifts away—at least not with his knowledge. The gods had seen fit to twin the two of them apart in the womb. They’d chosen to give the gifts to him and leave her barren. And because of their choices, she had returned to the farm. If he could’ve dragged her through the gates, he would’ve done so.
    They couldn’t blame him for something he couldn’t help. Or could they?
    “Aryl of Northunder.” Vere’s voice drifted to him softly from the back of the room.
    “Yes, Captain?” he said, rising and turning to face her.
    “A grave injustice has been done.”
    He wasn’t sure of her meaning, but he agreed nonetheless. “Indeed it has, Mistress.” To him, the injustice began more than fifteen years before when they’d tumbled wet and squalling from Ma’s belly.
    “It is being remedied, but these things take time.”
    He didn’t see how any of this could be fixed. Lyra was what she was. As many times as they’d held hands and wished to switch their fates, it never came to pass. As many times as he lay in the dark, praying to the Great Lady that she would bestow his magic upon her—even if was just a little. She deserved it so much more. She wanted it so much more. He heard her whispering her own wishes and prayers into the night—not to take his magic away but for her own to be born.

  2. WOOOT– Wolves and in my city. GRRR Hell Dogs!. But they F up and messed with the wrong pack. 😉
    Happy Hump Day, stay warm!!

    • Silver James says:

      Right back at’cha, Kimber. There’s only a few scenes in San Antonio. Most of the action takes place up in Tarpley. 😉 And the Wolves only get cameos but it’s all cool!

  3. Dawn Morse says:

    Wow, sounds good

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