Thanking Monday

This is the last Monday of November. How can that even be? And Thursday is Thanksgiving!!! Gah! That means Christmas is only 4 weeks from today. 🤯

In other, less panic inducing news, there was a week, a weekend, and stuff happened. Not a lot of stuff but some stuff. So…

I’ve written every day. Some days it was like pulling taffee in the middle of a snowstorm. Some days it was like sipping sweet tea on a shaded porch. Someday, it just was. But I’m closing in on 30K for FIGHTING FOR ELENA, with extra words added to NIGHT WISH. I’m hoping ELENA will be done and headed to the editor by the end of this week. I’m hoping WISH will release in January. Mainly, I’m writing. Every day. After a drought of over a year, this gives me hope.

In sports news, my OSU Cowboys won. OU managed to hang on to win, too. As of the time I typed this, new ranking weren’t out. Crossing fingers both state teams moved up in the ranks.

I just started the final book in Kristen Ashley’s Chaos series. Finished WILD LIKE THE WIND last night. Dude. I have all the feels for that book. It makes me cry and laugh out loud and sniffle and my heart belongs to Keelie and Hound. And Dutch and Jagger. So yeah… And now I’m on to FREE, the last book. Rush’s book. Rush who is the son of Tack, president of the Chaos MC. I always have book hangovers after binge reading KA’s series. Not sure what I’ll grab after I listen to DREAM MAN, which is part of her Dream Man series but starts a new Dream Man sub-series. Have I mentioned her series get a little…incestuous, but in a totally not squicky way. 😂

Jake’s training continues. He managed a longer trip in Wallyworld–several item stops in sections all over the store. He also got “He’s a good boys” from a deputy working security, and two cops who were there for something else. He is a good boy and so sweet even if he hits me with the pleading eyes when people fuss over him. Loki is just…Loki. He definitely lives up to his name. He zooms and hide-and-pounces. He teases the dogs, especially poor old Boone. He’s not much of an in-our-face snuggler, more a stealth snuggler. He sneaks in at night, curls close and when he gets caught, pretends that’s not what he was doing by going into hunt-n-pounce mode. Boone is slowing down but we love him. He gets pets and love and sympathy when Loki irritates or startles him.

Okay, A&E could go 24/7 with LIVE PD shows. Two new ones coming in December and January–Court Cam and Alaska PD. Between Live PD, PD Cam, Live Rescue, PD Patrol, and First 48, I’m in TV heaven. Except they need new First 48 shows. I really need to find time to clear off some of the stuff on the DVR like “The Moonspinners,” “Aquaman,” “Bell, Book & Candle,” but by the time I hit the bed at night, I just want something I can fall asleep to.

So…I’ve covered writing, sports, reading, TV, and critters. That seems to be the sum total of my life. Boring but hey, dang sure beats the alternative so I’ll take it. For those of you celebrating T-giving Day on Thursday, enjoy. I’ve got rolls to make and a program and luncheon at Stormageddon’s school to hit on Tuesday. And words. Lots and lots of words because I have sexy bits and scary action bits and bikers and SpecOp Wolves to mingle with Texas firefighters before this book is done. And it’s gonna get done! What are you gonna get done and what all went on in your world?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Thanking Monday

  1. Yay for writing every day! And for Jake being such a good boy. Yes, Live PD could be on all the time. Sometimes, with the reruns, it seems like it is. And yes, A&E needs new First 48 episodes.

    I fell down on the writing last week. I’m no longer trying to reach 50K because doing so would be an exercise in futility. I will finish this book before the end of the year, though. The book itself is at about 78K and I know what I need to write to get to the end. I’m just dragging my feet and making excuses. Maybe it’s a case of not wanting to reach THE END because it’s like reading a book I don’t want to end. :shrug: Suck it up, buttercup. Right? Other than that, raking. Loads and loads of raking. And some baking. Pumpkin pie bread. Since I don’t do well at pie, it’s the closest we’re gonna get for Turkey Day.

    Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving! :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      The main thing is that both of us are writing. I got barely over 600 words yesterday but they were 600 GOOD words. Today, I hope to get out at least 2 chapters (approximately 5K words). We’ll see. I will or I won’t, but I’m WRITING! And I’m enjoying the process. Which I hope means good things for other projects.

      I make good pies but sometimes, it’s just easier to buy a Mrs. Fields Pecan Pie and a pumpkin from Wallyworld’s bakery. Rolls, though? Those get homemade no matter what.

      Happy raking, writing, and eating and a very Happy T-giving!

  2. Yeah, I know where has the year gone!!
    I’m on my annual Thanksgiving Vegas trip,
    I’ve been struggling ALOT, hope this will help
    at least the change of scenery.
    *High 5* for the words, Silver
    Have a great day Ladies!

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