Super Bowl Monday 2020

Welpers, it’s Monday. It’s also the Monday after the Super Bowl. Lawyer Guy and I settled in to watch not only the commercials but the game. At the time I’m typing this, I’m about half-way through the pre-game show. 😂 I’ll do a follow-up later in the week on my thoughts of the game and the commercials. I’ve done a commercial round-up for a lot of years–ever since Super Bowl commercials became a thing.

In other news, not much writing or revising. It happens. There was quite a bit of Jammie time with Stormageddon. That always takes precedent. I had him Monday after school, Thursday after school for an early dinner and play time at Chik Fil-A, and then LG and I headed to his school Friday afternoon for the talent show. Stormy sang a song that he wrote himself, titled “Little, Little Jack Pipe.” He made up the words and the tune. He also told his mom he needed a guitar to play soft music, not a loud one like a rock guitar. Eyes were rolled, but the little dickens stuck to the words and tune each time he sang the song so maybe there’s some talent there…

The new season of “The Masked Singer” arrived last night after the Super Bowl. As an author, I shouldn’t be switching verb tense in this “article” but tough. It’s my blog and I’ll switch if I want to. And there was a Super Bowl and commercials.

I did a brisket, home-made BBQ sauce, deviled eggs, and baked beans for the game. Pretty darn tasty.

Jake had a full day Saturday. We took him to the American Legion Post for pancake breakfast. He stayed under the table and 90% of the people had no clue he was there. Those who did see him all wanted to pet and fuss so I took him off service dog duty. He even got bacon. That was followed by siren test and lunch at Alvarados’s, our favorite Mexican restaurant. They have a table back in the corner and Jack gets tucked back in and sleeps. This was his second time there and NO ONE knew he was there but the owner, who seated us. Imagine the surprise when we walked out. He’s such a good boy! I managed to find a hole in the grass and went down. Two things happened: Jake was right there even though I dropped his leash and I managed to roll to my knees and stand up without help. Both of those are big deals for a variety of reasons.

Remember my “Thursday Thoughts” about stopping to check out the “Wow Moments?” Well, I had some this past week and I thought I’d share. Wow moments:

Yesterday was a rare, once-in-a-century “palindrome” day: 02-02-2020 Reverse the numbers and it’s the same date.

I saw an eagle land on the roof of a house. Crazy.

I actually watched the Super Bowl. Go figure. Hey, I liked both teams, didn’t really care who won, though I was rooting for the Chiefs.

And on that not, I’m shutting down in the “now” (Sunday afternoon) so I can finish food prep and pay closer attention to the SB pre-game. Hope y’all had a great weekend and have a productive week. Did you watch the Bowl? Did your time win? What was your favorite commercial? (I’ll reveal mine on Friday. 😀 )


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4 Responses to Super Bowl Monday 2020

  1. First off, ouchie! And now that you’ve had your 2020 fall, no more this year. That’s an order. Second, go Jake! Third, go Stormie!! Yay for the eagle. 02/02/2020 was also day 33 with 333 days left to go. Mind blown?

    No Super Bowl here. There was a Home Town marathon on yesterday, so we watched that. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a ‘fixer upper’ kind of show with a really neat couple. And we watched golf (which I turned off once I was sure who would win, but then missed the awesome actual win… bummer). And I read some. I’m not sure if I’m liking this book enough to finish it. It kind of gives me a sad because I like the author and I wanted to be able to squee about the book. :shrug: I went fishing yesterday morning for a couple hours but didn’t get a single bite. Still, it was nice to be at the lake.

    • Silver James says:

      Sounds like today will be one more good fishing day before the next winter storm blows in. I catch Home Town occasionally. I’d like to know what that little Mississippi town has to offer in the way of jobs! Lots of people moving in. LOL

      The Super Bowl was one of the best played in several years. Tied at the half, KC down by 10 in the 4th, and they came back to win 31-20. Pretty amazing and their QB is a heckava NICE kid. And Andy Reid, the coach, deserved the ring. Anyway. We hadn’t cared about SB for several years, nor am I a particular fan of the NFL, but it was fun. LG and I enjoyed it.

      And yes. My mind is blown. Also, Why do we get so sore the 2nd and 3rd days? Ugh!

  2. bookwyrm217 says:

    Took hubby out for the first time in the new wheel chair van for breakfast of pancakes, waffles and sausage at our favorite Maple Syrup Farm. He hasn’t been able to go the last 3 years, so this was a good way to start our new ventures.
    Took him back to the nursing home for a well deserved nap and The Spawn and I went grocery shopping. She has decided the only way to do shopping is to take the van. We have the whole center empty for bags and boxes and unloading was so easy. LOL.
    I did watch the game on and off. Caught the pre-game and 1st qtr with hubby. Missed the 2nd qtr and half time paying bills. 3rd qt I was getting ready for work and caught the 4th qtr. Catching up on ads now.
    What did you think of the half time show?

    • Silver James says:

      Yay for Hubby getting out and about and the ease of the new van. That’s awesome news!!! ❤

      I'm doing my usual commercial run-down with my favs here on Friday. The game was a good one and the 4th quarter was the one NOT to miss. 😉 I wish to hell I looked like J-Lo when I was 50. Grrr. I like the salsa/Latin/Cuban/Miami sound so it was pretty cool. I want to know how J-Lo managd those costume changes! And her daughter? Dude! The kid will be a star. Of course, with J-Lo for a mom and Ricky Martin for a dad, how could she not be a bundle of talent. Mainly, I liked it because it didn't get all political and trying to make statements. It was just entertainment. Yes, there was the American flag/Puerto Rican flag cape but I didn't really have a problem with that. They should be proud of their heritage and personally, I think PR should be admitted as a state. To sum up, in the old American Bandstand way, I liked the music and the beat was easy to dance to. 😉

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