Monday, Day Whatever of My Normal Life

My days tend to run together under the best of circumstances. These definitely aren’t the best. I hope everyone out there is coping with their forced vacations, and/or managing to work from home. And I hope y’all have less trouble remembering which day it is. If I didn’t occasionally turn on the TV or glance at the calendar to check the date, I’d have no clue what day it is. I know that today is March 30th. And I know it’s Monday because I set this blog up yesterday and it was Sunday, which I know due to morning programming. Anyway…

Welcome to the new normal. We’ll adapt. We’ll perservere. And we’ll overcome. I’m a full-time writer. Well, I am when Iffy (my Muse) decides to cooperate. She has strict standards on when she will or won’t work. Right now, she’s adjusting to life with company. Yeah, yeah. Lawyer Guy lives here. But now he’s working here. It’s been…interesting. For both of us. I’m used to being alone in the house with just the critters. I can talk to them–or imaginary people–out loud with no repercussions. But LG is here. He talks on the phone to people. And he does Zoom meetings. And so I can’t wander around muttering. Loudly. And I have to remember to turn down the volume on my audio books. Yeah, yeah. First world problems. But it’s my life. I know lots of people aren’t used to the isolation and this is hard on them, especially given all the uncertainties of jobs and family and stuff. But as I remind my kids, this too shall pass. Life might become a new normal, but it will be normal as we get used to it.

Spring is making headway. Red tulips are putting bright, happy punctuation on the story of my garden. They make me smile. And wisteria. I have wisteria lacing up an ancient oak tree, dancing in the breeze and scenting the air with a delicate fragrance. I hope the honeysuckle starts to bud and bloom too. It’s a favorite scent and I have a large bush outside my office window. I’ll be putting the hummingbird feeder out soon.

TV and sports are…weird, given the circumstances. We watched St. Louis Blues hockey last night–a game from last October, but we hadn’t seen it and had no clue who won. There are some classic STL Cardinal games on periodically. It’s not much of a fix but better than nothing. I hope this season of The Masked Singer was already in the can before social distancing started. Last week, the T-Rex was unmasked. She was a cute character with bundles of energy. She was revealed to be JoJo Siwa. I had to look her up. She was on Dance Moms for a couple of seasons and then became a YouTube personality. She’s cute. The final nine starts this Wednesday. I suspect the White Tiger will be next to go, but who am I to actually guess?

Thank goodness for comfort reads–especially when the series is 50+ books! Why yes, I am listening to the entire In Death series. Why do you ask? 😉 I did listen to AJ Hackworth’s THE LIBRARY OF THE UNWRITTEN. It was interesting. I’m on hold for a few other titles at the library that I’ll intersperse with Eve and Roarke when they drop. Nothing like a good cup of coffee, a window to glance out of it and a good book.

Since I’m having trouble finding new words, I should do something productive. Like clean out my closet. But then I’d have to figure out what to do with the stuff I no longer need/wear/want. The garage is full. Cleaning out the garage holds the same problem. Ah well. I do plan on kidnapping Stormy sometime this week. Give his parents a break. I do need to renew my driver’s license. It expires tomorrow. I can do it on-line due to the stay-in order but I know a DPS employee that gave up after 2 1/2 hours of trying. I’ll just run up to our neighborhood tag agent. They need to make money too. And we can social distance in their office. And that’s the sum total of my plans for the week. A couple of errands, some take-out food, usual dinners, a trip to the grocery store, listening to books, and with luck, some words. I’d add Starbucks, but all the ones near me are closed. Poor Jake misses his puppacinos. He also misses getting to go into places with me. He’s too much of a people magnet so no service dog appearances for him. I do let him go in the car with me because…he’s a car dog. 🙂

That’s my world. What’s going on in yours?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Monday, Day Whatever of My Normal Life

  1. :hugs: Virtual hugs are germ free. =o)

    Yeah, the new normal. We’ll get used to it. Not going places is driving me batty. Other than that, even having the Kid here, is getting normal. She spends most of her time in her room on her computer, so it’s not like she all up in my face and junk. And that was the normal from 7 years ago anyway.

    Give Jake extra scritches from me. Hubs has been watching old baseball, too. They had old golf on yesterday, but it was match play. Bleh. Old sports is better than nothing, I guess. Yay for your blooming stuff. It is still Spring out there. Best enjoy it. My lilac is blooming already. So’s the redbud. And the Bradford pears. Thanks for the reminder about the hummers. I need to put our feeder out, too. Nature doesn’t give a whit about our problems. Critters gotta eat.

    For me, it’s still Monday. I still have to call the office, even if most of it is at Mom’s house now. Sis is checking in at the real office once a day to get the mail and check the emails. Bro is dong his sales thing from home, when his customers aren’t totally shut down because they closed Michigan. The new normal sucks. Yesterday, Kid and I made homemade pizza. Today, if she’s not doing schoolwork, I’ll teach her how to make granola bars. Then push her outside for a walk or something. She was into self-isolation before it was cool.

    Hang in there, hon. We’ll get through this one way or another. :HUGS:

    • Silver James says:

      I sorta empathize with the Kid. I’ve pretty much self-isolated for several years, except for family. But…like you, not going places is driving me a little batty. Not that that’s not a short drive.*

      At some point, we’ll flatten the curve and things will drift back into regular life, with some changes. We can only hope that the changes are for the better.

      As for now, we’re like the Dude. We abide. 🙂

      *Is that sentence even grammatically correct? Dang. You’d never know I write for a living…

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