Wednesday Words: 20/20 Hindsight

Sometimes, an idea arrives out of the blue and if I’m lucky, Iffy takes it and runs. This is 2020 and with year-end looming, folks are looking back. It makes sense that the last #1lineWed prompt for this year would be **HINDSIGHT**. I made a mental note Monday to check my WIPs for something that would fit. Then, as I turned out the lights and settled in for late-night TV and snoozing, a line hit me. I was smart enough to get up, turn on the light, and write it down. The first line of today’s snippet is what I wrote. Yesterday, I typed it out and then, after a few minutes, I started typing. This is what came out. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know who he is. But they have a story and eventually, they’ll introduce themselves to me and I’ll tell it. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later. 😉
Looking back, I should have seen what was coming. You know what they say about 20/20 hindsight, right? Yeah, I thought I did too. That’s before I was blindsided. I sipped from the glass of ice water the waitress set in front of me when I first sat down. How could I have been so wrong? How could I have been so stupid?

I wasn’t naive. I’d dated at lot. And my job demanded focus, attention to detail, and a certain amount of ambition. I was good at my job. Or had been. It wasn’t my job anymore. Glancing at my watch, I calculated the time. I’d been fired exactly three hours, twenty-two minutes and thirteen seconds ago. And the man I’d been sleeping with, the man I was in love with and who I thought loved me had engineered the whole debacle. He’d gotten a promotion while security showed me to the door.

“Can I get you a drink, hon?”

I glanced up at the waitress. She rocked back on her heels, turned and headed to the bar. I took another sip of the water. I felt lopsided, the weight in my right pocket dragging me off kilter. Moments later, a shot glass landed on the table with a loud thud, along with a bottle, a salt shaker, and a plate of lime wedges.

“On the house.” The voice was dark and deep and compelled me to raise my head. I couldn’t breathe until he ordered me to do so. “Take a breath, babe.”

He pulled out a chair, sat, and poured tequila into the shot glass. My hand reached out of its own accord, and before I knew what I was doing, I’d tossed it down. I coughed after swallowing, choking, my eyes watering. The man offered me the salt shaker and the limes. I ignored them as I kept coughing. He poured another shot.

“That’s not going to help,” I finally managed to say, as I reached for the ice water. I managed to drink about half the glass though it didn’t do much to quench the burn in my throat.

“Bad day?” the man asked.

“You could say that,” I mumbled, refusing to meet his gaze. I wondered what he’d see in my eyes, if he would know what I planned. When I continued to ignore the shot, he reached for it and knocked it back, swallowing it down like it was water.

Neither of us spoke for almost an hour. He was patient. I was…numb. I finally pushed back from the table and fumbled in my purse for my wallet. The waitress had been kind and I’d occupied a table on a busy night. I pulled out a twenty for a tip and left it on the table. Without speaking, I headed toward the exit. I made it about four steps before I slammed into something hot and hard. Before I could react, he’d removed the pistol from my jacket pocket and shoved it into his belt.

“That’s not the way, babe,” he murmured.

I glowered up at him. “Give it back.”

“Not happenin’.”

“Then I’ll find another way to kill him.”

The man smiled at me. “Good to know.”
And there it is, the last prompt of 2020. What about you writers? Have any to share in hindsight? And readers, hard question–looking back at 2020, what would you do different? Here’s hoping for a much better 2021!


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: 20/20 Hindsight

  1. Ooo, good one! As I read it, I kept picturing her as being fired from Black Root. But of course, she doesn’t know what they do or they wouldn’t have simply fired her. Whatever she does for a living, though, it’ll be an awesome book and I want to read loads more of this story.

    I’m not sure if I have any ‘hindsight’ quotes to offer this morning. Ugh, nevermind. Everything is so first drafty that just looking through it makes me want to edit, so I’m going to bow out. Maybe next week.

    • Silver James says:

      Ooh…I hadn’t considered Black Root. Hrmmmm….but yeah, they don’t normally “fire” people, in the traditional sense, anyway. 😆 Like I said, I have no clue who either of them are or even where it’s set. Just one of those “free write” things that occasionally happens but I totally think that’s an awesome first line to a book. 😉

      No worries on bowing out this week. You’re writing first drafty things and that gives me the happies all over!!!! ❤

  2. Kimber says:

    Well, that last part I didn’t see coming?
    She would fit in with the sass of the Wolves women thou Hannah would have said here this
    one would probably work better 😉
    Happy Hump Day Ladies!!

    • Silver James says:

      😆 Like I said, not sure who she is or who her Wolf is but it’ll come to me eventually. BTW, I just want you to know that I caught Iffy packing her bags. After the mail arrived yesterday, she decided to runaway to life with you. I convinced her to stay with a Starbucks run. 😉 Thank you, thank you! You are much too kind and generous. 🥰

      • Kimber says:

        Your so welcome, Lady I was wondering if it would ever get to you I mailed it on the 17th??
        Iffy needs to share, and that includes with Jake.

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