Monday Checklist

I made a list to get ready for today. It’s a pretty simple list.
1. Coffee ✓
2. Coffee ✓
3. Coffee
4. Write

I made a little progress over the weekend on the WIP. See, this witch popped in and needed to be rescued, which Roman and Caleb obligingly did. From a barge. On the Seine. Near Notre Dame. Why? I have no clue. Oh, I know why they saved her–they’re the good guys. I just have no clue why she showed up in the first place. But before that can happen, I have to get Sinjen and Sade through a scene involving sexy bits and then she needs to take off while he’s in the day sleep and fly to Paris, though I can’t send her on the “red eye” like I’d sketched out because that would mean flying at night and Sinjen being a vampire means he’d be awake and the whole point is for her to take off without him knowing she’s taking off and…like d’uh! See? Sade isn’t the only one have trouble navigating a meaningful relationship with a vampire. 🤣 Anyway…I plan on working on that today. After multiple cups of coffee.

Stormy came to visit on Friday. He was on virtual school. Baseball Boy had in-school classes. Only took Stormy to work on Wednesday. Not sure what they did with him Friay but he came over on Friday after his Zoom class meeting so Only could go to work and actuallly…you know…work! He and his Big Daddy had fun. At one point, they went to Hobby Lobby to look for either a model to build or a STEM project kit. They came home with…rock-em-sock-em robots, Samarai and Knight version. Don’t ask. They had fun. That’s all that matters. The hightlight of the day, for me, was when Liam decided he was hungry for lunch and came to tell me. I was working on a scene and he stood beside my chair, staring at the monitor. I had the Scrivener program open. And then this happened:

Stormy: Jammie?
Me: Are you hungry now?
Stormy: Yes. *intently staring at the screen* Jammie?
Me: Yes?
Stormy: *in a breathy voice filled with awe* Are you writing a BOOK?
Me: Yes. That’s what I do. *picking up a paperback copy of TWICE THE TEMPTATION sitting on my desk* See? I wrote this one.
Stormy: Huh!

And then he headed to the freezer to pick out the happy face chicken he wanted for lunch. It was the highlight of my whole week.

Yes, it was slow week. No sports. No real TV worth noting. I did discover that there is a sort of prequel spin-off series to a series that I once enjoyed very much but stopped reading for…reasons. Anyway, I grabbed that book and enjoyed it very much. Now I’m doing a relisten of the first couple of books in the original series. In case you’re curious. the new book is THE EMPORER’S WOLVES by Michelle Sagara, who wrote the Chronicles of Elantra series. WOLVES centers on who I thought was one of the most compelling secondary characters in the series, Severn Handred, and it runs sort of concurrently with the prequel novella and the first book of the CoE series. I hope the next book, if and when it comes out, continues in the same vein, rather than taking on the elements of the series that caused me to stop reading around book 13. Any, it’s fantasy. With magic, dragons, aerians (winged beings), leontines (anthropomorphic lions), Barani (sort of a cross between immortal elves and fae) and other interesting folk, along with humans. Also, the worldbuilding is amazing!

And that’s it for me. Time for more coffee and then new words. I’m way behind schedule on this book. I let Real Life bum me out and I can’t afford to to that. What’s on your Monday list?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Monday Checklist

  1. Yay for writing! Yay for Stormy time! Yay for breathy voices filled with awe! Yay for finding something good to read! Boo for letting Real Life get in the way, but hey, it’s a miracle we can get anything creative done these days. Go you! :hugs:

    It’s banging and booming and raining buckets this morning, so no plans really. We’ll see where the day takes us.

    • Silver James says:

      We had that move through last night. Sort of a precursor to spring without the scary stuff. We needed the rain and it’s down to the drizzly-gosh-it-rained-last-night cloudy morning here. And yeah, I gotta stop letting RL get in the way. I’ll contemplate how to do that over my next cup of coffee. 😉 Have a great day no matter where it takes you. ❤

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