Just Another Monday

January is headed toward a new calendar page. My calendar has wolves. Like…d’uh, right? Anyway, I usually look forward to February. I’m undecided about this year. In other news, not much happened last week or over the weekend.

In writing news, I updated CRASH & BURN and released it wide after taking it out of  Kindle Select/Unlimited. This week, my last two self-pubs (HUNTER’S MOON and ROGUE MOON) will go wide. In the current WIP, I hit a real snag that had me hornswaggled for far longer than it should have. I did finally work through the problem, fixing it. At least I think I did. My beta readers will let me know once I get to that part. I also wrote 250 words (a small scene) that I really liked. Written for a weekly flash fiction challenge I do each week, I wasn’t the only one. Last week’s judge decreed me the winner. It’s a sweet scene and a little funny, but also very deep, between two characters that have had far more bad than good so far. Watching them finally come together is a good moment. I have hopes of getting off high center this week and getting more scenes going. I have noticed one thing. For a book about wolf shifters who are mobsters, there’s a lot of dark but not much dirty. I really need to work on the dirty. LOL I’m sure the Wolves are feeling a little frustrated.

An era came to an end last week. My all-time favorite zip-up hoodie. I bought the thing way back during Only’s first semester of college. It was gray. With the college team name and mascot in red on the left front. It was old and soft and very comfortable. I wore it. A lot. The cuffs were split (but could have been sewn up). the hood strings had HUGE knots in them because the holes had gotten so big and I’d have to fish an end out every time it got wash. This past week, I finally had to break down and wash it again. And the zipper pretty much disintegrated. *makes sad bear noises* It’s hard to find a hooded sweatshirt that zips. I don’t want a pullover. I have an OSU one but it needs to be washing like 100 more times before it gets that soft, comfy feel to it. Any of you have a favorite piece of clothing like that?

Got the test results back from when I donated blood. I do have the ‘Rona antibodies in my bloodstream. Good to know. I’m freaking ready for life to get back to some semblance of normal. And I DON’T mean the new normal. I mean, life as it was before.

I haven’t been a fan of the NFL is quite awhile and I outright dislike the NBA. Not the sports, necessarily, but the over-all organizations. Oh, and the NCAA. I promise not to climb on that soap box, Anyway, I was sorry Green Bay was upset Saturday. I was rooting for Aaron Rodgers. There’s still no movement in MLB so no clue if there will be Spring Training in 3 weeks or not. Pitchers and catchers usually report around Valentine’s day and the first games start around my birthday. (That’s one of the reasons I look forward to February. Still 🤞🏼 owners and players can reach an agreement.

As far as reading goes, I’m still behind my 2022 reading goal numbers. I’m not to worried. I’ll make it to 150 or I won’t. I have enough the Innkeeper Chronociles by Ilona Andrews. That was the only series by them (wife and husband team) I hadn’t read/listened to. Multiple times for the rest, in fact. There was just something about the first book that I couldn’t get into and gave up a couple of times in the first chapter. I stuck to it this time and discovered that the headspace was right and I’m enjoying the books and characters.

What haven’t I talked about that I ususally do? Critters are all fine–domestic and feral. TV is mostly paranormal or science-y stuffs. There hasn’t been a series that caught and held me in the past several years. Probably my loss but whatever. Weather is cold, less cold, cold, sort of warm, cold. Yeah, yeah. It IS January. I just need to deal with it.

So there you go. That’s my update to start the week. When I get back from my usual Monday-morning Wallyworld run, I hope to churn out some new words. If not, then I’ll start on updating the two Moon books. I can’t post them until Thursday so there’s no huge rush. This week should be like all the rest. Not a great thing but not a bad thing either. Right? Anybody got something to add?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Just Another Monday

  1. Shh, not ready for it to be February. Yay for getting past the snag! I’m ready to beta when you’re ready to send. And you know me and dirty – I can live without it if it doesn’t work for this book.
    Bummer about your hoodie. I hate when that happens and I think it’s already happened to all my special favorites. (Except my fleecies. They’re so wrecked now, but soooo comfy, I’ll probably be buried in them.) Yay for antibodies. Bummer for Aaron, but I think it’s time for him and Tom to turn in their cleats. Go out gracefully and all that. Yay for being in the right head space for these books. I know you’ve been having a hard time finding stuff to read. Bland weeks are definitely better than crap weeks, so yeah.

    I spent yesterday working on building my dragon out of spare lizard parts. Except there are no lizards with wings in nature, so she’s got bat wings. Last night blew. Went to bed at 9, laid there for 90 minutes and got up. Worked on my dragon until 12:30, went back to bed and laid there. I fell asleep eventually, of course, and then slept ’til 6:30. Needless to say, I’m dragon… err, draggin’ ass this morning. ‘o)

    • Silver James says:

      I’ll be curious to see your dragon! And yeah, the whole sleep thing is messed up over here too. It’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow so glad I got out today. And I’ll take fair to middlin’ over crap any day! 😉

      Hang in there and you’re totally on the list. LOL

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