Wednesday Words: And thanks…

So, the week has rolled along to Wednesday. Which means words. I’m happy to report that today’s #1lineWed THEME of **AND THANKS** prompted new words. To set it up briefly with as few spoilers as possible, Mick and Shannon have been dancing around each other since Sunday school. Mick gets a bit…put out in the previous scene and leaves Clancy’s Pub to clear his head. Sadly, he runs into Bowie and Fiona on his way out. Bowie is Shannon’s brother. There’s a light bulb moment, and a conversation. This is what happens next.
Shannon stared at her brother. “Are you serious right now?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t know you were seein’ someone, Shan. I’m your brother and we share a flat. I don’t like the idea you’re sneakin’ around with some shite.”

She bristled. “Some…shite?” Recognizing the menace in her voice, Bowie backed up a step. Then another as she advanced on him. “You think that I would date some tool?”

“Now, Shan.” He held his hands out in a gesture meant to be soothing. He didn’t have time to dodge when she dumped a pitcher of beer over his head. He stood there, stunned, while laughter erupted around him.

Shannon stomped off, headed toward the back area of the bar. She returned with a mop and a bucket. She shoved both at Bowie, turned and marched back the way she’d come. As she passed the end of the bar, she ripped off her apron and tossed it on top. “I’m done, Finn. I’ll cash out tomorrow.” The bartender opened his mouth but she cut him off. “Say one word, I quit.”

And then she was gone.

Bowie was still mopping when Mick returned. He stared at the younger man and realized several things immediately. Bowie smelled of Samuel Adams beer, Shannon was no where to be seen, and Ronan was glowering at him. He wisely skirted Bowie and pulled up a chair at the table where Fiona nibbled on a basket of fish and chips, her gaze darting between the three men.

“Do I want to know?” Mick finally asked.

“What did you say to the lad?”

“Seems he didn’t know his sister was stepping out.” Ronan’s eyes glittered. Mick swallowed his snugness. “What?”

Fiona swallowed the bite of fish she’d been chewing. “As Shannon said, are ya serious right now?”

Mick stared at her. Her freckles were stark against her pale skin but she was a true redhead and he could see the temper rising. Bowie approached. Fiona pushed back from the table and stood. Just as Shannon had done earlier, she wagged her finger under his nose and then Bowie’s.

“I can’t believe the idiocy of men.” She sighed deeply. “That girl, she’s been pinin’ after you since forever, Michael O’Connor. And what do you do? Nothin’. Until ya turn into an arse an’ go all territorial. Why don’t ya just lift yer leg an’ piss on her?” She whirled to Bowie. “As for you, ya big oaf, you’ve no right t’know who she sees or doesn’t.” She pivoted, her red hair whipping around her.

“Fee…” Bowie almost whined her name.

She held up one hand, her index finger pointing straight up. “Don’t even, Bowie Patrick Francis Maguire. I’ll be seein’ m’self home.” And then she marched out the front door.

Bowie stared at Mick. Mick stared at Bowie. They both growled, eyes narrowed. They both felt Ronan’s gaze and they immediately backed down. “Sit,” Ronan ordered.

Bowie sat but he fidgeted in his seat. Mick glowered at his brother. “What?”

Ronan’s hands flashed out and he slapped the backs of both of their heads simultaneously.

“Ow,” Bowie complained. “What was that for?”

“For bein’ an idjit and listening t’my idjit brother.”

Mick leaned toward Ronan and took a big, obvious sniff. “Like you’d know anything about mating.” Then he leaned to Bowie and repeated the action. His eyes flashed as he caught the younger Wolf’s scent. “And you’re moonstruck so you’ve no sense a’tall.”

“Aye,” Bowie admitted readily. “I am and perfectly happy for it.” He rose. “Thanks for noticing. And thanks, Mick, for ruinin’ my night. Now I’ll be sleepin’ on the couch. Again. I had plans for tonight and those plans included claimin’ m’mate. Maybe you need to man up and do the same. Now I need t’go fix things with both my woman and m’sister so I’m not sleepin’ in my feckin’ car for the rest of my life.”
And thanks for reading. 😉 I’m moving on to Chapter 19 today and hoping for more new words. Plus, I’m updating HUNTER’S MOON for wide distribution. Originally, I thought ROGUE MOON was also coming of KU tomorrow but nope. Not until January 30. Good news is, all my self-pubbed books will be in the wild. That said, writers, do you have any And thanks words to share? The original intent was to show a bit of sarcasm but I’ll take honest gratitude as well. Readers, anything you’re thankful for these days? Me? I’ll be thankful if this first draft has no typos! 🤣


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Wednesday Words: And thanks…

  1. Okay, now that’s just crazy talk. A first draft with no typos?? Time to check yourself into the Betty White Clinic (that’s the one where they shower you with puppies until you get better).

    As to your snippet… SQUEE!

    And here’s the only instance of ‘and thanks’ in Untitled Fantasy… this occurs right after the dragon attacks Aryl and Lyra’s home town.

    Over here, Aryl, his sister said in his head. It was then he saw her bent over the girl’s feet, holding them steady while the town’s Healer worked to ease the girl’s pain.
    Dancing from one foot to another, to avoid stepping on the injured, he made his way to the makeshift bed. The poor child looked bruised from ribs to hips.
    “They found her beneath a maple that had toppled,” the Healer said. “It probably saved her from the dragon, but if I can’t fix what’s broken on the inside, it won’t matter what took her.”
    Finding the magic to heal was easier this time than each time before. He dipped inside and took a piece large enough to repair the damage. The glow of its energy enveloped her. “You can let go now,” he told Lyra. Sure enough, the lass stopped writhing and fell into a deep sleep.
    “Who’s next?”
    Through the day and most of the night, they worked to save lives and repair the damages wrought by the dragon. Too few of his old acquaintances were remained uninjured. Too many were past saving. Partway through the night, he had to excuse himself to eat before he fell over. While he was outside, he saw Galin about collapse and ordered not only the boy but all the others who weren’t absolutely needed to get some rest. Most of the fires were out. Those remaining were contained. And thanks to the magics of his friends, the townsfolk would have at least some shelter for the night.

  2. Dawn says:

    Thankful for the sunshine and the sound of feline purrs

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