Friday Free-For-All

Miscellaneous and random thoughts that I’ve been saving up just for y’all…

First up, Bill Hemmer, I’m sorry your Bengals didn’t win. I silently rooted for them because I didn’t want to jinx them. Next year!

Now, my rundown of Super Bowl commercials:

All the Feels!
This category has three. My favorite commercial of the night is the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. I’ve already shared it. In other feels, the Toyota commercial featuring the two brothers–one who went blind–who won 10 Olympic medals in the Winter Paralympics. Tissue alert for both! In the sweet smile subcategory, I nominate the Kia EV Robodog commercial.

Oh! Now I Get It…
The E-Trade baby is back. There’s a prequel commercial where two adults are talking into a baby monitor asking “him” to call or come back because “We need you!” The man then says, “Maybe it’s past his bedtime.” Yes, I was confused, but whatever. Skip to Super Bowl commercial, the adults arrive in a jet copter at a remote cabin in the mountains. The line that convinces E-Trade Baby to come back? “But they’re getting their financial advice from memes!” I totally gigglesnorted.

No Clue subcategory…
The Chevy EV truck commercial. Female driving pickup along an interstate. Parks, plugs in the truck, and then meets a dude in the parking lot. They hug. Uhm…okay? I later learned this was a homage to “The Sopranos” based on the opening credits of the show and to let fans know that the Soprano son and daughter survived the big hit in the finale of the series. I never watched it.

Peyton Manning
Any commercial that starred Peyton Manning made the list. I mean, seriously. Peyton Manning! And there were a couple.

Food I Don’t Like but the Commercial!
Avacados from Mexico bring the Romans and the Barbarians together for a tailgate party. Yeah. I laughed.

The Toyota “Keeping up with the Joneses” was pretty funny and hey, Tommy Lee is always a treat!
The Nissan commercial with Eugene Levy was smile worthy.
The EV BMW with Zeus and Hera (Arnold Swartznagger and somebody?) because his accent always make me laugh.

So those were my picks. What were yours?

Now, for other random thoughts…

Don’t use the word “stone” in a blog title. My spam folder is full of “solicitations” hailing the wonderful properties of stuff I don’t use (allergic!) and wouldn’t even if it’s medically legal here. No, I am NOT going to type any of the words related to the products in question.

So, totally random thought to ponder. Say the worst happens and things go to hell in a handbasket. While most of the rioters and thieves are breaking into banks, liquor stores, and probably gun stores, what would you stock up on? Besides toilet paper. That’s always at the top of the list, right? I’d hit the drugstores but not for the prescription meds–unless I could find some antibiotics left over after the looting of all the opiods. I don’t take prescriptions. Aspirin (along with acetominiphen and ibuprofen), hydrogen peroxide, bandages, antibiotic ointment? Oh yeah. Stocking up on that stuff. Bolts of fabric, needles and thread. Seeds–of the vegetable variety. Boots, socks, underwear. Blankets. And once I hit the gun store, I’d be after reloading supplies. You know, the equipment and stuff needed to make my own ammunition. Also, both a compound and a cross bow, arrows and bolts. Matches–every box I could grab. And coffee. I’d be grabbing every damn bag/can of coffee I could find. Just sayin’.

Also, I really need to finish my dystopian trilogy. I have two of the three done.*

I get several feeds from the CHEEZburger site because usually funny critter memes. Occasionally, they’ll post threads from other social media sites like Tumblr or Reddit. Some of the threads ask “AITA” (Am I The A$$hole) and they all have to do with critters becasue CHEEZburger, home to cat, dog, and critter memes. In one, a 26 yo female asks if her putting her foot down by refusing to let her 25 yo BF get a big, fancy, tropical fish tank because he’s been watching Youtube videos.  As background, he talked her into getting a mini lop-eared rabbit and she now has full care and custody of the thing because he lost interest about the 2nd time he had to clean out the hutch. Now he’s whining and calling her unfair, while ignoring the rabbit evidence. Everyone is on her side. Me too but I’d almost sign up for whichever site it is so I could get on there and yell, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!? Why are you still living/dating/with this dude? Get away from him!?!? He is not a good risk for a long term partnership! He’s a whiney manchild and you can do so much better! Also, beware. He sounds sneaky enough to go buy all the shit to set up his tank. CLICK HERE for the CB link if you’re interested.

So…this caught my ear. I tend to not actually look up to watch commercials but the Chevy Equinox commercial where the couple are trying to decide what to have for dinner and they almost rear-end the taco food truck made me look up. Why? Because this conversation occurs:

Him: What about sushi?
Her: No, I had sushi for lunch yesterday. Indian?
Him. Maybe. Seafood?
Her: You know I don’t like seafood…

Wait. What? Uhm…what is sushi made of? Uh…fish, yeah? And what’s seafood? Fish. 🤦🏼‍♀️

That’s my randomness so far this year. What’s random in your life? Have a great weekend.

*Adds that to WIP to-do list


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2 Responses to Friday Free-For-All

  1. My favorite commercial is still Walter the cat. He does all those amazing things and his owner is clueless. “It’s like nobody’s seen a cat before.” ROFL

    I’d never listened to the Taco Truck commercial, but I’ve seen it. Yeah, people like that are a danger – even with a car that stops itself – so it makes sense they wouldn’t know sushi has seafood in it. So clueless. Maybe the writers were trying to be ironic. :shrug: And I’m with you on the chick who can’t figure out her boyfriend is a waste of space. Clueless, as well, if she needs the interwebs to tell her who the asshole is in that scenario.

    Yes to the things you’d chose to hoard/scavenge. I’d be hoarding cigarettes, too… you know, for the safety of those people who deserve to survive. And yes, you need to finish the trilogy.

    I did my Thursday This n That today, so there’s my random. It’s mostly music, and after I wrote it, I made the mistake of watching a video for a good song (not listed in the post and not the one I posted to FB), and it made me cry. Damn it.

    • Silver James says:

      Music is wonderful that way. It’s all the feels! i ❤ Walter too but he didn't appear during the Super Bowl. I giggle at the winter adventure one, though him fetching the branch out of the river is pretty funny too. I'm headed to my blog roll soon to see your This-n-That!

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