The Monday After a Very (very, very, very) Bad Day

Some of you might recognise where part of the title comes from–my friend Toni McGee Causey’s book BOBBIE FAYE’S VERY (very, very, very) BAD DAY. If you are looking for funny mysteries with romantic elements, the Bobbie Faye books are your ticket. I totally need to reread the series once I get through eye surgery (some time in the future). Anyway, yesterday was a bad day. That started with a worse night. But first…

There was a week. Stuff happened. Nothing technically terrible. Nothing technically great. There was plumbing done (new toilet and rotor rooter of that line), Stormy time as Only started a new project and Baseball Boy had…baseball! Not much book listening. My go-to series isn’t doing it currently. I’m behind on my challenge. We’ll see if I catch up. And sadly, the book I’m sort of paying attention to is a new release and it just hasn’t grabbed hold. Ah well. And writing?Β Pffft Let’s not go there.

There WAS softball! I got the two smart TVs in the house set up and/or re-logged in. I never could find a televised OU game but my OSU Cowgirls were down in St. Pete/Clearwater for the Elite Invitational tournament. Their weekend was a mixed bag. They won a couple, lost a couple that they probably should have won and will likely drop from #7 to…something. Still, SOFTBALL! Northwestern pulled off a tie-breaker win over perennal powerhouse UCLA (YAY!) and then OSU came from behind to beat Northwestern. Good ball. TV was mostly sports, with a little paranormal/history/science thrown in.

The world is going crazy so I won’t talk about current events. Seriously, people, get a freakin’ grip!

Moving on. As to my terrible, horrible, very, very bad day. Saturday was filled with errands for LG so he was out and about. I dealt with TVs and Boone. We had plans to meet the kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day (belatedly) with the Kids at our favorite Mex place. When we got home after fantastic food and an even better visit (it’s been awhile since we could all just sit and visit with no rush), we couldn’t find Boone. It was a bit of a panic when we started finding all the damage. He’d knocked over some rolling carts in my office, all the items on my bedside table, some items on tables in the familly room (THANK GOODNESS the new TV was fine!). We still couldn’t find him. He wasn’t in any of the closets where he goes. Then LG went to the half bath where we just spent $500 on new toilet and line maintenance. The hard plastic toilet seat was destroyed, as was the metal handle for the water cut-off valve under the toilet. We finally found him in a storage closet across the hall–a closet that had a closed door that he somehow opened, got into, and then got the door closed behind him. He had a bloody lip, we had a toilet with no seat or cut-off, and he bent the metal sidetable on the bed. (Sidetables are part of the headboard and can swing around–it was no longer stable or level.) So, we doctored Boone, fed the critters, and cleaned up. It’s amazing what zip ties and duct tape can do.

Boone kept us both up most of the night, even with us taking turns. LG had a pain flare-up so he finally just gave up and stayed awake watching TV.. As a result, I got a couple of hours. After I woke up, I dealt with the feral cats and then all I wanted was to get back under the covers to get warm and be able to drink a cup of coffee in peace. I did manage one cup while I was doing stuff, poured my second and headed back to bed. (Mainly to put a heating bad on my knees.) Boone was relentless. I saved my cup of coffee (and I drink out of travel mug with a lid) and made the mistake of setting it on the comforter next to my thigh. I had to turn loose of it to deal with Boone who was about to clear the top of my table again–phone, charger, tray with glasses, channel changers, etc.) Guess what spilled…

So, at 5:30 this morning, I started my first load of laundry–mattress cover. Followed by sheets, after LG got his shower. Finally the comforter. Which is still in the dryer as of the time I’m composing this (a little after 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.)

This morning, LG got out to get a replacement toilet seat and handle. I dealt with more TV set-up (and needy Boone.) And laundry. He fixed the plumbing with little problem, then we noticed the light in the hallway was dim and flickering. The light switch and wall was cool. Turned out to be the bulb but LG dropped the globe covering the bulb and it shattered. He’s fine. Critters are fine. Globes are easily replaced! Besides, that gives him an excuse to hit our fave thrift store and/or the Habitat for Humanity Renovation Station. See? Looking on the bright side, yeah?

Anyway, LG is finally down on the couch catching some πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€. As I’m actually typing this, it’s apparent that the dog finally let me get close enough to my desk and keyboard to…you know…actually type! Once my comforter is dry, I’m headed for a nap. 🀞🏼 I don’t mean to rag on Boone. He’s OLD. But I swear he does some of this stuff deliberately, like a toddler, to get attention. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. It’s frustrating because he’s a good dog and we’ve had him for years!

Moving on again…

As you read this, I’m likely at Wallyworld doing my weekly. I won’t gritch about inflations. We’re ALL aware how bad it is. Stormy should be here when I get back. It’s President’s Day so he’s out of school but his dad has baseball practice and Only is in the office. I’m hoping to finally get some computer time that’s quiet, peaceful, and long enough to actually gather my thoughts and get some words written. We’ll see.

How was your week/weekend? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Just stuff?Β 


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4 Responses to The Monday After a Very (very, very, very) Bad Day

  1. Latesha B. says:

    Hope the week is better for you.

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