Tuesday Titles: Pete the Cat

My brain wasn’t adding up a recipe with a book and a character so I thought I would share the story of Pistol Pete* today. Pete, or Mow-Mow, appeared a bit ago. I’d look up and see him creeping across the driveway to chomp on the dogfood the boys hadn’t finished from the night before. The crows like the leftovers. Anyway, he’d run away each time I tried to make contact. Eventually, I started putting out cat food. Then, one day, I heard this very demanding, “Mow! MOW! MowmowmowMOW!” (Hence the Mow-Mow nickename). I “mow-mowed” back. He came out of the bushes and sat and waited for me to put out the food. In ensuing days and weeks, we’re now good budies. He still yells at me. He also rubs against my legs, allows me to pet him–in fact, occasionally demands it–even while he’s eating. Most cats aren’t that cool about hands on their fur when eating. During a cold snap, I lured him into the garage and he made himself at home. He’s litterbox trained. He has a cropped ear so he’s been neutured as part of a local feral cat catch and release program, but I can’t believe he’s actually ever been truly feral because…pets and litterbox. He occasionally bunks in the backyard, alongside the serviee “runway” between drive and  yard. There’s old fencing and stuff, plus lots of dead leaves for bedding. Jake ignormes him. Boone does not. Pete and Loki have stared at each other from Florida room (Loki) and garage (Pete.) Loki’s a little freaked. Not sure how Pete feels but he does get hissy with one of the long-haired black ferals that normally hangs on the porch. Shy Cat does roam and his path has crossed with Pete, which led to hissy fights that break up when I open my office window and yell..

Pete should have a loving family. We’d take him–even LG likes the little critter–but Boone and Loki. Loki was a feral kitten basically “raised” by two big dogs. He’s not all that affectionate, though after two years, he doesn’t always flinch when I try to pet him. LG has better luck with him. Go figure. I like Pete. He’s a cool cat. And he doesn’t deserve to be out on the streets. Sadly, it’s kitten season so the shelters are full. Anyone want a really cool cat?

*There was a huge orange feral that used to come by and eat on the porch from time-to-time and I’d named him Cowboy. Oklahoma State colors are orange and black, their nickname is the Cowboys, and their mascot is Pistol Pete.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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7 Responses to Tuesday Titles: Pete the Cat

  1. If you weren’t six hours away (and I had the ability to have a cat right now), I’d be on Pete like he was a slice of cheesecake. He reminds me of a cat we used to feed back in CO – Old Tom. (I sent you a pic.) Tom wasn’t half as nice as Pete, though. I hope you find Pete a home. I know one person in OK that you don’t (at least I think you don’t) and I’ll send him a link to this post so he can see if he knows anyone in the area who’s in the position to have a cat. :fingers crossed:

    • Silver James says:

      I would meet you half way! LOLOL We could have lunch, switch off the cat… But yeah. I know y’all aren’t really in a position for pet life at the moment. He’d have to stay inside until he decided it was home and then he’d probably become an inside/outside cat. Or not. He might decide the indoor life is the life for him. LOL Anyway…Old Tom looks like a cool dude. Reminds me of Cowboy, when he was hanging around. Cats are funny. ❤

      • My Okie contact said every cat lover he knows is full up, but he’ll ask around. I wish I could meet you halfway, cat hand-off or not. Alas, between my old car and gas prices, I’m barely driving around locally anymore. Maybe if I win the lottery tonight. LOL

        • Silver James says:

          No worries. Pete’s getting regular food and if he’s not in the garage, has a dry nest to curl up in. The right folks will come along–or Loki will decide having a bro isn’t so bad. LOL

  2. Dawn says:

    Well heck… he could live here.. long way away from yall tho…… have KK who is outside and has 4 houses on various porches ans patios..Orange kitties rock.

    • Silver James says:

      They do! Maybe after kitten season eases, a spot will open up in one of the local rescues and he can find a home. Except I sorta got the feeling that he’s picked out where he wants to live. I finally got him out of the garage yesterday and he followed me around the front yard while I did some minor tasks. *sigh* Cats are just so…cat. 🙄

      • Dawn Morse (backwards on FB) says:

        Hah…they know what they know…. KK waits for me to come home in evening or night…runs up the sidewalk from the culdesac toward the truck…I open the drivers door…he jumps in and rides till I park the truck in the driveway

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