Wednesday Words: While Away Some Time

While I’m not getting much done, I  am trying to swim through the miasma and get back on some sort of social media schedule*. Hence, today’s post. The #1lineWed THEME for today is **WHILE**. That’s open to a lot of interpretation. But look! I found a snippet that has the word twice. Whohoo! Anyway, this is from CROSSFIRE and is pretty self-explanatory.

Dom stared at the control panel of the Russian helicopter NATO tagged as the Hip for short. The Mil Mi-17 chopper was roughly equivalent to the Blackhawk he normally flew. He glanced at his co-pilot. “Please tell me you read Russian.”

Bo laughed. “Sure, boss. Along with Arabic, Chinese, and Swahili.”

“Swahili? Seriously?”


The two men grinned and started fiddling with the controls. “Think we can fly this turkey?” Dom asked.

“Yes and she’s not a turkey.”

“She’s not a hawk.”

“No.” While he’d answered with a negative, he was in semi agreement. “Maybe an owl.” Bo glanced out the window and caught sight of Uri. “I’m not about to call her a falcon.”

That got a snort from Dom. “Test flight?”

“Probably wise. I wish we had one of our mechanics to really check this bird out.”

“Agreed, Bo, but we don’t. We both did the look see. Everything looked right. And flying this baby into Ukraine hopefully doesn’t trigger anything.”

Bo rolled his eyes. “Except maybe getting a Stinger up our ass.”

“We’ll just have to avoid any Ukrainian forces. At least we’re on the west side of the country. The closest Russians are around Odessa.” He pushed open the side window and waved Duke over. “Bo and I are taking ’er up for a test flight. If all goes good, be ready to load and head out when we land.” He glanced at his watch and then the sky. “We want to come in at night for obvious reasons.”

“Agreed,” Duke said then looked over to Dalton. “You still have a fix on the girl’s location?”

“Yeah. I’ll have the coordinates when the get back, since the stud muffin there will be flying by the seat of his pants.”

An hour later, the team relaxed—ostensibly—while Dom and Bo skimmed at tree-top level over the heavily-wooded landscape of western Ukraine. No aircraft appeared to challenge them and they saw no troop movements on the ground. They had all the technology advantages, including night vision devices. From the briefings they’d gotten, the Russian invaders weren’t so equipped. Lucky for them.
While the rest of you writers and hunting for a snippet to share–hopefully–readers, here’s your question to answer: How do you like to while away your time?

*Today, I’ll either catch up on email or Facebook, and tomorrow will be whatever I didn’t catch up on today. This whole zombie existence is really startin’ to piss me off. I KNOW better than to let this happen! Still, easier typed than executed as any of you who suffer from depression are away. Insidious bitch that it is. Grrrr.


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