Wednesday Words: No Bones About It

Ah ha! I didn’t lose track of days or time or forget that I thought I’d posted when I hadn’t. Progress! Once again, we’ve reached midweek and it is time for new words. Today’s #1lineWed theme is **HOWEVER** and the #ThursdayThreads prompt is: “No bones broken.” As always, I took the original 250-word flashfiction and added to it to make a more complete scene. On the timeline, this is getting toward the end of our intrepid heroes’ trek through the Carpathian Mountains.
Snow melted into rain and the trail turned hazardous with rivulets of of water turning dirt to mud and rock slick. A steep slope loomed on one side and a cliff that dropped down toward the river snaked along beside them. Dalton, in the lead, paused to glance up at the summit. They had to get over this pass and then it would be all downhill to the border. Will luck, a rescue party would be waiting for them. He turned partially and lifted his chin to Duke, who walked in the middle of their group.

“Not too far now. There’s a tight bend ahead. Single file.”

Duke nodded and passed the word while Petrov translated for the children. Dalton set off again. The kids were starting to flag and he was on the lookout for a wide spot where there was maybe someplace dry to sit and rest. Somebody cried out behind him. He had just enough time to turn and watch as Maxim, who had slipped and fallen, slid over the edge of the cliff. Galyna flopped forward and scrabbled to grab the teen’s arm. She hung on with both hands but Maxim’s weight was pulling her toward the edge. Dalton and Petrov valiantly scrambled to reach her but Duke got there first. He snatched the back of her coat and hauled. The girl cried out, her hands losing their grip on Maxim as Duke leveraged her back onto the trail.

All the adults slowly navigated around the kids, bunching them into a tight group as they passed. A hurried discussion and then ropes appeared from packs. Kin and Loch created Swiss Seats from the ropes and carabiners. Strapped in, they worked their way over the edge and down the cliff to the small ledge where Maxim had managed to find a handhold and wedge himself in. It didn’t take the two Wolves long to get him packaged.

Duke watched Kin and Loch carefully maneuver the makeshift sling up the rocky cliff. Tank, Dalton, and Uri handled the ropes belay. The kid kept insisting he was okay and could climb up on his own. He wanted to kick himself—again—for sending both of their medics back in the helo with all the sick, injured, and younger kids. Then again, he hadn’t anticipated the weather—and the Russians—turning on them before the helo could return..

With infinite care, Maxim was lifted over the edge, followed quickly by the two Wolves scrambling up after him. Meg knelt beside the boy, her hands hovering just above him. She glanced up at Duke.

“I don’t know what to do.”

Dalton, still curling one of the ropes, appeared and squatted next to her. “Where does it hurt, Max?”

“I am fine,” the boy insisted.

“Yeah, right. And I’m Tina Karol.”

Meg stared at Dalton. “Well, your hair is the same color and you’re almost as pretty. You could be her brother maybe.”

Max grimaced but tried vainly to grin through it. “She is much nicer. She came to the hospital once. Maryska and I met her. She is my sisters favorite singer.” His eyes widened. “I have now met two big stars. Tina and Vadim.”

While Max talked, Dalton did a quick hands-on examination and pronounced, “No bones broken.” The boy started to push up, then gasped and laid back on the ground. “You have, however, probably cracked some ribs.”

Duke wondered which the hell god they’d pissed off.
And there you have it. I truly feel Duke’s pain. We’ve all been in the spot where even when we’re trying to do good, nothing goes right. Writers, feel free to be inspired and share. Readers, let’s not be negative today–especially since my computer froze in the middle of this but it managed to save most of this post so yay! That’s my good thing. What’s good that’s happened to you today?


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