Counting Down Monday

Wow. After today, there’s only one more Monday left in January. There are eight days left until we hit Febuary. And this puts us that much closer to pticther/catcher report day for MLB spring training. Of course, the World Baseball Classic tournament will be played during the early part of spring training and there are a lot of the A-listers playing for their countries. That’s not a bad thing. It opens up some slots for the Double and Triple A players to show what they can do. We’re also that much closer to college softball too. Can you tell my sports preferences? 🙄

In other news, I’m still hoping to land close to my EOM (End Of Month) deadline for CROSSFIRE. This past week, I started with 38 random scenes. I currently have 20 random scenes. Those other 18 were consolidaed into chapters, 5 and a half chapters now added to the total in the book, all in the correct timeline. I currently stand at almost 49K words. I really should update that widget on the site, huh? Anyway, I have made a lot of progress. And, I think I have those remaining random scenes in pretty good order to slot in where they belong in the story. In the meantime, I need to get with my cover designer and get her started on the thing.

I saw my first robin of the year on Friday. That was cool. We’re forecast snow for tomorrow night. That’s not so cool. Mother Nature teases us with a harbinger of Spring and then jerks the grass out from  under us. That’s okay. We need the moisture in whatever form it takes. I’m hitting Wallyeowrld today so I don’t have to be out in it tomorrow.

In other sports news, Stormy’s team played a team to a tie on Sunday. Stormy played all three positions–midfielder, forward, and goalie. When he substituted in, he kept the other team scoreless for the last 8 minutes of the game, despite getting kicked in the forehead by an opposing player who tried to kick the ball out of his hands. Grrrr.

In reading news, I finished off Ilona Andrews’s The Innkeeper Chronicles last week. The new release is all kinds of awesome fun. I’ve currently got two books “open” in my audio apps. I had a coupon that needed to get spent so I got Rebecca Zanetti’s novel WOLF for cheap. It’s getting better. The other book is THE LIBRARIAN OF CROOKED C.J. Archer. I’m doing two because I can get $5 in Audible rewards if I listen to a book for at least 20 minutes for 5 days. The other book is from Hoopla, so free and I have it for like another 15 or 16 days on loan. I’m hoping it grabs me a little more. Set at just after WWI, there’s supposed to be magic involved though I’ve only heard it mentioned like twice so far. We’ll see how that goes. Nothing vedntured, nothing gained, right?

Welp, I think that’s all that’s been going on. Amazing how boring my life is when I’m…like…actually writing. 🤣 Hoping for more of the same this week. What about y’all? Any sports bits, books your reading, family stuffs, or other news to impart?


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2 Responses to Counting Down Monday

  1. Gah. Kicked in the head is no fun. I hope Stormy’s okay. :hugs: Yay for baseball! Yay for robins! Yay for reading! But most of all, yay for writing! And personally, I don’t think you’re boring. So there. =op

    I spent the weekend blowing my nose and sneezing my fool head off. Yesterday’s attempt to firebomb the germs did not work. I’m a bit better this morning. Which is good because I can’t miss work. I’m reading Anne Rice’s The Tale of the Body Thief. It’s not as good as I remember, and nowhere near as good as Queen of the Damned, but I’ll finish it. I spent part of the weekend chasing down twigs in the family tree. I think I might’ve fleshed out anyone my mom might have known at any point. Yay. Other than that, nada. Have a great week! :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      Those twigs can get interesting! And hopefully, you’ll kick the cold’s arse to the curb way sooner than later. And Stormy is okay. I’m not sure if it was more of a “getting stepped on” as it was a kick–he commented at least it was the toe and not the cleats–but even kids at this level should know not to kick in the goalie box when the goalie is HOLDING THE BALL! Medic Mom aka Only got him two instant ice packs–one for his forehead and one for his thigh and his dad promised him one of his favorite places for dinner. He perked up so I suspect he’s fine. I’ll check for bruises when he arrives here after school today.

      GET WELL! 🤗

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