Tuesday Treats & Titles: Taco Tuesday

Since Friday is Cinco de Mayo and today is Tuesday, what better treat to feature than soft tacos? Talk about easy peasy and fixing things the way you want! And there’s no “right” way to make them. You can used ground beef, or other ground meats (port, turkey), fish, shrimp, thin sliced steak or chicken. You pick. You can season it a lot which spices in your cabinet or do what I do and grab the Old El Paso Original Seasoning packet. And the garnish is as varied as the meat. Cheese. Lettuce. Onions. Olives. Clinatro. Sour cream. Cheese. Oh, I mentioned cheese. Refried beans. Or black beans (not my thing but go for it). The kind doesn’t matter so long as it’s shredded. You can use taco sauce in whatever heat you desire, lime juice, or…heck, I’ve seen people slather on quacomole. Add tomatoes. (Not in this house but it’s okay if you like them.) We like the burrito sized flour tortillas. They even come in low carb now. And wheat if that’s your nip. You can take the tortilla, build your taco and heat it up in the microwave (LG) or warm the tortilla and then build the taco. You can fold it over or roll it up. There’s no wrong way to do them. And that’s what makes them so fun, easy, and yummy.

As I mentioned, there’s no real recipe. Well, there is. A bunch of them Just stick “soft tacos” in your browser search. Me? I just add half a pack of Old El  Paso to my 1 lb. of lean ground beef browned and drained, along with about 1/3 a cup of water and then cooked down to no liquid. Onions, olives, lettuce, sour cream, lots of Fiesta Blend shredded cheese and a dab of taco sauce. Mmm mmm good! I’m pretty sure most true Mexican cooks are cringing and shaking their “mother fingers” at me but whatever. When we can’t get to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and need something quick and easy, Taco Tuesday FTW! And guess what? It’s a staple around the Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department too. Of course, since the chief, Pops West, met his match in Elena Rodriguez, he gets the real thing at home. Psst. Don’t tell Elena but Pop still drops by the station for Taco Tuesday. 😉 If you’d like to read about Pops and Elena, you can grab FIGHTING FOR ELENA for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it in digital for $3.99. It’s also available in paperback and audio. Just click on the title or any pic with the cover to head over to snag your copy.

What about y’all? Is Taco Tuesday a thing at your house?


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