Bucket List 51-60

notebookAnother Friday, another list. Are y’all sick of this yet? As y’all know, Lawyer Guy and I are on the road this week and next. Tonight, I’ll be announcing the winners of the National Readers Choice Awards. Tomorrow night is the RITA announcements. Sunday, LG and I leave Atlanta to take the long way home. I’ll be back on schedule in a bit. Until then, gosh! Pre-scheduled bucket list post. *bwahaha*

51. Get the rewrite of Season of The Witch started… I have started…#52, that’s another story…

52. …and finished. 😛 Okay, I’m almost finished. It’s in final edits!
52A. And published! (Coming this fall!)

53. Learn to make animated icons. They are called GIFs, and I’ve made several. 🙂

54. Learn Photoshop. [Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. That’s why I have The Only.]

55. Become computer literate. [See #54 *snort*]

56. Have a mountain cabin…

57. …and a vacation home in New Orleans.

58. Have a library – a real one – at home.

59. Get a big screen HDTV (that’s more for G but what the hey….I’m really struggling to get to 99 here…) Happy Father’s Day and Anniversary!

60. Learn patience.

About that last one…As long as there are stupid people in the world, I despair of ever crossing that one off. And next week, there are more like that one. Lofty goals. Do any of these resonate with you? Have a great weekend!


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Bucket List 51-60

  1. A real library… All my books in one room… :happy sigh: I’m glad you got yours and I got mine this year, too. =o)

    As for patience, I say we have boatloads of patience. We haven’t killed any of the stupid people who stumble into our paths. Not yet anyway. ;o)

    Have an awesome weekend, Silver. And a safe trip back.

  2. Michelle says:

    You get extra Brownie points for publishing a post, while at the RWA convention. Multitasking at its best! Hope you’re having a wonderful time. And, yes, your fans are stalking you on Facebook. As for patience, a mantra that has served me well for years, is this: “Patience is a virtue. Murder is a crime.” If all else fails, patience keeps you from starting a life of crime, right?
    Travel safely!

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