Tuesdays with…Roman

RomanHello, everyone! Welcome to my new Tuesday feature, Tuesdays with… Each Tuesday, I’ll feature a different character from the Penumbra Papers. And also, don’t forget! I’m over at KILLER CHICKS with their Teaser Tuesday feature. There’s a prize to a random commenter. 🙂 Now, for today’s special feature here!

I’d like to introduce you all to Roman Montagne, the gargoyle Sentinel and interim Legate of New Orleans. Hi, Roman.

Hello, Silver. I’m surprised I beat out the dragon. *deep chuckle*

Well, my readers lean toward the tall, strong, and silent type.

I’m not silent.

Well…quiet then.

*raises brow*

So, what would you like to talk about? Any scoops on Sade? Or any of the “Scoobie” gang? I know the readers would like some…sinsight into your dating life. Er…INsight. I meant insight.

*raises both brows* Now I see where Sade gets it from. What would you like me to say? Caleb is faithful. Ariel isn’t. The dragon is a law unto himself. *shrugs* Sade’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. As for me? Interesting thought. I’m not opposed to interacting with the opposite sex. Unlike the other magical races, there are no female gargoyles. We were created to be what we are. Sentinels. Charged with protecting the human realm.

Well, surely in all the millenniums you’ve been alive, there’ve been some female companionship?

*deep, grating chuckle* Unlike Sade, I am hardly a virgin, Silver. But I’m also a gentleman. I don’t…what’s the mundane phrase? Kiss and tell?

Does that mean you’re open to a relationship?

No. Gargoyles are not meant for…relationships.

*looks shifty-eyed* Uhm…ho-kay. If you say so. *puts fingers to lips and winks at readers*
Can you give us a anecdote from Sade’s childhood that would really embarrass her? *waggles brows*

*looks pensive* I’m not sure that would be wise. She carries a weapon now. 😉

😆 True! Okay, at least tell us what you look for when you decide to go out with a lady?

You just don’t give up do you? All right. I like a woman who is soft, who has curves. Who is loyal and honest and intelligent…

Oops. Uhm…well, four out of five’s not bad….

Beg pardon?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Readers? Do you have any questions for Roman? Please?!? And here, have another photo of him. 😀
roman small for scriv


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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16 Responses to Tuesdays with…Roman

  1. Gargoyles aren’t meant for relationships? Sounds like someone just threw down the gauntlet there, Silver. Go easy on him. ;o)

    • Silver James says:

      Shhhh, B.E. What the gargoyle doesn’t know won’t hurt me! 😉 Though…I must say, for the discerning reader, there’s a hint toward the end of THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC. Just sayin’…

    • Roman says:

      Silver, you know I would never hurt a human without good cause. You may be meddlesome but you have not risen to the level of extreme termination. Yet.

      B.E., we guard our emotions well. Humans are too fragile. Fae are too…glittery. Werewolves, while long-lived are not immortal. Dragons guard their females fiercely. *shrug* This is the nature of our species. We are guardians, warriors, and solitary, much like monks. I’ve often been criticized by my brethren for forming the attachment I have for Sade.

  2. Sandy Emers says:

    Good Morning, Roman. Perhaps you’d like to share some of my Starbucks Latte, I know I needed caffeine this morning. Woke up to a rainy and somewhat gloomy day. Gargoyle Sentinel, so we know that you are strong in both body (and what a magnificent body it is!) and character. What other characteristics do you possess that aids you to protect us mere humans? Also, tell me a little more about being the interim Legate to New Orleans, sounds interesting. I’m steering clear of relationships for the moment, but I’ll be back in a little while and no promises then. LOL! 😉

    • Roman says:

      Good morning, Sandy. Always a pleasure to see you. Enjoy your latte. I will indulge in a French roast cup with you. My human guise serves its purpose when I’m among you. *quiet smile* There is nothing “mere” about you humans. Your lives may not be as long but as a result, you possess so many other admirable attributes.

      Like the stone we are born of, gargoyles are nigh on indestructible. Our sense of honor, of commitment, of duty is grounded in the very earth. New Orleans is neutral territory. Magicks have long flocked there, unlike Las Vegas where the fae rule, or old growth forests where elves congregate. Werewolf packs and vampire master settle in wilds and cities, but New Orleans? We all love New Orleans. Even gargoyles whom Paris is home. It is my duty to keep the peace and to adjudicate claims made by and against magicks. Mostly, it means glaring at piddling squabbles among spoiled magicks.

      Please ask any other questions you might have upon your return. I shall be here unless my duties call me away. 😉

      • Sandy Emers says:

        My Dear Roman, I’m drawn to the strength of your character as well as all the other wonderful traits mentioned here today. I also feel the loneliness of your existence (was going to say life, but now know that you are eternal). I love the activities that you have found to do in your free time. Even though human, I would love to share time reading with you. Sitting and watching humanity (I love to people watch) with you. Going to the mountains to watch the sun and moon rising and setting with you. To follow the seasons cast their changes upon the world for one year with you. And to spend time meditating with you. Just this short span of time to ease your loneliness and have your attention (in either your glamour or natural state) would be an honor. I look forward to reading your story in the future.

        • Roman says:

          I fear most humans would find me boring, Sandy. Sade insists I’m far too closely related to the Rock of Ages and if possible, move even slower. The life of a human is more like a blink of my eye. Yes, it can be lonely, but I’ve been fortunate to discover kindred spirits along the way. Thank you for being one of them.

          Silver informs me that she intends to subject me to her brand of “torture” after she tells Caleb’s story. We shall see. 😉

  3. Liza says:

    Roman, is it fun watching over Sade? I’m betting you could share so many stories with us. 😉

    • Roman says:

      Fun? I wouldn’t call it fun, Liza. As a child, she managed to get into fearful scrapes. Due to the feud between Mathias and Oberon, the poor thing had logged in more frequent flyer miles than a witch’s monkey. However, that is not say it wasn’t without some amusing moments. Perhaps Silver will write them down and share them at some point.

  4. ban says:

    I knew I made the right choice 😉
    Roman, at the risk of embarrassing you (and myself) I must admit, YOU are a man I can totally appreciate and, dare I say it, swoon over. Caleb has his finer points, but nothing endears my heart to a man more than a strong sense of honor, integrity and intelligence. Good looks don’t hurt, I am human after all, but I will pass by a man with the looks of a spoiled model anytime to give my attention to a true man.
    I can only imagine Silver is reading now with her jaw in her lap so I will quit blabbing like a love-struck teenager and think of a few questions. No worries, I will steer clear of relationship questions as well, I respect your ‘no kiss and tell’ policy and to be honest, I don’t want to know. So here are the ones I have come up with:

    How exactly were you created and when?
    How do you deal with the knowledge that those you are closest to are going to eventually grow old and die?
    What do you do when you have time just for yourself – when there is nothing pressing for your time or attention? (or what WOULD you do in that situation as I’m sure free time is a hard thing to come by.)
    And last, if there was one thing about yourself you could change, what would it be?

    Well, I think that’s enough for now, it’s time I returned to my own hero, who is attracted to PETITE, loyal, honest and intelligent gals. (wipes away a tear)

    • Roman says:

      Creation. That’s a story lost in the mists of time. In a shortened version, The Stonecarver created gargoyles to watch over the holy places of the earth. Born of granite we were locked in place to watch, to learn, to judge. When the Great Darkness descended, we were granted magic so we could battle the evil.

      Birth, life, and death is a circle. It is one reason we remain detached for even the fae and vampires eventually perish but we are eternal.

      *tilts head and bones in neck grate* Free time? When you live millenniums, one does find it. I read. I watch humanity. I return to the mountains to watch the sun and moon rise and set, to follow the seasons as they caste their changes upon the earth. I meditate.

      What would I change? Nothing. I was made to be exactly what I am and I am satisfied with that.

      And, Mistress Ban, there is nothing wrong with being petite. But when one is over seven feet tall, as I am in my human glamour, and close to 550 kilos in my natural state, I fear I would hurt a petite human. Lovely to look at, but not for touching. 😉 Especially a lady who’s heart is already taken.

  5. siobhanmuir says:

    Good morning, Roman. I’m looking forward to reading your part in the tale. Don’t tell the other magical creatures, but gargoyles have one a place in my heart after reading CE Murphy’s Negotiator Series. Guess I like those big, strong, hard protector types. 😉 I didn’t know the Fae controlled Las Vegas, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given the magical quality of the city at night. I offered a space on my blog to Ariel and I’ll do the same for you. I’m sure Caleb is growling, snarling, and barking over there because I didn’t visit his blog (wolves *shakes head*). I realize gargoyles have a deep sense of duty rooted in the earth and stone from which they’ve come, but if given a chance to do something *you* wanted, not just borne of duty, what would you do? I realize thinking outside the rock isn’t easy for a sentinel but perhaps it’s time to stretch your stone wings. What would you choose to do if you felt you had a choice? All the best, Roman.

    • Silver James says:

      …thinking outside the rock…

      *falls on floor laughing* I am sooooo stealing that for a book, Siobhan! *glances at Roman….bites lips….sits down in corner snickering*

    • Roman says:

      *shakes head…sighs* Silver, there are days you try my patience.

      Siobhan, I understand you live there? Yes, Oberon and Titania have established the fae court there–at least its human realm counterpart. Fae are like moths–attracted to bright lights. The place teams with humanity and pretty people, money, greed, chance. All things that call to the fae. They forget though that there’s another side to Las Vegas–the one of hard-working people with dignity and honor.

      I’ll happily appear on your blog, even if Ariel goes first. Believe it or not, Caleb remains a bit on the reserved side. He’s not like the “wild wolves”–those raised in packs. Growing up in Mathias’ home instilled a sense of decorum in him. 🙄 Something obviously lost on Sade.

      Something I want to do? That’s an interesting question. And one I fear I shall have to ponder on. I’ve never thought about doing something “just for me.” Frankly, as long as I’ve lived, there’s not much I haven’t done.

  6. well I’ve always had a thing for gargoyles. I have one in my office in two in my front yard. So yeah, I got a soft spot for them. I must say though, you look better than the ones I have. Very much appreciate a man who is honourable. Although, I can imagine Silver will shake your tail feathers and make life hell for you soon….I don’t know anything specific, but I do know Silver. I would watch out. 😉

    • Roman says:

      And gargoyles have a soft spot for you, Ashlynn, else we wouldn’t congregate so close to you. This is simply a glamour I wear in the human realm. My “real” guise is not so pleasing to the mundane eye. My life is already “hell” just keeping track of Sade and the miscreants who visit New Orleans. I do not–I repeat, Silver–I do NOT need any more excitement in my life. 😉

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