Thursday with…Nikos Constantine (and here be dragons)

Nikos close-upI know I said I was going to do this on Tuesdays but I got distracted. shifty-eyes-ani2faster Life happens, right? However, I’ve had to keep a rather irate dragon pacing around all tail-lashy and glaring. Good thing he’s pretty to look at.

Excuse me! I am not…pretty.

Au contraire, Nikos. You are very pretty. But that’s a good thing. So, I have several dragon fans in the group. Shall we visit so they get the chance to know and love you?

*shimmers* *preens* Well, since I am already here and you’ve had me cooling my heels. I suppose I can stay a bit longer.

You’re the Drakon of Clan Kholkikos.

I am, yes.

Just what does that mean?

As the clan’s drakon, I am charged with protecting the clan, using whatever means necessary.

So, you’re like the chief security officer?

Yes. But more, as well. Everything about the clan is under my purview. If a person or event affects the clan, it affects me and I will respond.

That’s what brought Sade into your sphere, right? When the royal nanny went missing.

Yes. I would have preferred to handle the situation myself but Agent Marquis can be quite…persuasive.

Yeah…you threatened to add her to your hoard. Knowing Sade, that didn’t sit well.

True, I’ve yet to convince the lovely Sade to go out with me again. Given the circumstances of our interrupted dinner, I’ll just track her down and insist we try again.

Nikos smallDude, you do realize this is Sade you’re talking about? I suspect stalking is not the way to win her over. Just sayin’…

I’m not stalking her, per se. But if our paths cross? *offers a very satisfied dragon smile* I am patient.

Well, that’s good to know because your book doesn’t come until after Caleb, Roman, and Ariel.

Good. That means I’ll get Sade after all.

Uhm…I know a certain vampire who might dispute that point.

Kristian St. John? I’m not worried. I am a dragon. He is merely a vampire.

Oh, dude. Yeah…I want to see that “death match.” 😆 And on that note, I’ll throw open the questions. What do y’all want to know about Nikos? *pssst* He’s a little arrogant but when push comes to shove? He’s a real softie underneath the scales… 😉

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About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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20 Responses to Thursday with…Nikos Constantine (and here be dragons)

  1. Sorry, Nikos, but you are pretty. I bet you’re even prettier in dragon form. (Scary, to be sure, but pretty, too.) Despite your prettiness, I have a feeling that if you want Sade, you’re going to have to tone down the ‘you puny human, me big bad Drakon’ routine. She needs a partner who can challenge her, not an enforcer ruling over her. Ya know what I mean?

    • Indeed, B.E? You think this to be the case? There are times Sade has no idea what is good for her. And I never accused her of being human. In fact, that is one of the things that intrigues me most about her. How can a human be so strong and duty-filled? She has honor and frankly, that’s something I see lacking in most humans. When I discover it, I find it refreshing.

      Oh, and I am the “big, bad Drakon.” The last one to cross me conveniently…left the realms.

  2. Silver James says:

    See?!? See!!! This is what I have to put up with. And B.E. is, right, Nikos. You ARE pretty. And when you shimmer like that because you’re either pleased or pissed, I can see the hint of your scales beneath your human glamour. You won’t fit in my office but dang. I’d sure like to pet you sometime. *waggles brows*

  3. ban says:

    “I’ve always wanted a sparkly of my very own …” sorry distracted there for a moment by the shiny scales 🙂 Seriously though Nikos, if you think Sade needs a strong man to be in charge of her – you know, protect her the way you do your clan, maybe you should try wooing her in your dragon form. *giggle*

  4. Liza says:

    Nikos, will you turn into a dragon for Silver so she can describe you to us? I have to agree you are pretty in human form and bet you are pretty in dragon form too. Sade is pretty kick-ass on her own. Might need to tone down your need to protect her…

    • Silver has seen me in my true form. If she wishes to share, she does so at her own risk. What happened to arrogant? I think I vastly prefer being called arrogant to…*spit* pretty.

      And why, pray tell, should I tone down my need to protect? It is as ingrained in my hide as it is for you humans to breathe.

  5. Sandy Emers says:

    Nikos, so good of you to stay and chat with us today. So I find your human glamor to be handsome with maybe a hint of prettiness. Arrogant, yes I see that in your pictures here. You have some serious bling there, ring, watch and belt. Mmmmm… I bet if I leaned in, you would smell fabulous. I’m thinking one of the Bulgari scents for men. Pet you, oh yes, I would love to pet you in either state you choose. 😉 I’m going to be interested to see the development in the storyline and who (if any of you) wins Sade heart. I, too, would love to see you in your natural state (Drakon, giggling!). No question today, just my rambling thought. Have an wonderful rest of your day, Nikos! 😃

    • Good afternoon, Sandy. Yes, I am rather handsome and arrogant. Thank you for noticing. Dear lady, one pets a dragon at one’s own risk. However, there is a spot just above our eye ridge where long nails come in most handy.

      There are others who believe Sade belongs to them. I know better. 😉

  6. Silver James says:

    I should sort of explain about the glimmer… Have you ever been out when it’s really hot outside and as you look out across concrete (and especially blacktop!) and you see heatwaves? Yeah. That’s what a glamour looks like when it starts to slip. And Nikos’ hide isn’t really smooth…it’s sort of like leather with bits of smooth turquoise embedded in it. If you want to see a picture of his form, I’ll have to figure out a way to upload it.

    See, Nikos? For now, your secret is safe.

  7. Janet says:

    Great interview, great questions and fabulous retorts by Nikos!! OOH, I love this character (and have pictured him perfectly thanks to your word craft, Silver) FWIW, I think he’s ‘pretty’ too (sorry Nikos).

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