Monday Catch and Release

perf5.000x8.000.inddIt’s November. Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away. But it’s time to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!! Well, the Twelve Brides of Christmas, anyway. FAERIE FAITH is live in the world today. You can click HERE to go to the Faerie Reign page for information. I only have the Amazon link listed there because I haven’t had time to locate all the rest. I know. I’m a lazy marketer. If you enjoyed the other three Faerie books, you have to read this one. Abhean gets his and the reader gets a chance to visit with Becca and Ciaran, Moira and Duncan, and Delaney and Rory as the series wraps up. It’s only $2.99. 🙂

To help celebrate, I’m participating in a FACEBOOK PARTY. There’s eight BRIDE authors participating and each of us are giving away Christmas ornaments. Something new and different! There will be snippets, and I’ll post the model I used for Abhean. And maybe the other three heroes too. Who knows?!? It’s a PAR-TAY!!! From 2:30 to 7:00 EST. My slot is from 4:30 – 5:00. Again, that’s Eastern. That’s 3:30 for those of us in the heartland. 🙂

And speaking of parties! Be sure to click on that big blue graphic over there on the right. Today starts the Night Owl Reviews Celebrate the Season Book Lovers Blog CONTEST! Go forth and click for many, MANY prizes, including gift cards. For books! *nods*

In other writing news, I finished line edits for THE COWGIRL’S LITTLE SECRET. They are back in Mr. HEd’s creative hands. It’s set for an April 2015 release. I’ve seen the first “proofs” of the cover and it is just as awesome as COWGIRLS DON’T CRY’s! Speaking of, COWGIRLS will have a Goodreads giveaway in December. More details as I have them. Plus, it’ll be in a digital anthology with two other Desire authors and there’s cool stuff happening with the Great Britain and Australian releases, too! *squee*

Still with the writing news, MOON SHOT has taken an interesting turn–one I did NOT see coming. That said, I think readers will be happy with the direction. I’m a couple thousand words behind on the project for NaNo, but I’ll catch up in no time. All I have to do is add a couple of hundred words per day to my word count total.

Jiminy but my life seems to be one dimensional lately. “Writing, writing, writing.” *delivered in my best Brady Bunch voice*

I’m not discussing college football anymore. I picked up my marbles and went home. 😉

Weather has been GORGEOUS! But again with the writing, writing, writing. That said, the forecast for this weekend includes a winter mix. Dude! Snow and sleet BEFORE Thanksgiving? What global warming?!?

Aaaaand…that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Except I apologize for being all anti-social media last week. I fully intend to get back into the swing of things this week. 😀 So…what have the rest of you been up to while I’ve been hiding under my editing rock?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Monday Catch and Release

  1. Okay, for you, I’ll forget my ‘no Christmas before Thanksgiving’ rule. I can’t wait to read Faerie Faith! And see you in the FB party. And participate in the Night Owl contest. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff you got going on there. Still, you’ll make those words up in no time.

    I’m also ‘writing, writing, writing’. Or doing writerly things. Or reading about writerly things. Which is why I renamed my other blog B.E’s Writerly Space. And I totally agree with you that this season of college football is a wash. Better luck next year, I guess. Bleh.

    What is WITH the weather. It’s supposed to be 70 here today and 44 tomorrow. Stupid Japanese typhoon. We don’t need that stuff pushing the arctic crap down here. Double Bleh.

    You know what I’ve been up to. (Reference up there.) All else is white noise. I did see a deer this weekend – finally! And the first bald eagle of the season. Have to take a little time out here and there to catch the pretty things – otherwise what’s all this madness for? ;o)

    • Silver James says:

      Thank you. Yeah, I’m not real big on Christmas before Thanksgiving either but Christmas books. 😆

      And yes, you’ve been busy but we all need to step back and look at pretty things occasionally. This what all the madness is for! 😉

  2. Ashlynn says:

    You’ve been busy busy! For you a good thing, I’m sure.

    I’m excited to see your cover for Cowgirls Don’t Cry. I’m assuming there are cowBOYS in the story, and I love a good cowboy, so yeah, I’m all over that. 😉

    As for me, busy writing, when Monster stays away. I MIGHT have WRECK done this week. Yays! Of course, just the first draft but THE END. How cool, huh? Then I can get on edits for FUEL.

    Been reading, too. Read Motorcyle Man by Kristen Ashley. Very different but liked it. And also reading a book on createspace and how to tag the sucker. Who knew it was so complicated?? But it’s a good book so far.

    • Silver James says:

      There are days I think I’m too busy and then I realize I’d go bonkers if I wasn’t. Or I’d have to clean house. 😛

      Haven’t read Kristen Ashley’s stuff. I’m trying to remember if I have it on my Kindle. I’m a big fan of Joanna Wylde’s Reader MC books.

      Yes, tagging and meta data is like a foreign language! I’m still trying to figure it out!

  3. You’ll make me dizzy at all the busyiness-lol
    But I give you much envy in all your projects, hope that my little R & R trip to Vegas in a few weeks will get my out of the not writing RUTT! The words are right there, but between my brain and the paper/keyboard there is this mystery space??
    Got our company inventory behind us friday for another year.
    Started Carrie Ann Ryan Redwood pack series, loving it. Have her Ink series on the tablet also. Read some HQ Intrigue that I don’t remember the writers, at the moment, picked them up at Walmart.
    That’s all I can remember for now*shaking head*
    have a great day- everybody

    • Silver James says:

      Ooh! Vegas! Just remember, what happens there needs to be shared here in all the glorious details when you get back. 😉

      Yay for getting the inventory done! Big relief and you need to get your butt in the chair, hands on the keyboard and write, lady! Just sayin’… 😀

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