The Thing About Tuesday

survived mondayPoor Tuesday. It sort of gets lost between Monday and Wednesday. Monday is…Monday. No explanation needed. Wednesday is Hump Day. Again, self-explanatory. Then there’s Tuesday, which is just sort of there. It’s a day to recover from Monday and gear up for mid-week. Tuesday is a second-cup of coffee kind of day, don’t you think? Though the big publishers release new books on Tuesdays. That’s a good thing.

Today, I’m going to throw some things out for consideration, given that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and it’s time to assess the old year and plan for the new.

First, Facebook is being a dick. They’re changing things for “business” pages, and that includes author/fan pages. If you follow my author page on FB, there’s a couple of things you can do. First, Like/Follow my author page. Then, hover your mouse on that Liked button and click on the GET NOTIFICATIONS. That means the page will show up in your feed. Hopefully. If I promote/sell my books in my posts I can get my hands slapped and the update buried. Way to go, FB! 😛 Yes, I’m on G+, Tsu, Ello, and other places but I don’t get the same interaction there. Sadly. 😦 So I tend to ignore them. Anyway…

Second, if you haven’t signed up for my Newsletter, please click on the Mailchimp button over there on the right and sign up. I don’t send them out often, though there will be one going out tomorrow and I’ll be announcing a winner of a signed copy of COWGIRL’S DON’T CRY and a piece of cool cowgirl swag. You have to be signed up for it to get into the drawing. That’s all you have to do. And yes, there will be something given away in each one!

Third, y’all know how much I appreciate you, right? Your friendship and faithful responses keep me going when I start to wonder if there’s anybody out there. Yes, it’s a writer thing I think all authors experience. Some of you here are writers, which is awesome, but all of us are readers. I love books. I love reading them. I love talking about books. I especially love writing them. Thank you! For reading the books I write, and showing up here to say hi.

Fourth, in the coming year, I’d really appreciate your help as a sort of mini-street team. Any of you follow Dear Author? When they do their reader post at the end/beginning of each month, if you mention any of my books, especially the new releases, I’d be totally grateful! I mean like I’d send you kisses (chocolate, of course)! And reader forums your on. FB. Twitter. Other social media sites. Pin my covers if you’re on Pinterest. (This is something I’m bad about and plan to make a resolution to do it more often in the New Year.) Word of mouth is the most priceless advertising an author can get. I also plan on doing memes based on quotes from my books. Sharing those would be totally awesome, too! With some time and patience, I hope to have a separate page you can click on to copy/paste the memes. 🙂

Well…alrighty then. I think that’s all. I had a list of things I was going to talk about but it got lost on my desk. I’ll probably find it next December. 😉 In the meantime, what’s on your mind? Book recommendations? Marketing ideas? Thoughts on writing, reading, life? I’ll be right back after I get another cup of coffee.

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to The Thing About Tuesday

  1. Ashlynn says:

    I don’t follow Dear Author…maybe I should? And you know I will pimp your work whenever I get a chance. Cause I love helping others and you’re totally awesome.

    And I agree FB sucks pond water, but nothing else is as good as far as interaction. I’m on tsu and all that. Twitter is the next best thing. I’m trying hard to work on that side of it myself. And does the Pinterest thing work? I’m on there all the time, but it’s mostly for my benefit. You know, for my story ideas. I keep hearing about instagram and I’m there but I guess I’m too old to get it. I don’t see how you can interact well there. Just post pics. I dunno…maybe I’m old. 😛

    I’m going to write about goals today. Cause I like to be early.

    Thinks I need more caffeine myself.

    Love ya, girlie!

    • Silver James says:

      I “monitor” DA just to keep my thumb on trends, news, and the general mood. I don’t always agree with Jane but I also read the blog every day. There’s a reader’s thread and a writer’s thread that they run each month. I’ve never felt secure enough to pimp my own books on the writer’s thread.

      Sadly, I fear you’re right about FB and that’s why they get away with what they do. Ah, well. Just got around to reading your goals. Awesome stuff, woman! 😀

  2. Morning Silver,
    So tell us how you really feel about Facebook? *slaps hand*
    I’ve read bits and pieces of what there doing, many are ready to bail.
    Thought about joining tsu, I asked B.E.– I see several writers have posted there their, thou some said, they got virus alerts? I hardly twitter, don’t have it on my phone, Google and I don’t always see eye to eye-lol
    So I’ll keep following all I can on FB, newsletters and blogs.
    My thing to do is give reviews–I know I rave, jump up and down on books, recommend, but I don’t go the next step–I need to be a better Goodreader–amazon review master!!!
    I read Moon Shot actually twice cause I was laughing so hard at what was going in on in places, I missed a couple, but I laughed just as hard the second time!! My opinion with all the crapBlack root did and the deaths, mental scars they caused I wish some of their deaths were MORE painful–I know the wolves were the better persons! Hannah told me became the Alpha female *smirk* at dialogue while standing in front of tank!! How many seals against how many females? Silver it was great–I hated to say goodbye because some new stories started to emerge joy/grace–now we got a new little little female–who is gonna rock Boomers world!!
    Look forward to see what Duke and the boys get into and find that damn general!!!
    You have been busy, busy and I know that will keep going–you deserve all the kudos for all your hard work and keeping us readers reading.
    I appreciate the friendship more then you know.
    *raising coffee mug in the air* here’s to a kick ass 2015!!

    • Silver James says:

      *clinks coffee mugs* Here here! 2015 is going to be awesome for all of us! *nods* There will be another Wolves Christmas story for next year and yes, the kids have a tendency to wrap Wolves around fingers. 😀 Right back atcha on the friendship. You rock!

  3. :HUGS: I appreciate you, too. You know I never could’ve had the courage to do this without you, right? Whatever you need, whenever you need it, I’ll do it if I can. I thought I was following Dear Author, but now that you mention them, I haven’t seen an update from them in a long time. Need to look into that. I will continue to pimp when and where I can, and you’re always welcome to guest blog on either of my blogs.

    I’m waiting to see what the new year brings and if it’s really as bad as everyone is saying it will be. I still need to make an author page, even if I end up paying for it, because FB still has a way bigger reach than a lot of other places. I keep forgetting about Twitter. Reminds me of the old story about crows – one hunter goes into the woods, the crows freak out until that one hunter walks out again. Two hunters, same thing. Three hunters, same thing. More than three, as long as three walk out, they can’t tell how many others there were. Or something like that. The crow in my head can’t focus on too many social media sites or it loses track. ;o)

    Life for me means in about 45 minutes I need to take the OTHER cat to the vet for a problem she’s now having. Yippee. And we’re getting Max to eat finally, but only Tasty Treasures – and anything else is low grade crap to him. :eyeroll: My whole world seems like catscatscats right now.

    • Silver James says:

      Crossing fingers other cat is okay. Max will get better. Just takes a little time for his mouth to heal and him to figure out it doesn’t hurt to eat. Hopefully, his tastes will become more…pedestrian. 😆

      I think you’re taking the right steps career-wise, B.E. You are far too talented a writer to whither in the slush pile. And you’re welcome for the nudge. You know I’ll do everything I can to help you, too, right? I’m good at pimping other people. It’s my own stuff where I suck. 😛

      FYI, paying for the ads isn’t very effective, at least according to Indie/Self-pub loops I’m on. We’ll talk. 🙂

      As for crows, they’re Tricksters. Keep that in mind when you look inward. 😉 Here’s to a fantastic 2015 for all of us!

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