Thoughts on the New Year

Happy New Year with firework

Well, the New Year rolled into town just as expected. Last year was wild and crazy, but what else is new, right? Life’s like that, yeah it is. I read 210 books–or more. I forgot to record some of them. I wrote three books (The Cowgirl’s Little Secret, Blue Moon, and Moon Shot) and a novella (Faerie Faith), all 55K words or less. Seems like I didn’t do very much. But better than nothing. I have plans for this new year. If time, opportunity, and perseverance will indulge me. I’m thinking ambitious thoughts. BIG thoughts. BIG dreams. BIG plans. But I’m also remembering Murphy’s habit of throwing out new laws that kick my butt when I least expect it. Here, in a nutshell, is what’s in my head: I’m going to have a new release every month of 2015.

See? I told you. BIG STUFF!

But don’t get me wrong, while this is a huge undertaking, not every release will be a major book–like 80-100K. I’ve discovered a bit of talent for writing short and find I like it. Also, two of the books are already written and scheduled–my two Harlequin releases for January and April. That leaves me ten months to go. I might also be writing more Red Dirt Royalty books though they’ll probably won’t release until 2016 and a lot of my schedule depends on any new contracts coming from New York. Am I being ambitious? Oh, hell yeah! But to coin an old chestnut, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here’s what I’d like to do:

January: Cowgirl’s Don’t Cry
February: Moonstruck: Secrets
March: Either Hard Target or Nightriders Book #1
April: The Cowgirl’s Little Secret
May: Book #1 of whichever series didn’t release in March
June: The Devil’s Cut, Penumbra Papers #2
July: Moonstruck: Lies (though I may skip July because of RWA Nationals in New York – depends on if I can get it ready for early-monthy release)
August: Book #2 of HT or NR
September: Book #2 of NR or HT
October: Moonstruck: Betrayal
November: Considering a double release: Book 3 of both HT and NR or Penumbra Papers Book #3
December: Moonstruck: Moon Lights – a Moonstruck Christmas Novella
January: Moonstruck: Retribution

Can I keep to this schedule? I have no idea. While hugely ambitious, I remind you that the Moonstruck books are mostly already written. It’s simply a matter of further editing–adding in cut chapters and writing a few bridging chapters so it’s not like I have this massive million word goal set. And things may change. One series may end up being a serial and will be slam bam, thank ya, ma’am and done. I’m not done with the world the Wolves live in but at the same time, I want to get back to Sade and Sinjen’s world. I’d like to put out at least two Penumbra books a year. Luckily, I write fast and I have a great team behind me for production. So…that’s the writing bits.

On to the personal. No resolutions. Don’t make ’em, can’t ever keep ’em. But I am going to try to eat healthier and do my best to get on the damn gazelle for at least 30 minutes a day. ‘Nuff said.

So there it is. I suppose if I were to follow Janet’s example, my 2015 word would be WRITE! Every day–at least Monday thru Friday, just like a job. The best job I could ever have. Because being a writer, being here with y’all? Yeah…that pretty much tops my list. Here’s to a kick-ass 2015. We’re all going to shine!

Happy New Year from all the Wolves and their families, from SEAL Team Atlantis, from the Barron brothers and their cowgirls, from Sade, Sinjen, Caleb, Roman, Ari, Nikos, and all the denizens of the Penumbra Papers, and most especially from ME! *throws confetti*

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Thoughts on the New Year

  1. siobhanmuir says:

    Happy New Year, Silver! What an ambitious schedule! Good heavens, I’m hoping to get two serials out this year (one in the first 4 months, and one in the last four months), which will become paper books all together, and two longer novels. Jeez, it sounds the same in terms of ambition. Good luck and great writing! 🙂

    • Silver James says:

      We’ll keep each other motivated, Siobhan! 😀 And I’m pretty sure that schedule will change because I’m already realizing I need to release the Christmas novella in November! LOLOL 😉

  2. ban says:

    WOW – that is a pretty full schedule you’ve got in front of you!!! I envy your craziness … oh, and your ability to write fast 😦
    Best of Luck Silver. I hope Murphy minds his own business and you reach every single goal!!!

    I’ve never made resolutions so I’m with you – my little revelation yesterday is my one an only exception but I’m trying to use it more as a motivator, not a tool to inflict guilt 😉

    • Silver James says:

      If I just sit down and do it, I can write 5K words a day or more, so long as the inspiration keeps pushing me. I’m happy to get 1700 words, like I’m doing a NaNo novel. But yeah, I’ve set some lofty goals for myself. I’m just hoping I don’t burn out my readers. 😦

      And you WILL get that sucker finished. I have faith in you!!!! 😀

  3. Ashlynn says:

    o.O thats impressive! Crazy, but impressive. Go big or go home, right? 😀

    Knowing you, you will hit every goal. And that rocks. If you want, I can pull out the bull whip than I’m using on Ban to make her finish her story.

    Cause I’m supportive like that! 😛

    Happy new year!

    • Silver James says:

      Yeah…I’ll take all the prodding I can get. I’m probably being too ambitious but why the hell not, right? Aim high! What gets done, gets done. What doesn’t will come out next year. *nods* And you’re going to have a fab year with your books!

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