Monday of Mundane Days

Monday again coffee girlI think this is one of my favorite Monday Memes. Just sayin’… 😆

So what’s new in the world? Sports. The Real OSU beat #8 TCU. The Cowboys were #14 in the BCS rankings (which are stupid if you ask me, though no one does…though at least the fake OSU isn’t #1 on that list, at the moment–updated rankings come out tomorrow) and will hopefully move up. The Big 12 always gets the short end in the rankings. OU won but they were expected to. OSU wasn’t! I’m still holding out hope that Michigan and/or Michigan State can beat the pretender. Alabama beat LSU. Both now have one loss. The Real OSU is 9-0. Hrmmmmm. And Memphis was ranked higher, ’til unranked Navy beat them. Yeah…REALLY looking forward to the rankings tomorrow. Grrrrr. I know sports bore most of you. Moving on.

Reading. I finished Allison Brennan’s BEST LAID PLANS (Lucy Kincaid series). Spent half the book pissed at Lucy. Spent 3/4’s the book trying to figure out who the bad guys were. Spent the whole book falling more in love with Sean Rogan, Lucy’s boyfriend. While Kane Rogan and Jack Kincaid (older brothers to Sean and Lucy) are still in my list of top Book Boyfriends, Sean might have made it onto the list. OMG when he confronted the madam?!?!? No spoilers. If you love romantic suspense, glom onto this series. I’m starting Ally’s NO GOOD DEED (Lucy Kincaid #10). I’ve been promised bigger cameos from Kane (plus a hint at his upcoming heroine) and Jack, who already had his story but I still lust for him from afar.

TV. I’ve been in a real watching slump of late. My poor DVR is all but overwhelmed from the shows I haven’t watched. I keep thinking I’ll fix that but just end up deleting shows thinking I’ll catch them “On Demand”, through Amazon Prime TV, or Netflix. I should just go to bed for two or three days and watch marathons. I’ve been reading instead. Ah well.

Writing. It goes. I decided to go ahead and add to RDR#4, despite indication from Mr. HQEd that there might be changes coming. I’m supposed to hear something today. I also got words written on the sorta sooper sekrit project. I’d almost decided to wuss out on it, but the characters–even the secondaries–won’t shut up.

Wild Hairs. I have one. I’m considering doing a YouTube Channel. I would dress up and read the first chapters of my books and post the video. I won’t tell you how I would dress up, just that I would. shifty-eyes-ani2faster Thoughts?

And finally, weekend. There was one. We had siren test and lunch with the kids on Saturday, then I went to a Stella and Dot jewelry party at Only’s Saturday afternoon. Stormageddon was too cute for his own good, I ordered two horseshoe bracelets for giveaways with the next RDR books, and the Cowboys won. Good day! Sunday was work–making up for NaNo words that didn’t get written on Saturday. I’m ahead in my count but with edits/revisions coming sooner than later, I don’t want to get caught short-worded. 😉

That’s it for me. What about y’all? What happened to your weekends?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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5 Responses to Monday of Mundane Days

  1. I was rooting for the real OSU. Michigan looked awesome. MSU lost to freakin’ Nebraska of all people. They’ve been playing like doo all year and it finally caught up to them. The rankings never fail to irritate me. Have the Yuckeyes even played a tough team yet this year? And Memphis being ranked that high? I mean, yay for them being undefeated until Navy, but come on.

    I picked up a copy of No Good Deed, but haven’t started it yet. It’s my after-launch treat. Spent last night watching the WSOP for the first time in years. It’s fun to watch, but I don’t miss playing poker. I finished the edits from JC and got started on the final read-through. Which is why I haven’t read much of other people’s books lately. I did read JB Lynn’s The Hitwoman Hires a Manny. Total fun and I totally needed it.

    Other than that, I spent time in the woods this weekend. Totally needed that, too. Nothing like clearing trails and pushing over dead trees to bring a sense of calm. I’m paying for it today, but it was worth it.

  2. KB Gardener says:

    …and to complete the trifecta, Silver, TU (the forgotten member of the Oklahoma college football troika) won against the University of Central Florida on Saturday. A perfect weekend for OK football!

  3. The only sport I will pay any attention to is NLF – I’m a Jets fan (shoot me now but I grew up on LI)
    Not much else happened this weekend. Got some more commission stuff done but I still have a big one I am dreading hanging over my head. Wish I hadn’t taken it 😦
    I’m behind with NaNo, which doesn’t make sense, I’m just outlining my story (which for most people would be a rough draft) but I can’t seem to get the words out… I feel like I’m losing interest but as soon as I walk away from the keyboard, my mind goes right back to the story. (head desk)

    I think the videos are a great idea – one of the wenches did a book review for our anthology and it was fun 😀 I think you could do a lot with it.

    Ah well, off to procrastinate some more.

    • Silver James says:

      I’m going to think about it. There’s also a local group of voice actors here so I may visit with one of them about it, and/or doing audio books for me. Depends on the up-front cost. And yeah, I hear you on the words getting stuck. I had to pull into a parking lot, find something to write on and scribble out a conversation ASAP before I forgot it this afternoon while I was out running errands. LOLOL You’ll get back in the swing of things–especially after you get that commission done. *nods*

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