It’s finally here! The project six writers have been working on since last spring! Welcome to Tarpley, Texas, home of the guys and gals of the Tarpley VFD. The authors each have a story to tell about someone in, or dear to, the VFD. Six different voices sharing the lives and loves of six couples, all brought together by a dedication to serve and the “storm of the century.”

I’m happy to announce that my book, FIGHTING FOR ELENA, leads things off, followed by five more awesome books. They are all available for preorder now and they all release on February 18th. That means you can binge read them when they go live 28 days from today! Want to know what FIGHTING FOR ELENA is about?

Volunteer firefighter, fierce protector, foster dad…
Fire Chief David “Pops” West doesn’t mind being all those things, but when an attractive, young social worker blows into his life like the backdraft from a raging inferno, he’ll acquire another distinction he’s not totally comfortable with—silver fox. Duty, loyalty, responsibility? Check, check, and check. Attraction and dating? Oh, hell, no. It’s been ten years and he’s so out of practice they probably changed the rules on him. The Tarpley, Texas Volunteer Fire Department, his ranch, and the young folks in town are his life. And they’re all he needs. Except when he wants more…

Dedicated advocate, tenacious social worker, wrangler of runaways…
Elena Rodriguez knows certain people think she cares too much. But helping kids, especially the forgotten ones trying to survive on the streets of San Antonio, is her life. To the exclusion of all else. Sure, she has no social life, but that’s never been a problem. Until a sizzling hot fire chief comes to her rescue. Who cares if he’s older? She’s ready to socialize. Too bad fate has other plans…

Fighting for Elena…
When a young teen stumbles out of the path of outlaw bikers and into their lives, the silver fox and the woman who cares too much will team up to protect her—as their attraction for each other explodes. Whether battling wild fires, wicked weather, or outlaw bikers, Pops will do whatever it it takes to keep Elena.
While Pops might be human, that doesn’t mean my Wolves aren’t around. Mac, Nate, and Boomer, along with Hardy, Gravedigger, Smoke, and Rook (from the Dallas chapter) all make appearances. Also, there’s a new Wolf in town, who will be making his appearance in the next set of Tarpley VFD books. Yeah, yeah. I’m being a big ol’ tease, I know.

In case y’all want to know how this miniseries came about, Susan Stoker introduced five volunteer firefighters in the big climax to JUSTIC FOR ERIN. One of her readers asked about the guys and she threw out the idea. Several of us who write in her world jumped on it and voilà! Six books now and six more books about new couples in the Tarpley VFD coming in 2021.

While you’re waiting for the books to go live, be sure to watch for teasers, trailers, and fun times between now and release day. Also, HEAD HERE to check out the other books in the series! Psst. There’s a rumor going around that there might just be a release-day party with all the authors: me, Deanndra Hall, Haven Rose, MJ Nightingale, TL Reeves, and Nicole Flockton.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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8 Responses to Tuesday Title: FIGHTING FOR ELENA

  1. SQUEE! I’m so happy for you! This was a tough one and a long row to hoe for you. But it’s ready to go and whew for you. Yay!! :hugs:

    I wishlisted it. I’ll snag it when it comes out. I wish I could buy them all, but budget stuffs and all that.

  2. Pre ordered 😊
    Can’t wait!
    Have a great day Silver

  3. Fran Stanton says:

    Maybe I missed something but I’ve read the synopis of each of these and only Pops West is stated as being human. Is this true in the rest of this series or are the foster boys shifters or maybe a heroine or two? I have pre-ordered “Fighting For Elena”.

    • Silver James says:

      Hi, Fran, and sorry for not being more clear! This book crosses over with my Moonstruck and Nightrider books, which are paranormal romances about Wolf shifters. Pops is human because he was “created” by Susan Stoker in her JUSTICE FOR ERIN book. In my world, very few people know that Wolves exist. In all the other books I’ve written in Susan’s world, my hero was a Wolf. I just wanted my readers to know that Pops is human. There is a new Wolf in this book–one who will get his own story next year, but no one knows what he is. 😉 All the shared characters (the heroes and heroines) in the 6 Tarpley VFD books are human. And thank you so much for preordering! ❤ I hope you aren't disappointed. Mac, Nate and Boomer have large cameos, along with a few of the Nightriders so there ARE Wolves, just not in a "leading" role.

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