Friday Sinema: Snow Cat

THIS is the kind of snow I was hoping we’d get Tuesday and Wednesday. We didn’t. Oh, we got some snow but it rained first, during, and after and we barely got enough to cover the grass. Still, this video made me smile because it reminds me of Pete. Except Pete stuck his head out of the cat door, said, “Nope” and retreated to his pillow near the heater. Hey, stray cats know when they’ve got it good. Have a great weekend. Did any of you get snow?


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8 Responses to Friday Sinema: Snow Cat

  1. It’s all fun and games until you get snow between your toe beans. Once he started shaking his back paws, I knew he wasn’t staying out there for long. LOL

    We got about 4 inches, but only two of them accumulated. Yesterday’s sun took care of a lot of it, except where Hubs made piles when he was shoveling. The roads should be fine today. Which is good because I have to go to work today. Two and a half days off means several things I’m responsible for probably aren’t getting done and they need to get done before the weekend. I’m about 90% well and that’ll have to do. Have a great weekend! :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      At least you can come home and rest this weekend! Looking at the weather, we may be doing this all over again next week, except with ice for us. No bueno. And yeah, Pete, having been a “feral”, doesn’t like wet toe beans. He was so funny. Stuck his head through the cat door, backed up and went to find his litter box that we keep out there for emergencies. When I went to feed the birds, he sat there in the open door where it was dry and meowed at me for being an idiot. He might be a ginger but he’s not dumb. LOL

      Glad you are feeling better, and as mentioned, you can recuperate some more this weekend. Hang in there!

  2. bookwyrm217 says:

    Mine are too busy laying on the radiators, watching the feral cats outside to want to actually go outside themselves. The feral cats love out heattrak mats. It keeps their water from freezing and the food is always fresh.
    We did get a lot of snow on Sunday/Monday but it was close to 50 today so much has melted already.

    • Silver James says:

      You are much better to your ferals than I am to mine. LOL The one who is normally around does sneak into the garage through the cat door sometimes. Pete the Garage Cat doesn’t seem to mind Shylock. I check the water bowl several times a day when it’s below freezing and they have several insulated shelters on our front porch. Loki doesn’t go outside and mostly ignores the ferals unless I’m feeding them in the morning. LOL

      • bookwyrm217 says:

        I also see at least one raccoon and my possum on the camera feed at night. One of the cats, daddy feral, likes to curl up on the back porch heated mat and take a nap.

        • Silver James says:

          Smart cat! We get skunks, coons, and possums occasionally. There’s also a stray–we think–Papillon puppers who comes by nightly. I’ve tried to catch him but as soon as the door clicks, he runs off. We’d just bring him in and keep him if not tagged or chipped. Can’t tell by looking out the window or on camera. He’s too shy. In this weather, I hope he belongs somewhere and they just let him out at night and he does his wanders then goes home to sleep warm.

          • bookwyrm217 says:

            That is so sad. I’d never let my dog out to run at night. Have you got access to a friendly trap and maybe able to catch him?

            • Silver James says:

              No. And he’s very careful. He stays away from the cat houses, though he’d fit in any of them. He’s been coming around for over a year and has made it through some of the ugliest weather we’ve had–ice storms, sub-zero temps, etc. He’s a cute little thing but so shy and skittish. He seems to have a regular route that he follows so I’m hoping he has an actual home with a warm house and daily food. He’s very long-haired so that’s a plus. But yeah, I feel sad when I see him. 😦

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